Oh Arthur!  My only son!  At only 15 years of age you took my reins.  As my spawn, you were loved by the Britons for your courage and generosity.  But at what price?  Did you not slaughter the Saxons with your nephew Hoel for their riches?  Although the Saxons are dirty savages, is this your generous nature?  All of the clergy and people of Briton begged me to be their king!  I did not take and slaughter!  Wace will tell you about the people of Winchester begging me to take the thrown.  Even Geoffrey knows I was a noble commander!  I led men to Ireland in the building of Stonehenge, although Guillomer tried to stop me.  Barbarian!  I did harass the foolish Irish til the end, but it was for the good of Briton and the order of my beloved brother.  Even you, my son, ordered your successor to live by the useful laws that I put into action.  I was a great king!  My underling forced himself on many nations, whereas I was sought out by the people.  As Layamon recalls, you offered to rule Rome in vain.  The Romans that wanted you in power were in great fear for their lives.
My ambitious son!  Although courageous, you think the world is yours for the taking!  You have slaughtered many great men and consumed many kingdoms by your own right.  I slayed Gillomanius and Vortigern to avenge my brother!  And Paschent died by my hand, but because he poisoned dear Aurelius.  I captured Octa and Ossa with the help of my dear friend Gorlois, but only because the cousins challenged me first!  You see?  You must earn your possessions, dear son!  Vengeance is reason for death, not greed.  I destroyed Gorlois only because he disrespected me.  I must have order and respect in my kingdom.  And contrary to belief, Tintagel was handed over to me.  I did not force it's dwellers out.  Ask Wace!  The householders opened the doors to me.  I claimed my sweet Igerna only because she was freed from the bond of marriage due to the death of her poor husband, Gorlois.  I did mourn his fateful end.  Geoffrey of Monmouth will tell you!  It was the great love between Igerna and myself that we gave birth to you and your sister Anna.  It was not force.
Did I not teach you fair punishment?  Mordred acted as you by taking your throne and wife!  Although my Arthur, sweet son, would never act as cowardly as Mordred.  Can you imagine that wretch betraying his people during battle?  My son is courageous and ambitious.  My dear Arthur, your downfall was your pompous plot to kill Mordred and torch your queen with only half your army.  I would never thought to torch my beautiful queen Igerna.  My son, too confident in his abilities, he should have followed the actions of his noble father.....


09/19/2013 10:58am

Although King Arthur has killed a many men, he has pillaged the villages and destroyed the crop of many people, he is guilty of only becoming a great King, just as you were Uther Pendragon. All the quests and missions committed by King Arthur and his noble court were to defend our great kingdom and its name. Let us not forget who waged a war on Gorlois Duke of Cornwall, who captured his castle, and fled away with his maiden? Sire, thou speaks as if thy actions were noble and just, but no man is all good, for we are filled with evil alike. I must not cast an unfair judgment on thee, for I am a sinner indeed. The whole of the Kings court is corrupt, and not so noble you see; Our hearts, when they burn with fire: a flaming pain, where the burn comes from withing when she is near, we cannot let that fair maiden escape, we act on love. For I took Isold, but only because we both fell deeply in love, just as you and Igerna, and your son King Arthur and his beautiful Guinevere.

09/19/2013 1:30pm

It is with a hollow heart that I turn my face from my husband’s slanderous words that may wound our noble son, should he hear them. From my very body did spill the most courage and spirit I have ever dreamt of meeting and I call him Arthur, lovingly so, for he regards his people with as much worth as his own self. My dearest husband may have the care and grace of one thousand royal men but Arthur, for he comes of my blood and body and I cherish him greatly, will always in my eyes have the grace of ten thousand. My senses enflame and sting at the very thought of looking upon my beloved son with cowardice, as my husband claims him to have. Although it hurts me quite to disagree with my king and lover, the one who so boldly stepped in to reattach the pieces of my broken heart after my Gorlois’ untimely death, I do find his words troubling. For I have read what texts that have caused him to assume this position, the one which he claims his son has not fire in his veins but ice, and these feelings of turmoil rush through me. Arthur’s downfall was a most crushing fatale and I regret to see every day my fighter falls to his knees in defeat. He shall do no wrong in my eyes. Arthur and Anna prove my womanliness a gift every day, for I bred them of life to do great, unrepeatable feats. My King Uther has but a fist meant for tough love, always so rough on the nature of his children. My husband in these texts, however, these slanderous words of his past intentions are written falsely, for he is incapable of ever lying an inch of hurt on me. My feelings towards my son are simply delicate. Uther is not capable of such harms without good intentions. These texts telling mocking tales of trickery aided by Merlin is but a horrific fairy tale. My dear Uther may beat Arthur with his words but never with his fists, not without purpose to craft a leader as noble as he. I have clear eyes and a wide heart fit for both of my kings and beautiful daughter alike. They have nothing but the most honest affections for me, I am certain.


