I the Great Sir Robin of the Roundtable am here in order to explain why such events developed in the way that they did !! No one is as brave as I. Sir Robin is the greatest, the bravest. The Three headed Knight was a simple checkpoint in my quest. I was traveling North. As my Minstrel Sang I am not afraid, to be beaten to a pulp, not at all afraid to be killed in any way!! You see I am a brave man, and everyone knows that brave men are of little words!! I was ready for battle but the Three Headed Knight would only continue to talk and I did not have much time for chit chat in my quest! I would never Run from anyone !! I promise my quest must have continued and I never " Ran Away Away. " Once they knew I was from the Round Table they were extremely scared and used the bickering as an excuse in order to stall me. Just last week I cut the heads off a 4 Headed Knight because he called me a COWARD. Now why would I run away from a Three Headed Knight. I will back down from now man, No Knight compares to my bravery, as I assure you I am as brave as they come it is but a misunderstanding what had happened with this three headed knight. I have not lost a match, and I never will. Not even Arthur is as brave as I!! For Lancelot's bravery is no where near that of my own. Even the bravest have shown a coward act once in their life, as Lancelot got on the Cart, and shammed himself for the love of Guinevire, ended his bravery on the spot. Ah one more request upon my dear reader, see I strongly presume that Lancelot, and Arthur shall be offended by what I have written here, but i assure you it is but the truth, and my only request is that they do not see these allegations, uh because if you value their lives it is better they do not know. Please make sure they do not see this. Signing off this the Bravest of the Brave OH GREAT SI
Hi Eagles!

So as discussed in class I'd like you to all respond to this question (in character, of course!):

Why do you think Hank's "Republic" ultimately fails? What specific moments, if any lead to this failure? Why?

See you all on Monday!

-To All of England

Thou real King has died.

Oh our dear king, noble and honorable until the end. Attacking the fiend Mordred head on along with sword Excalibur, showing who the serpent was from the king dream. The battle between Mordred to the death ended with the demise of both but Arthur came out with the upper hand. A true battle of honor was tested today, many men fell. I found myself tested when the fate of the legendary sword Excalibur was placed in my hands, in awe of its valiant reputation I was, at first, unable to follow our dying king’s request. How dishonorable could I be? Entrusted to me was a task by our king and I was unable to fulfill his order. Dammit. Knowing the importance of the mighty sword, I returned to the lake finally. The third time’s a charm. Curse my dishonorable actions!! Allowing the fear of losing Excalibur to sway me was a sign of treachery, never again will I allow such things to affect my better judgment.

As I stand in front of you today and as the Kingdom mourns and our round table, I ask you to celebrate his great accomplishments and remember his name.

Hail Arthur!!!!!!

Sir Bedevere 

“A King may have all the most luxuriant richness of the world, which draws the magnetic fascination of all his people but he is nothing without his men. His diction may be beyond magniloquent and a hundred men may stand behind his side but there will only be a few that he can ever trust by his stride. My gallant brother Kay… the mountain shadows that mingle with life, which lay like pools above the earth is the spear thrust strength of your prowess. The night may yawn with fouled winds but your phantom countenance ensures the safety of my knights. Gawain the strong. No axiom can be fluent in of your vigorous prominences that grazes through souls as suave as blades. Sir Lancelot, the knight who all evil are grim of, shuddering in mere fascination, you lay a hint of death in the ice breath of the gale. Virulent in skirmish, you stride beside me from the rescue of my wife when great pang gripped her heart from these castles. Your great soul can never be smitten nor scourged. And all my other men within the round table from Bedivere who held my shield the knight we fought that disgusting beast above the crags! And all men who serve my table, REMEMBER YOUR LEGACY! A King is nothing without his men as his men is nothing without their king! Legends will speak of our triumphs! They will speak of how my thrust smite the foul ghoul who ate the christened children and my queen’s cousin! They will speak of Kay’s death as nothing more than honorable beyond words”
 Arthur’s lips slowly started to spill the blood of the heaven’s holding his exposed wound.
“None will  forget the Roundtable. Our stories will be told. The search of the Holy Grail, The Green Knight, my dear nephew had once fought,  Percival's redemption, Tristian's and Isolde's love and even with your treachery Mordred, you can never kill an ideal. You can never kill a legend. Bastard son of my witty sister! This field may be stained of my blood but stories of my greatness will continue to spread along the shores. Gawain’s fall will be remembered more than your pitiful victory. Lancelot’s skirmish with Lucius shall also be reminisced. My fringe with duke Lovarraine, my siege at Metz shall also be remembered…but not this sin Modred! These final words I rebuke upon you in the name of God! I shall forever rest in the fourteen realms of Heaven while you dwell in the lakes of fire! My Kingdom will fall right here for now but Breton will rise again and conquer! I shall be the perpetual in Avalon as the blood of Hector bless these grounds while you remain temporal… They will only remember you...” whispered Arthur, drawing his final breath; as my sin…my men's soul will stand beside me in the grandest Heavens. They are always by my side.."

