I have deep thoughts of whether what I am doing is right or not. How is a man supposed to know the moral in what he is doing when he is so deeply blinded by love? What I bare for Ysolt is true, passionate love, separate from lust. I understand she belongs to another man, a King at that, but shall I sit back and watch her engage in such a relationship? Is what we had not real? I just needed more answers I suppose. Yes, maybe it was wrong to marry the second Ysolt as a result of my burning love for the first Ysolt that I had known and come to love, but please town people, forgive me.

You see, I am loved by this new Ysolt. I would be wrong to deny my love to her, for she is both beautiful and a good woman, but mostly, she holds the same name. What more could I want than to be reminded daily of my one true love whenever hearing the actual name, the same name, as my new “love”?

I am already a man who is wrong for becoming involved with Ysolt in the first place. But see, things got out of hand. It was never my plan for her to be with the king and forget about me. But indeed she had. She had forgotten all about me and even out of the deepest anger I held in my heart for her, I was still overpowered by love. I must still understand that Ysolt is not ill willed.

I do harbor anger for her, for the reason that she had not sought me out. Her dear husband would not allow this of course. These are terms of which I fully understand, but logic means nothing when love is involved. I force myself to create reason and meaning out of what she had failed to do. When you love someone wouldn’t you come to look for them?

I am thankful that I never lost sight of her being good willed, for she did attempt to come back for me. As I lay in that bed, wounds and all, I worried that I would not live. The anticipation of her arriving kept me going. I even expressed some of my pain to my wife, but never in great detail, for I could not handle the sorrow in one woman’s heart over the knowledge of my yearning for another. I lay and wait for my beloved Ysolt…



10/17/2013 4:22pm

My dear friend Tristan, do not conflict yourself with how you're feeling. Love is a strong, natural emotion that you should be able to feel without anyone telling you otherwise. I myself, happen to know how you feel. When I was accused of having seduced the Queen, I wanted to stand up for my fairy queen love and to King Arthur and his court, but I was conflicted with standing up for us yet still being loyal to the King. However, I have learned within that experience that love conquers all. You have fallen in love with Yseut of the White Hands simply because she reminded you of your true love Yseut--same beauty, same goodness in her, and the same name! But I must agree, it is not the same love. Do not fret and do not take your anger to heart. She is merely trying to be loyal to her King. Do not forget she is also feeling conflicted; torn with the love she has for you but her duty as King Mark's wife. I know you may think your anger and hatred holds true, but as I was upset that my fairy queen never forgave me, in the end she did, as your lover has for you as well. Do not be blinded by anger, for love will always conquer in the end.

Anna Fiotto
10/18/2013 5:52am

You both should be ashamed of yourselves! While I understand the power of love I do not like the idea of two knights seducing women chosen by God to be our Queen! However Tristan, since your love was uncontrollable, as you were forced into it by dark magic, it is more understandable to me. It is a strong man who can resist a potion, but that fact that you repented for your sins makes it better in my eyes.

You cannot blame the Queen for her love of Mark. She is just a woman, who has been wooed by our King. Although it is treason to say, I feel in my heart that she is simply serving our King, but feels true love for you in her heart, regardless of any potion. Good luck, good knight!



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