Oh, woe is me! For love of me, I cannot even fathom the true travesty of my position. I am torn limb from limb, heart from mind, body from soul.

    I have bestowed my heart with my true love, the duke of Tintagel. I am deeply in love with him, and I have not the desire nor the inclination to seek affection from any other man for the remainder of my days. Not all the gold or riches in all the world would I trade for a lifelong love with the duke.

    However, the King has betrayed the duke and attempted to disgrace my name. He has expressed his affection for me with the full knowledge of my marriage to the duke of Tintagel. The King has only befriended my husband so that I might've been stolen from him. With no other option foreseeable to allow my husband and I to remain together, I fled with him and retreated to his own land of Tintagel. 

    But the King was not pleased with our reaction, and he sent for us to return immediately. I have been tricked. On an evening which I had laid with who I perceived to be my husband the duke, he had been killed - and I know it was by order or action of the King himself. But then who was it that slept beside me that night? I may never know, and I feel quite shameful for that lack of knowledge. Upon the death of my husband, the King offered to accept me as his queen, and I could not have a deeper aversion to do so - even with all the wealth and honor that will be rewarded to my family as a result. What can a woman do? How does she refuse the most noble status of Queen? I cannot. I must have this child fathered by who I thought was the duke, but his fate, I do not know.


10/24/2013 5:57pm

My dear Ygerne, I am pitied by the position you are in. For although I know how the King feels and how love can make you feel like the happiest man on Earth, I would not like to think that King Uther has taken advantage of your husband in order to steal you from him. There is no doubt why King Uther finds such beauty and goodness in you. You surely are loyal to the duke and his court; that is exactly how a Queen should act! As a man who is fulfilled with all the love in the world, I am hoping that the King has not used his love in a distasteful way. It is indeed true that if one is in love, he or she should be with the one whom they love. However, it is not fair to fall into such trickery and force love in any way. It pains my heart to see love being used in such a manner that is disreputable. Especially to you my lady! I pray to God that it was not the King that slept beside you that night, and if it may be, may he face the shame he deserves!

10/25/2013 8:41am

I sympathize with you, my dear Ygerne. For love should be desired not disdained. Indeed, Uther is a traitor for befriending the duke only to be in your presence. Oh, the nerve of him! Is it to his credit that he would die for your love? Or course not, for your love for him is nonexistent and should repel such intense feelings for you. It is a shame that Merlin helped guise him as no other than her very own husband! He used his trickery to his advantage and thus the duke of Tintagel met his demise and the castle was seized. The child's conception is a sin. It must come to your attention that the father of this child is the same man who took you as his wife following the death of your noble duke. Uther has further disgraced you, for this is not as much your sin as it is his. By protecting you, he was protecting himself, too. But he dares not reveal his discourse of action for he is well aware of the wrongness of it all. The wickedness of it all will not go unrecognized in the eyes of God.

- Guinevere

12/17/2013 10:18pm

Ygerne, sometimes the love for another runs deep through the veins and core of our beings. I myself have has experienced this type of all ecompassing love. While it may seem that the king has betrayed your duke by falling in love with you, it appears to me that he was more forward than you give him credit for. He has not fallen in love with you behind your husbands back without his knowledge. No. He has showed you signs of his admiration and love for you, in a little favors and special treatment in plain sight of your duke. The king has even risked his life to be with you. Against his better judgment he employed magic and sorcery to consummate his bond with you. True, you love your duke but you must have also learned to love the King as well to have become his queen. Even if you were to resist the Kings love, he would not have rested until he had you.


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