Ach! What great shame I have brought upon myself. Neither brawn, nor wit can quell the fear of death in a man. But what does that make a knight then? What knight am I to fear this such triviality that is death itself? For what purpose is my sword and shield when I tremble at the mere anticipation of a swinging blade. I may as well discard them for my cowardice has wrenched their worth from them. But alas, as I have sworn an oath to my liege to defend his throne and all his subjects, I must keep my station. Though the shame I have suffered will forever haunt this fickle knight, nothing will keep me from fulfilling my oath. To bear the mark of cowardice and to remind myself of my failing, I shall keep this girdle and forever display the besmirched honor of Gawain. The knights of the round may laugh, and they may say such a thing is folly, but as a knight I must not forget the honor that was stained. I can never forget. Not merely for the cringing of a blade, but for my own failings in falling to such a trap. A curse upon myself for falling for the deception of the Lady Bertilak and the crone beside her. Such lies and fierce kisses were enough to unsettle this foolhardy knight. No sword can ever compete with the wiles of women. Aye, a lady must not be underestimated, for the sweet sight of a fair beauty can waylay the hardiest of men. Yet still I cannot curse them. Perhaps this is another weakness of mine, but I cannot place the blame upon those of the gentle sex. It is the man whose weakness leads to such folly. And as a knight, even greater still must I shoulder this fault. By my honor, I shall continue on the knightly code, while carrying this trinket of ridicule and shame around my waist. For every bit of corruption that has poured out of this flesh of mine, I shall do more than is enough to compensate for every lack of virtue. This is but little. But for my king and my fellow knights, I must avoid greater disgrace and renew the faith of the knighthood.

It sickens me so, how I must perfect the art of silence!  That moment of nuptial promise stings me to the very center, for I must not protest in the marriage of Uther Pendragon.  No, no…I musn’t step a toe of out of line, for my honor is at stake if I shall object the words of the court.  I close my eyes and see my beloved duke, remember his affections and how they cradled me with genuine love and the greatest care.  His death haunts me past sunrise and again until sunset.  I have been sacrificed as queen to Uther and, punish me so, I imagine the face of my fallen husband behind this new man’s gaze.  Even so, I have given my king everything he beckons for, even the product of my loins that he has requested.  Our agreement leads me to send forth my child, away forever as to avoid an heir of untrue parentage.  My mind wanders so, and this I cannot help…How must my king, a man who has won my claim by default, know the exact moment of my birth as graced by God?  Does he hold a power not yet revealed to me, not yet revealed to his entire people?    What superstition causes this knowing, or are the speed of my questions inexcusable?  My answers run dry, cut deeper than the truth, so I do not ask.  I only amuse myself with questions I will never close with answers.  How dare I second-guess the nature of my lord?  Although he is not my precious duke, God rest him peacefully...But at rest he lies, and I musn't rest with him.  Not yet.

I no longer object to where I stand.  I must live every instant knowing honor, love, and grace, for others deem me lucky to have a king great as Uther satisfying all my hours.  How I wish I could have seen the face that left with my child in their arms, if but for a moment, but I musn’t make this a concern.   My lord has approved of what becomes of the heir.  I shall not object.  I have learned the art of silence.   Although my convictions strong, my heart wide, I use the silence well.

- Ygrene

My Sweet Isolde, 

Far across the raging seas have I travelled. Fierce and hideous beasts have I slaughtered. I have rode across Albion and dined with King Arthur at his table. I have fought in battle, and stolen the life of many men. I have looked into they eye of death, and bore his evil mark, until thy divine light did resurrect me. I drank a love potion with a beautiful princess, and took her love from my Uncle, King Mark. Though I have completed long enduring quests, and survived death, I have never been asked by a damsel to dress as a leper, to beg for gold and trinkets. I have never taken King Arthur’s leggings, nor had the opportunity to fool King Marks barons. Until thy sweet lips did speak of the favor. The dishonor I risked in that position had no effect on my choice, for I would do anything thou asked of me, no matter how dishonest, or righteous, anything for thy Love. It is true that when we met in Ireland, and began our trip to Cornwall, that we drank a love potion and fell into the depths for one another. We have betrayed our king, and our kingdom. But the soft of thy lips, and the sweet of thy breath would do enough for me to never want to leave thy side. The color of thine eyes and the length of thy hair, the melody of thy honeyed name, Isolde. Isolde, my dear Isolde, I have lied to you! I curse that dreaded potion for wearing off, and making us repent our sins, I could have lived in that forest by your side until we met our demise. I felt a shift in my heart in the time we spent together. A feeling of fire, a blaze that consumed me whole. The only regret I have is keeping a maiden as fair as you lost in the wilderness, hungry and cold. A Queen like you deserves to be dined with wine, and clothed in silk and furs. Isolde, I love thee true, that is why I have helped thee leave my side. For thou happiness means more to me than all the expeditions and honors I have received. It is true that a lowly Knight cannot compete with the luxuries of the King, and therefore I must let you go. I ask but one thing of thee my lovely, do not regret me, and do not forget me. I will forever be consumed with desire for thy love, a servant of thine heart. 



