Arthur did not rescue me not because he did not love me. He is just more of a warrior than a romantic. If someone would ever challenge King Arthur or even whisper of taking his place he would slaughter the lands for it! Arthur knew I would find my way. He did not love me as much as you no, oh God no. Arthur would probably feel less of man, if I ever told him he would never take your place in heart. No one would ever know how you loved me, for your love was true, pure; only for me. Your no eradicator like Arthur, you’re about silly passions, peace and love. For God sake, you saw the pleasure in crossing the Sword Bridge to rescue me. I only heard of you coming for me Kay, never thought I would fall. Oh dear Lancelot, I desire to die in your company, in your arms staring gently into eyes. The most delightful moments of my life were with you, never mind the foolish; I hated you for that time. Oh I thought to myself 'I loved two fools. Arthur has destroyed our vows for his power and you had doubts'. Oh I had too much hate and I refused to discuss this because I knew you loved me. I am no queen for no such reason I know you love me, in your quest for me you found your self in many sex craze sights, I know you love me, but a queen does not go off love of gut feelings they go off reason. I simply did not care if you worshiped me or defeated the fire breathing dragon, your hesitation when you were getting into the cart questioned your love. That was foolish of me, once I found you were still alive after all that hatred was powerful towards our lives. I discovered that I could not live nor breathe without you. I love you dear Lancelot both body and soul.  You have yet to fail me Lancelot everything I have tossed at you, you would catch.So passionate so daring, nothing on this earth can keep us apart.

                                                                                                                      - Queen Guinevere 
Oh Arthur!  My only son!  At only 15 years of age you took my reins.  As my spawn, you were loved by the Britons for your courage and generosity.  But at what price?  Did you not slaughter the Saxons with your nephew Hoel for their riches?  Although the Saxons are dirty savages, is this your generous nature?  All of the clergy and people of Briton begged me to be their king!  I did not take and slaughter!  Wace will tell you about the people of Winchester begging me to take the thrown.  Even Geoffrey knows I was a noble commander!  I led men to Ireland in the building of Stonehenge, although Guillomer tried to stop me.  Barbarian!  I did harass the foolish Irish til the end, but it was for the good of Briton and the order of my beloved brother.  Even you, my son, ordered your successor to live by the useful laws that I put into action.  I was a great king!  My underling forced himself on many nations, whereas I was sought out by the people.  As Layamon recalls, you offered to rule Rome in vain.  The Romans that wanted you in power were in great fear for their lives.
My ambitious son!  Although courageous, you think the world is yours for the taking!  You have slaughtered many great men and consumed many kingdoms by your own right.  I slayed Gillomanius and Vortigern to avenge my brother!  And Paschent died by my hand, but because he poisoned dear Aurelius.  I captured Octa and Ossa with the help of my dear friend Gorlois, but only because the cousins challenged me first!  You see?  You must earn your possessions, dear son!  Vengeance is reason for death, not greed.  I destroyed Gorlois only because he disrespected me.  I must have order and respect in my kingdom.  And contrary to belief, Tintagel was handed over to me.  I did not force it's dwellers out.  Ask Wace!  The householders opened the doors to me.  I claimed my sweet Igerna only because she was freed from the bond of marriage due to the death of her poor husband, Gorlois.  I did mourn his fateful end.  Geoffrey of Monmouth will tell you!  It was the great love between Igerna and myself that we gave birth to you and your sister Anna.  It was not force.
Did I not teach you fair punishment?  Mordred acted as you by taking your throne and wife!  Although my Arthur, sweet son, would never act as cowardly as Mordred.  Can you imagine that wretch betraying his people during battle?  My son is courageous and ambitious.  My dear Arthur, your downfall was your pompous plot to kill Mordred and torch your queen with only half your army.  I would never thought to torch my beautiful queen Igerna.  My son, too confident in his abilities, he should have followed the actions of his noble father.....