Arthur did not rescue me not because he did not love me. He is just more of a warrior than a romantic. If someone would ever challenge King Arthur or even whisper of taking his place he would slaughter the lands for it! Arthur knew I would find my way. He did not love me as much as you no, oh God no. Arthur would probably feel less of man, if I ever told him he would never take your place in heart. No one would ever know how you loved me, for your love was true, pure; only for me. Your no eradicator like Arthur, you’re about silly passions, peace and love. For God sake, you saw the pleasure in crossing the Sword Bridge to rescue me. I only heard of you coming for me Kay, never thought I would fall. Oh dear Lancelot, I desire to die in your company, in your arms staring gently into eyes. The most delightful moments of my life were with you, never mind the foolish; I hated you for that time. Oh I thought to myself 'I loved two fools. Arthur has destroyed our vows for his power and you had doubts'. Oh I had too much hate and I refused to discuss this because I knew you loved me. I am no queen for no such reason I know you love me, in your quest for me you found your self in many sex craze sights, I know you love me, but a queen does not go off love of gut feelings they go off reason. I simply did not care if you worshiped me or defeated the fire breathing dragon, your hesitation when you were getting into the cart questioned your love. That was foolish of me, once I found you were still alive after all that hatred was powerful towards our lives. I discovered that I could not live nor breathe without you. I love you dear Lancelot both body and soul.  You have yet to fail me Lancelot everything I have tossed at you, you would catch.So passionate so daring, nothing on this earth can keep us apart.

                                                                                                                      - Queen Guinevere 

Valerie Vargas
09/26/2013 9:32am

From the eyes of outside, this love cannot be forgotten, none the less, ever ignored. Queen Guinevere, believe it true thou hast a love to take with thee into the afterlife. From reading the letter you have sent for Lancelot, I cannot bear but think it to be true. Ah true love, her gentle kiss and comforting care! I myself am a fool for romance, had Lancelot not used most of the love in the world I would be a close second, with my darling Isolde. A mere hesitation of two tiny steps means nothing when compared to all the feats and dangers your Lancelot faced. Dost thou not think he couldn’t love thee more? It is a shame that Reason and Love cannot be one, I feel great pain for you, my dear Queen. It is a pain so intense, and I know how it pains thee so. If only things could be different, but alas it cannot. This is the life we were given. Reason can be so unreasonable that one must follow their heart sometimes, but how can a noble man or woman deceive their country on the basis of Love? The curse of Forbidden Love! Damn it to the gates of hell!


09/26/2013 3:33pm

With every love lost there appears the path for something new, and although this may stray us from our original intent, it may not always be Reason you find. It is with no good reason my Gorlois was taken so brutishly in battle, nor is there a single good reason for every wound and bloodshed my son or husband may endure. For what I have lost I have gained, and by this text I believe that Guenivere has done the same. Love is the truest, apologetic answer. Whom Guenivere's heart seeks may not be the worthiest or bravest of men, for when eyes turn to Arthur there is nowhere else to look, but may he never wed a woman whose heart does not yearn for him. May be he never serve a lady who lies at night, willing the moment she is served by someone else. I can only aspire for my son to seek a fitting, loyal Queen that shall have reason for her love and love him wholly. Lancelot, after all, has served a fine honor for any man, in the shadow of my son without a doubt. May both men one day slay the faces of a thousand mortal enemies on the same battlefield and do so with pride.

- Ygrene

09/26/2013 4:27pm

It is true; Lancelot kept you in his heart, and made each decision with love leading the way. Even a Queen should not go off reason, and shall go off of love. It is true that love will lead further than any reason can. Love shall give thee a reason to move on. Love will conquer all. The love that Lancelot had for you, my dear Queen, shall never be a question. Although the knight did hesitate two steps, he did only what you yourself have done. He thought about reason, but knew that love overpowered him. If you are such a women of reason, for what reason was yours to turn your shoulder at Lancelot when he came to rescue you? The love you have for Lancelot broke your heart at news of his death, not your reason. Those two steps of hesitation do not match up to the battles and danger he went through to find you. I am a man with love so true, for I know love conquers all. Even if there is hesitation, in the end, love is the reason that keeps us fighting our battles.

