I the Great Sir Robin of the Roundtable am here in order to explain why such events developed in the way that they did !! No one is as brave as I. Sir Robin is the greatest, the bravest. The Three headed Knight was a simple checkpoint in my quest. I was traveling North. As my Minstrel Sang I am not afraid, to be beaten to a pulp, not at all afraid to be killed in any way!! You see I am a brave man, and everyone knows that brave men are of little words!! I was ready for battle but the Three Headed Knight would only continue to talk and I did not have much time for chit chat in my quest! I would never Run from anyone !! I promise my quest must have continued and I never " Ran Away Away. " Once they knew I was from the Round Table they were extremely scared and used the bickering as an excuse in order to stall me. Just last week I cut the heads off a 4 Headed Knight because he called me a COWARD. Now why would I run away from a Three Headed Knight. I will back down from now man, No Knight compares to my bravery, as I assure you I am as brave as they come it is but a misunderstanding what had happened with this three headed knight. I have not lost a match, and I never will. Not even Arthur is as brave as I!! For Lancelot's bravery is no where near that of my own. Even the bravest have shown a coward act once in their life, as Lancelot got on the Cart, and shammed himself for the love of Guinevire, ended his bravery on the spot. Ah one more request upon my dear reader, see I strongly presume that Lancelot, and Arthur shall be offended by what I have written here, but i assure you it is but the truth, and my only request is that they do not see these allegations, uh because if you value their lives it is better they do not know. Please make sure they do not see this. Signing off this the Bravest of the Brave OH GREAT SI
Hi Eagles!

So as discussed in class I'd like you to all respond to this question (in character, of course!):

Why do you think Hank's "Republic" ultimately fails? What specific moments, if any lead to this failure? Why?

See you all on Monday!