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So as discussed in class I'd like you to all respond to this question (in character, of course!):

Why do you think Hank's "Republic" ultimately fails? What specific moments, if any lead to this failure? Why?

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12/08/2013 5:38pm

The Lord Hank expels such a great effort to bridge a number of immeasurable gaps. His views seem to be mountains high from any I have ever known -- his fight is diligent for the common man, although there be nothing common about him. This burst of humanity and equal footing amongst all, court and commoner, did not succeed in changing the royal court in any way, only damaging it. Hank has never been responsiblefor the lives of thousands of men - men with children, sons, daughters - in addition to his own as a leader in battle, and yet he wishes for the same luxuries as a warrior. While I do not slander equal help for all those in need...the text as it opens the world to a smallpox shelter turned me to weeping, I do affirm that the wealth of the royal blood should still stand highest. Hank regretfully amuses himself doubting other people's grace to God and that sickens me so, although he is a good man. He believes in mystical, earthly occurances that he may control, but where do these powers originite? The Lord itself; Hank refuses to thank the Lord for his knowledge and abilities, and cares too much about those who do not deserve the royal luxury. For this he has failed.

- Ygrene

12/08/2013 6:01pm

Hank’s republic would have never worked. He was from the nineteenth century, not the sixth. His life actions are much different than those who lived during the sixth century. Hank did not show as much honor to his land as he should have, like great rulers do. Although the actions I made against the Queen and King were a little selfish, I think it was Hank’s desire to selfishly change things with the use of technology and nineteenth century knowledge that contributed to his failure. Hank’s republic would never have worked because he was born in a different time, with different ways of living. He believed that his knowledge was better than others, and used it as a form of magic because the people of the sixth century had not seen it before. He only had his own interests in mind, not the interests of anyone else. A great ruler has to know how to rule, and do it for his land. Hank did not know how to rule a great number of people, and did not know how to rule for his land. He would never have made a good ruler.

12/08/2013 6:07pm

This Sir Boss's republic ultimately fails from his deceptions and lack of honor. His secrets made him untrustworthy. His lack of respect toward the church cost him greatly. Aye, with nary a sword nor spear in hand this Boss decimates foes with his explosive magics. His demonic powers and the destructive nature of this magic would do no justice to any fine knight. There is no honor to be found within Boss's methods. Alas, poor Merlin had suffered so from his machinations. Though Sir Boss had strived for the betterment of livelihood of all, he himself had lost his way. He held steadfast to his own beliefs but failed to recognize the beliefs of others. His hubris lie entirely upon his convictions and condescension for the Lord and the church. That is why he fails to notice the revolt. I pray that Sir Boss may find peace in his death.

12/08/2013 10:04pm

What was the cause for the destruction of Hank's "Republic" you ask? Isn't it simple? Why, it was me. How this fool could possibly think that he operates at a vibration subtler to mine is anybody's guess. Usurper. That's what I call him. Relieve me off my position and influence and try to show us how it's done, will you? Well, it was a folly and a waste. This world is of fantasm and magic, to solely rely on reason in such a climate is recipe for disaster. Our friend didn't see my importance because he was unable to feel the invisible energies at stake, the very energies that I am painstakingly trying to keep in balance to keep the land intact. His magic isn't even magic folks! Get real! Sure, condescending my craft is one thing, but if you think you're gonna fool me with a little gunpowder? No matter, I put a dark cloud over him the moment he blew my place up. It was only a matter of time before he destroyed himself. This man was clearly not of this world, if so, he is defunct in the brain. It is a wonder he made it to manhood. This is Arthur's Kingdom. By God. Our way of life was blessed. Hank was an instrument of the Devil, I saw it in his eyes. Good riddance.

King Arthur
12/08/2013 10:59pm

There was a reluctant sneer which left the lips of King Arthur, gazing his iris towards the opaque night sky. A chuckle of savagery was fully expressed before placing his sagacity. “Sir Hank’s sin was nothing more than self-regard and the luxury of the devil’s agates to influence our fancy. Although decorous with his approach, his way of living was nothing more than the enduring vehement flaw of human design. Stripping off the civility that works and build what he had believe to be a strenuous way of living. Merlin has blessed these lands, for it was it not for the wizard our blessed ways would’ve fallen to the false prophet. HE! Who the scriptures say will rule these lands with cruelty and the slaves of the divines. In his eyes, Hank saw nothing more than to be god himself and bare the fruits of our people onto his feet, then to steal their serenity. Banish he is for more centuries than he could possibly count. The devil will take back his child at the hand of god and invigorate our people to never toy with destiny. May Fate ring loud with honesty as it is the only health so magnificent under the grace of god to save us all from his mercy…”

12/10/2013 12:04pm

Sir Hank,
It is to my understanding that after a certain time converting our feudalistic society into something......else, you have failed. I would like you to take heed that change must come slowly. the drastic measures thee hath brought forth cannot be forceful, like courting a lady, and are brought forth beyond its time! These ideas our people will not accept as natural. This so called "democracy" makes no sense here, and is not wanted. Nonetheless your attempt is recognized but thou must conform to our modern society. Your power is great but as a prisoner you will do better for Breton.


12/18/2013 2:16am

Personally I felt as though Hank took on to many things, one because he think he was smarter than the rest of the kingdom. The other reason would be he got half the kingdom by playing smart, trying to survive; when he claimed the sun to be in his power. It wasn’t that bad, out smarting the kingdom, it was quiet clever makes me pause and second guess Merlin magic abilities. However Hank really was not fit to make any decisions for anyone let alone a kingdom. He was so wrapped up in social status, trying to figure out who doesn’t deserve the same luxuries as him, the same level of power. But he was dishonest and lack lovably traits as a man of Breton shall have. His finances were pending, it was about time for Merlin to prove himself to the kingdom, and give this slave what he rightfully deserved.

12/18/2013 6:09am

This imposter, Hank, has made a fool of my son Arthur and his court. A most curious looking creature with such a bizarre name is not to be trusted. He has discredited my dear and faithful friend Merlin and is far to involved in his riches and status. We will not put faith in such an odd man. He preaches strange thoughts and tries to change my son's kingdom, but no matter. Not a soul in this court will ever fully trust this stranger and his selfish ways.


Sir Robin
12/18/2013 10:59am

Hank was a rather odd man. His main focus, was to have power over everyone. A man once named Pablee Escobare, ruled the sales of poppy, and he fell for the same reason as Hank. Through terrorizing the public, they got their power but one day it was enough. Had he ruled in a diffrent way, had he earned his spot like a brave man through battles, fair ones, and in relity being great than he would have earned his spot. Had he been better than Arthur he would have ruled. Hank a huge coward I tell you. He learned that one cant bring a sword to a gun fight, and so he took advantage. Like everything that goes up, it must come down, and it was Hank's cowardness that resulted in his own destruction.


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