It sickens me so, how I must perfect the art of silence!  That moment of nuptial promise stings me to the very center, for I must not protest in the marriage of Uther Pendragon.  No, no…I musn’t step a toe of out of line, for my honor is at stake if I shall object the words of the court.  I close my eyes and see my beloved duke, remember his affections and how they cradled me with genuine love and the greatest care.  His death haunts me past sunrise and again until sunset.  I have been sacrificed as queen to Uther and, punish me so, I imagine the face of my fallen husband behind this new man’s gaze.  Even so, I have given my king everything he beckons for, even the product of my loins that he has requested.  Our agreement leads me to send forth my child, away forever as to avoid an heir of untrue parentage.  My mind wanders so, and this I cannot help…How must my king, a man who has won my claim by default, know the exact moment of my birth as graced by God?  Does he hold a power not yet revealed to me, not yet revealed to his entire people?    What superstition causes this knowing, or are the speed of my questions inexcusable?  My answers run dry, cut deeper than the truth, so I do not ask.  I only amuse myself with questions I will never close with answers.  How dare I second-guess the nature of my lord?  Although he is not my precious duke, God rest him peacefully...But at rest he lies, and I musn't rest with him.  Not yet.

I no longer object to where I stand.  I must live every instant knowing honor, love, and grace, for others deem me lucky to have a king great as Uther satisfying all my hours.  How I wish I could have seen the face that left with my child in their arms, if but for a moment, but I musn’t make this a concern.   My lord has approved of what becomes of the heir.  I shall not object.  I have learned the art of silence.   Although my convictions strong, my heart wide, I use the silence well.

- Ygrene


10/24/2013 7:09am


I pray you will not allow my demonic birth to usurp all of the wonderful things I have done for the realm. It is natural for the simple to fear what they can't understand. Which is why I had to speak up when I was not yet off my mother's breast! The Devil's gift was great. Knowledge of the past proves quite useful, but it is the whispers of the future that draw my interest. Because of that, I thank our Lord for the gifts he has bestowed upon me. Ygrene cries for her impotent duke, what a folly, for I, through my marvelous works of all that is deceitful yet holy, have assisted her in the parentage of the greatest king Britain shall ever know. Not to mention I will be frequently checking on him to be sure he grows into the valiant warrior that I see in the mists. I don't consider myself the bragging type, but I am irreplaceable in the court. No man can match my cunning and knowledge, it is just so. No man could forge the Stonehenge, a most magnificent honor to the late King Pendragon. Have you witnessed herbs that can change a man's face outside of my showing you? Aha! How can one ever question me? This is why I shant here criticisms of my love for Viviane, for it is truer than the steel that forged Excalibur. She's a wise girl you know, she is preserving herself for the right time. This is how I know she wants our first bedding to be special. I've shown her nearly all my spells. She is truly a wonder! One day, there will be two powerful wizards guiding this court with our invisible hands! Now if you will please excuse me, Viviane has been beckoning me to show her the chamber of the two lovers. I suspect this is my chance to finally deflower the love of my life!

10/25/2013 8:05am

Your work is more than powerful Merlin, you are the reason I have purpose without my beloved Arthur I would be Queen. Without your herbs Ygrene, would never disclosed her true feelings for Uther and for that I am thankful. I doubt none of your love, for I wished you love of your own one day. Viviane is one of the stubborn. Maybe your just too powerful, power isn't everything.

Sir Robin
10/27/2013 8:43pm

Merlin oh Merlin, I am horrified at your love for Vivian. Although it is intriguing your tale I tell you. How is it that a man such as "great" as yourself is not allowed to tell the prophesies for his own fate. Why were you so into deflowering this young girl, I wonder if the reason why you were defeated was because of your love for her. Although not even Lancelot's love for Queen Guinivere caused him to loose a battle, specially against a female. Where is the Bravery? How does one explain this tale, or tell it? Although I show no sympathy in Vivian's actions, nor do i for yours. I found that you were both wrong, and you both lacked of bravery in this horrifying tale.

10/25/2013 5:28am

You say that you must stick with honor and love and grace, which I most certainly agree with. Honor to your king is the most important thing, you should never disgrace it, as I did. Love shall also be the voice of reason, so I sympathize for you, and your art of silence. Love should be something that comes easy, not something that is forced. Love should be the reason of the actions you take, not in a bad way, like silence. You should be happy with the one you love. Although I said honor is most important, that is false. I chose my love over my honor, and you should do the same. Love shall be the thing that moves us forward, and the voice of reason is always taken over by love. You are a smart woman, for letting yourself be honorable. But because you chose reason, and to be honorable, you have lost an even greater thing than honor. Love.