How dare the Queen accuse me of asking for her love. I would never dishonor my lord, nor did I mean to offend him. I am an honest and honorable man. I am also very loyal. The Queen came to me to confess her love, and I told her to leave me be. What a silly idea that I would ever shame and betray my king by falling for the Queen. I have a love of my own, one who beats the love  and beauty of the Queen. How stupid it was of my to let my anger get the best of me, and let me speak those foolish words about my love for my lady. Our love was meant to stay a secret, otherwise I would lose her. The Queen angered me so with her talk of me having no desire for women. She was wrongly mistaken. She was a fool for accusing me of such ideas just because I rejected her love. Because of the Queen, I almost lost my lady, for she would not reveal herself to me once I spoke of the love we had for one another. I was ready for them to kill me after I thought I lost her. I told my lord that I did not seek the love of his Queen. I denied the preposterous lies that the Queen had made against me. I was given the chance to free myself by having my lady reveal herself, but I thought that was impossible. If the Queen did not accuse me of loving her, I would never have risked losing the love from my fairyqueen. Alas, my lady had come to set me free. She proved to everyone her beauty, and proved to the king that I did not love his Queen. How happy I was to see my lady come riding in on her horse. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever set eyes on. At the sight of her coming, I did not want to lose her yet again. Without hesitation I jumped and went with her off to Avalon. Since I did not show my honorable side, I am writing this letter for anyone in King Arthur’s court who wishes to see. I regret the words I said about the Queen. I did not mean to offend m lord; my intentions were to defend myself and protect my love. We now live happily together in Avalon, with all the riches we could imagine. -Lanval
Dear Knights,

I wish to address to you the events of yesterday.  If you are unfamiliar, a stranger came into our mist. He was, in all honest,
very handsome and quiet the adventurer. He came with a gift and a request for our dear king Arthur who would not begin eating without “interest news or a quest”. He asked that the king give a mantle of magnificent beauty and design.
He asked that our women be tested on the faithfulness of their virtue to their husbands. This type of behavior can not keep carrying on. I like the fact that our king so we can expose the unfaithfulness of our women. I would like to know, as a chivalrous knight, to know how the maiden I am courting is true in her word as her actions. Many knights often question the decisions our Arthur but I would like to use this as an example for those who feel that Arthur is just a child. The quests that we embark on might dangerous but it is for the good of the kingdom and its citizens. Had this handsome stranger not come with the mantle and Arthur whose curiosity is like a child, not met, you might court a woman who has lied and will not make the best wife. For if she lies about that, it opens up the question of what else has she been lying about. When even our queen wore
the mantle it shrunk and I would like to think that Arthur had a long talk with her last night. Before we had tried to protect our kingdom from those on the outside but now, we should exam those already within the kingdom. Not just our women, but men. Those knights who had pretend to be chivalrous. I will embark on a quest for a mantle for such a thing.

Sir Kay

Arthur did not rescue me not because he did not love me. He is just more of a warrior than a romantic. If someone would ever challenge King Arthur or even whisper of taking his place he would slaughter the lands for it! Arthur knew I would find my way. He did not love me as much as you no, oh God no. Arthur would probably feel less of man, if I ever told him he would never take your place in heart. No one would ever know how you loved me, for your love was true, pure; only for me. Your no eradicator like Arthur, you’re about silly passions, peace and love. For God sake, you saw the pleasure in crossing the Sword Bridge to rescue me. I only heard of you coming for me Kay, never thought I would fall. Oh dear Lancelot, I desire to die in your company, in your arms staring gently into eyes. The most delightful moments of my life were with you, never mind the foolish; I hated you for that time. Oh I thought to myself 'I loved two fools. Arthur has destroyed our vows for his power and you had doubts'. Oh I had too much hate and I refused to discuss this because I knew you loved me. I am no queen for no such reason I know you love me, in your quest for me you found your self in many sex craze sights, I know you love me, but a queen does not go off love of gut feelings they go off reason. I simply did not care if you worshiped me or defeated the fire breathing dragon, your hesitation when you were getting into the cart questioned your love. That was foolish of me, once I found you were still alive after all that hatred was powerful towards our lives. I discovered that I could not live nor breathe without you. I love you dear Lancelot both body and soul.  You have yet to fail me Lancelot everything I have tossed at you, you would catch.So passionate so daring, nothing on this earth can keep us apart.

                                                                                                                      - Queen Guinevere