I hesitated but two steps. Within in my mind Love and Reason were at war.Those two steps however, Reason reminded me, that my honor as a knight in King Arthur's court was at stake. My decision whether or not to mount that horrid cart will forever follow me to my death. Do I follow Reason and perhaps find a horse to mount or do I follow Love and waste no time in finding my beloved queen? In the end, Love prevailed. Love that burned so deep into my soul, ingrained into every fiber of my body.

Why does no one see my decision made out of Love? Why must every knight and maiden I encounter pass judgement upon me? If any other soul was to face such an encounter between Love and Reason would they have not chosen Love? Am I a fool? No, I am not. I am just a mere devotee to Love. Instead of belittling me, everyone should praise me for such a sacrifice that I have made as a knight. I set my pride and honor as a knight aside to fight for Love. Can no one understand that?

I am a true knight. A chivalrous knight. Is it not true that being a knight implies serving our beloved queen? I am no less an honorable knight than Sir Kay or Sir Gawain. I crossed into an unknown kingdom with my fate unknown as well and faced many challenges. I crossed the Sword Bridge which no other knight has done before. In that tournament, I did as my queen requested. She asked for me to do horribly and I did so gladly without any hesitation and when she said to give it my all, I certainly did.

I may have hesitated two steps but that was to quiet Reason and reassure Love that it was right. I may have ridden in that cart but to me, making sacrifices is what makes a knight a truly honorable knight. 



09/26/2013 8:58pm

Good Lancelot,

I am please to know that you were the Knight in Red at the tournament. I am glad to understand his reasons for fighting so cowardly at times and with unsurpassed skill and ferocity at others. Indeed, I blame you not for your love of the queen and your devotion to your love. A knight should be ruled by his lady love. Your bravery and prowess were all that could have brought her back from the kingdom from where none return. You took the more difficult route than I, and freed the queen before I could even traverse the underwater bridge. No cart could shame a knight so valiant as yourself.

Sir Galahad the Pure of the Round Table
09/26/2013 10:23pm

Dearest Lancelot,

Your hesitation is understood. While all knights wish to be exemplars of unabashed manhood and bravery, we can't step foolishly into situations which could compromise our honor. A proud knight should always check his heart with reason, lest it get the best of him. I can assure you, I hold no contempt for a man who steels his heart against dark and lustful intentions, whatever others may think.

Sir Galahad the Pure of the Round Table

09/27/2013 6:01am

Dear Lancelot,

I commend you for the obstacles you take to see your beloved Guinevere. Though I shall ask, are you worthy of Guinevere? She hesistate to acknowledge you in front of everyone. I can see in your eyes that you have an unconditional love for her but is it worth it? You are indeed a proud knight and you will face any obstacle that will come to your path. Of course, you do everything for love.


10/03/2013 10:32am

Sir Lancelot,

I do agree with Gawain in the matter of being ruled by your lady love as a knight. Love is the most powerful force on earth, and it is surely understandable that it has overpowered Reason in your mind. Your hesitation, to me, was nothing but a cautious reconsideration to which you made the right decision anyway. You are not entirely to blame for Guinevere's reluctance toward you, for she had not taken matters seriously and meant it as a joke to ignore you. On her part, that was probably not a good idea. And she soon after realized that you were only thinking of her best interest in all of your decisions. I hope that you continue to use Love as guidance in whatever you may do.



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