King Arthur
10/25/2013 7:01am

“I can do no more than feel pain for the words of this woman, pilloried by the grossest cruelties” whispered Arthur in his chambers. His eyes glinted with moral significance, feeling a sort of helpless bewilderment take control of his vessel athwart the woman’s (Ygrne ) words and sentiment. “You seem to be a woman who’s been trodden by cynical callousness and strangled by the snare of a ghost. A ghost who holds your true unbiased love, rather than that for your lord. For I don’t know who you are, heed the words of my father Auctor; only if you wish to lend a critical ear. Nothing is more formidable to the power of love than the unflinching fingers of despair. Deep as death, it sits like a manic on his fancied throne. Your eyes are filled with silence which speaks of your brilliant strength. Do not let the ghost of your past, shrivel the final star of dawn that blankets your eyes woman. Remain strong. Vigilant. Powerful. Strive through this life like the phantom and give all to your lord like you promised. The past is a story that shall well be forgotten. Desiccated like paper plunged into a flame. These words I speak true. For these were the words of an honest man, who raised me to be King of these people. If only I could see his own ghost travelling through the shallow gates of hades or soaring with his statuesque figure in heaven, these words he speak true” voiced The King.

Sir Kay
10/25/2013 7:21am

A message to all Knight,
This must be addressed before more harm will come our beloved kingdom. Merlin, wisest of us all has fallen for the same thing all great men have; the heart of a women. When we became knights, along with swearing our allegiance to King Arthur, we also swore an oath of chivalry. This chivalric code has now been the death of one of the best of us. I was told that Merlin, God rest his soul, was enchanted to stay with Viviana the huntress. I remember her well for all the maidens of the court was delighted to have her company. I myself admit to seeking advice from her on the subject gifts for a woman as I courting a maiden and wanted a young opinion on a gift that would swell her heart. Now I hear that this same sweet girl took Merlin, wisest of us all for a fool. I have a man who went with her company and Merlin and he speaks of how she trapped him in a tomb and placed a series of spells so he could not escape. He tells me that she hated Merlin for she thought he only kept her company to bed her. She clearly does not know that through his craft, Merlin could have taken her maidenhood away from her years ago. Men, while the code is one that is hard to live by, we must keep in mind the dangers it old for wicked woman like Viviane will try to use such a thing to their advantage and if you are not careful, you will find your heart removed from its cage.

Sir Kay

Sir Bedivere
10/25/2013 8:27am

I see the conflict you are faced with, as a noble man honor is important to thou as well. Hang on to it. The kingdom relies on the king to hold everything in balance, how will that be if there is disorder and deceit? The child you have been forced to send away is in the best interest of everyone. Uther’s claim to your heart may be unwarranted and second to the Duke, but allow honor to yourself and the people be of utter importance. Respect his wishes, and who knows that missing link may come back to claim his birthright

Sir Bedivere

10/26/2013 8:23am

Do not allow thy heart to be filled with hate my dear Ygerne. It is a fools choice to act for love. It hath created, and destroyed. built and collapsed. Changed and remained. I can assure you, however cruel and vicious our honorable King Uther may have acted, he acted only of love. Have mercy on the king, for he is a fool for thy love. as I was a fool. but through the greatest battles, and horrors thy love will evolve from hate. do not fret honorable Queen for the best is yet to come.

10/26/2013 8:24am


11/29/2013 6:42am

My sweet Ygrene, you will learn to love me. The first night I laid eyes on you, I knew it was meant to be. I do not understand why you mourn the loss of a weaker man? I have proved my honor and power by defeating your late husband as I now keep you as my own. The stronger man shall always prevail, you will learn this. There is not a ruler more adorned on this earth than I. And now that you are mine for the keeping, there is not a queen more envied than you. You question why it is that I have possessed the knowledge of your birth. Have you forgotten about my dear man Merlin? He is true to me and will reveal anything that I wish to know about the past or the future.
It is only natural that your mind wanders, for you are a woman! I would expect nothing less. However, I would recommend that you not let thy silly head wander too far. I will not rehash the details of my conquering of your husband and kingdom but just suggest that you heed my warning.


12/18/2013 1:56am


Though it is unfortunate that you have been put through such misery, you must not falter. Chin up, my lady, for you and Uther's heir will give rise to a grand kingdom that becomes the paradigm of honor and chivalry! For all that you have suffered, know that it will not have gone in vain nor would it be for nothing. Though Uther's actions were perhaps not the most honorable, he has done them for your love. At the very least, content yourself with that. Be a proud queen and do your best to endure through these hard times. An age of prosperity will come in due time and you yourself will have a hand in it.


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