Not so long ago did my brother, Aurelius the King of the Britons ordered me to lead 15,000 men across the land to Ireland. It is said that these stones have been carried by giants from Africa to Ireland. It was upon these rocks that water was poured and heated into baths as a cure for those who were struck with illness. Upon our arrival, King Guillomer of Ireland greeted us with his forces. It was not a greeting that was meant to be of welcoming to us. The forces of King Guillomer stood before us threatening for our departure. When they had learned of our purposes to arriving, the Irish laughed at us. Even those unworthy sneered and snickered as we looked high and low for these magic rocks that will one day cure our people of their illnesses. These fools who know nothing of the powers which these rocks hold will regret all their mockery when they come to us on their knees and cry. One day, the Irish neared us looking for a fight. A fight we gave them. Of course they stood no chance against us as we chased Guillomer from his land. As we set our arms to rest, Merlin led me and the men up a certain mountain where there was a kill by the name of Killomar. Finally we have reached upon the destination of our quest. The rocks stood so strong that none of the men were able to move them. Still, this was the quest which our King has laid upon us. We did not have fear for we had Merlin with us whom would engineer the transport of these rocks. And at last, with the guidance of Merlin along of the blessings of God we were able to bring a cure to illness back to the Britons. It is us now that sneer and snicker at those who once sneered and snickered at us.

Uther of Briton

My dear friend Uther,

            Indeed, it was I that lead you all to the kill of Killomar. Without my influence, we would have not conquered that quest. Though, your obsession with Igerna has made you mad! You allowed me to use my magic to disguise yourself as the Duke of Cornwall. Tis’ it was I that allowed that to happen and alas your heir was conceived. Long live Arthur!



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