King Arthur
09/26/2013 4:37pm

“A love that is nothing more than dejected shades. Peace shall never come and all shall dwell in darkness!” shouted a recalcitrant Arthur. His lips quivered with a heart marched by steadfast of odium. “In utter darkness, you lay with a knight who God has not permitted to you. For it was not by the choices of I who lead you to walk astray. Guinevere, do you not understand the distress you have brought upon my heart! A torture without end. Sweltering underneath a fiery deluge of aches. You’ve fetched obliteration by love but you “aspire” to walk with reason? Your mind should be perished. Do you believe that my lust for power cause your heart to walk athwart this dire event? The foul defeat? To believe I allowed you to descent before the knees of Kay to safeguard his stay? To throw our vows and let another sit on the throne that is more important? The heart of my queen!?” scolded Arthur to the air. His hands gritted with madness. Invincible by godly ruin. The blood of a warrior overcame the reasoning of a king. “By the spirit of god, may the advice of my mother drift through this endless misery. For it was God alone who chooses our path, God alone shall bless me with heavenly essences. If love is slept by the hands of man then may I continue on in battle without it. May my true men walk with me, men who do not wish to take what I give and not to hesitate, seduced by the confusion of trust. May each man who god entrusts to me filled hands of flame and become the callous gorges of damnation before my enemies. And never again have to be driven backwards by the slopes of love. Because if love was god, certainly I am sleeping with devils when rage overcomes it so?” he queried.

Sir Bedivere
09/26/2013 6:29pm

My Queen. It seems love has consumed you. Thou hast professed an honorable emotion to brave Lancelot, but your foolish games will hinder this union. Lancelot love is known by no bound he is willing to provide whatever, oblivious to the King's current standing. Fear hast consumed us all.once. Allow his noble actions to speak for them-self and this union will flourish....

09/26/2013 10:32pm

You dare chastise Arthur’s lack of love and Lancelot's hesitation, but what of your love and your hesitation. You had the chance; after all, he went through to get to you as soon as possible, to relieve Lancelot's torment. However you played wit his feelings instead? Then your sadness at the thought of is death was merely guilt, what of your compassion? I believe what you felt when you found him living was merely relief for your own conscience. And when you are asked of your previous feelings, rather than lose face, you lie to your “love”. You not only lie but also question the devotion of a man that lives and breathes just for you, and has shown it in every action. What kind of love is that? If I could have given my love relief from pain, sorrow or anything else, I would have. With that, I just ask you have you really loved, or have you just had the reasonable response to the actions of others loving you by feigning the feelings you mock. My heart would stop beating with out my love just so we could always be together. Yet, I guess I am not as strong as you are to live in a life of torment. It troubles me to think what will become of Lancelot, when passion can kill but can only be contained because his love does not truly accept him.
-Isolde of Cornwall

09/27/2013 8:42am

Lancelot may have obsessively devoted himself to winning your hand, but how can we name this love? If there is one thing I've come to know about knights it is this: knights love quests. Lancelot may have merely been enthralled by the idea of winning your favor rather than having actually loved you Guienevere. Though I speak these words, they may not be completely true, they are just thoughts for you to consider. After all, he did throw his honor (a knights most valuable possession) into the wind the moment he stepped into that cart and you shouldn't take that for granted. Indeed the man hesitated, but that is because he is a man, bound to the codes and rules of men. Understand that he emancipated himself from his would in a single minded effort of rescuing you. But also understand that he dishonored his king in the process. I commend you for being reasonable, yet do not forget your heart. This is a sword bridge of a love triangle you've found yourself in. You're going to need balance if you wish to cross.

09/27/2013 8:44am

TYPO: Understand that he emancipated himself from this WORLD***

09/27/2013 8:53am

If my son, Arthur, was half the man that I or Lancelot are, he would have rescued dear Guinevere himself. Did I hesitate in conquering Guillomer and his lands to obtain my true love Igerna? Did Lancelot quiver at the thought of a battle with Meleagant? Quite the opposite! Arthur has slayed his own name. He has allowed his queen to run into the arms of another. Such embarrassment he has brought to his court! Even the horrible Meleagant has shown greater character and ambition than Arthur. A true king would stop at nothing to retrieve his queen. Arthur should have proved his love with the courage that Lancelot demonstrated. The king should have crossed the Sword Bridge and the Underwater bridge! The king should have displayed the heroicness to face two lions for his one true love! Ah, the braver man prevails. Lancelot shall own the queen’s heart.


Sir Robin
10/03/2013 10:23pm

Why i laugh at such comments by the Queen Of course Lancelot is brave, and that right there was the reason of his hesitation. A warrior like Lancelot being humiliated by going on this cart, i must admit that Lancelot was put in a situation where it would be hard to determine his bravery because it would of been the brave thing to do and us warriors think about this because our characters and decisions say a lot about who we are. This hesitation should not be something that makes you Queen doubt your love for Lancelot because going in the cart would question his reputation, and in the end he still did it for thy. When a man puts everything in the line, believe me that he is in love. Not even i the bravest of the brave Sir Robin, would do such a foolish move as to get on this cart. I remind you my Queen, Lancelot does indeed love you.

12/18/2013 2:26am

My queen, I cannot condone your actions. Nor can I do so for Sir Lancelot. Though as great a knight as he is, Lancelot has always been consumed by passion far too much, as you are as well. I fear that this will lead to a tragedy in the future. Passion and infatuation will often lead to suffering. I pray for your honor and for Lancelot's that you cease this zealousness you hold for love. King Arthur is not so bad of character. I hope that you can one day see the good in him.


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