09/20/2013 6:48am

My dear Uther, Arthur did what had to be done as a king. He took thy rein at fifteen years of age, a very young age indeed. He was honorable and took charge as one should as a king. You call him a barbarian, then go on to talk about all of the things thou did as well. King Arthur was not at all innocent, just as thee were not. Thou might not agree with thy actions of the king, but would Gorlois agree to thy actions of thee? Thou should always be honorable to thy king, not go behind thy back of thee. King Arthur followed in the footsteps of thee, Uther. He was just as noble and thee, he defended his kingdom. Thou did what thou did for love, only of a woman, just as I, Lanval, did what I did for my love. Arthur did what he did for the love of his kingdom, and thy wife. Love controls thy strength. One will always defend what thy love, just as King Arthur did. King Arthur made a great king, one who thou shall never betray, even when I offended him. King Arthur was reasonable with me, just as thou should be reasonable with him. King Arthur made a good king.

09/20/2013 7:08am

Oh how the world changes shape when viewed from a different lens. My poor Uther, has your son outshone you so much so, that you must resort to such condemnation? You were a great ruler Uther, that will not be denied, but must you blemish the truth of yourself? From what I recall, this tree has roots in the very nature you condemn your own son for acting by. To attempt to rob Arthur the glory that is deserved to his name makes you a thief, or perhaps you already are…. I do recall a love-maddened king storming to my chambers begging for a device to help him win the hand of an already claimed woman. I shant say more out of respect but I doubt Igerna didn’t note her “husband’s” unusually ferocious love on their last night together. And what respect you have, waiting not even a full 24 hours to claim the hand of the recently widowed. The truth is the truth, friend. By the way, please don’t grant any glory to yourself in the retrieval of the Stonehenge, you know nothing of its power and, were you without me, it would still be in Ireland. Be proud of your son. Be happy that you were king. You only came into the crown through the laws of inheritance once your poor brother was slain. Your powerful son, the great Arthur, is going to be regaled for ages to come. You won’t. It would be wise to keep your hypocritical accusations to yourself.

09/20/2013 8:40am

My Lord,

Let us remember of the brighter days when Arthur slain well over 900 men and thanks to our lord we had victory that day and the next. The best of us he was. Even those Romans knew of the glory of Briton and Arthur and sought to make him a leader within their military ranks.
I knew that vile creature Paschent was not to be trusted. I wish I could have been there when you avenged him with your sword and also Gillomanius and Vortigern. I hope your son, Mordred can be changed before he becomes a bigger threat to your kingdom. I know that mordred was meant to be stop by the courageous and noble Arthur. May his name be forever be mentioned alongside the great kings of Briton.

Sir Robin
09/22/2013 7:27pm

It is I, The Brave Sir Robin. I am here to stand up for Arthur, and to reinforce that he and I are one of a kind. Yes I assure you, no men exist as brave as us. Arthur was an honorable man. His wars and actions only demonstrate the type of men that we are, and although he is gone I assure you that it could have also been me. I the Bravest, of the Brave am here to tell you that Arthur very much like me was willing to run away from not battle, and although he had done his honorable work, and slain hundreds of men I assure you that I, Sir Robin the Bravest of the Brave could have also died. Let us all remember Arthur as the great man that he was, and let us all recognize his courage and bravery, and when I am buried I shall also be remembered as a man of honor, remembered as The Bravest of the Brave, SIR ROBIN .

Sir Kay
09/26/2013 7:30pm

What is king? To be a king? We are but knights chosen by kings but we have some experience in how one should act and behave. We should know the difference a King and the true thing. We abide by certain rules and laws that normal men do not follow. Arthur is a king and as such certain things that apply to regular men don't apply to him. The swing of his sword is a noble one and men who fall to him are threats to our realm. Those Saxons were such a threat and its this duty and honor to defend it till the end. He has the potential to be a better ruler than you, Uther Pendragon. I believe Arthur is the key to Britton's survival and future. Merlin's words hold much truth in them. Trying to break down his triumphs with your wretched words shows some envy. You should listen to your wife King Uther and hold your tongue.

King Arthur
12/08/2013 11:12pm

Cry for me not, for I was nothing more than a conductor to my men, Their destiny were in their hands and choice allowed them to step one by one with me. When we fought, there wasn’t 900 men on the field but one man, one heart, and one soul. Do not mourn for my death. It’s futile. As futile as the quakes of the earth that shakes so violent towards trembling floods. Do not let enchantments collapse our will, for heaven has piled plenty of blessing for all us men who fight under his name. No frozen lash has brought upon an air so chill than the paradise that is with me now. An intangible dream that death did not make me suffer. The doors were ablaze by my presence and I walked motionlessly into the zeniths in the sky. Do not mourn for me, my fellow men, father, Kay…Robin… Do not mourn for me so. Take these words and continue on with the life that you are given. For the purpose that I had bestow onto thee. Do not let the muddled waters of death take grasp of your conscience but enjoy life as it should always be. For my time was here and now has faded, I shall wait for all my men in Avalon.

12/18/2013 1:01am

My Intentions are not to ridicule you, my liege. However, lets take notice that all people die and all they leave behind is their story, in Arthur's case his legend. The stories we all know make the man behind the name legend too. Perhaps because your own story is marked only as a precursor to the greatness of your son you have grown jealous. However, you should be proud, not in all his actions, sure, but in the man, he became. While your story is marked by the love you could not have, his is marked by his valor. It is unfortunate that he had to do what he did but the reasons behind his actions are strong. I for one say Arthur needs to be given the benefit of the doubt; he was more than just a man. If not then why give him Avalon? Your judgment is clouded by what cannot be changed. Please think of your son for the great deeds he has done, not the tyrant you have imagined. My only advice is believe in Arthur.


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