By God what a crisis I have been in! I do not wish to be arrogant, for I am but an honorable man! I myself am valiant, generous, handsome, and loyal to King Arthur, but I must be humble.

There I was, simply riding out with my horse and ending at a meadow. I must admit that I am a lonely man. It is not in my interest that I am usually included or given anything from the King. But that is no problem, for I pledge my faithfulness to only King Arthur. However, in that moment, it is as if God answered my prayers! Two women walking towards me—with such beauty! Richly dressed, the finest dark silk, and beauty unlike any other. Once they reached me, they sweetly greeted me and told me their lady has sent them to me and that I must follow them, for her pavilion was nearby. How is this possible and who is this noble, wise, and fair lady whom they speak of that is being sent for me! Fulsome I am in disbelief.

The two women led me to a tent, most luxurious, that not even Queen Semiramis nor the Emperor Octavian could afford the flap! And once I walked through,  there I saw the fairest maiden. Not even the first lily or rose that has bloomed in the springtime could match her beauty. The fairy queen’s body was perfect—carved flawlessly inch to inch. I was speechless, as if I had seen Heaven itself! I shall not speak too much, in respect for my love. I shall only tell you milady’s and milords, that my maiden has treated me with such love and given me every boon I granted. She beseeched that I must not reveal our love, for I would lose her forever. Grant that I am an honorable man, I gladly accepted her request and spoke nothing in her favor.

Alas, my luck has changed once the Queen accused me of trying to seduce her and telling me that I do not care for that kind of pleasure! How dare she! I do not even understand the meaning behind such words. Yet I am conflicted because of my loyalty to Arthur. I have much respect for our King but what respect does the queen have for Arthur if she is trying to seduce me and accusing me of false allegations?

I admit I did tell her that even my fairy queen’s servant is far more beautiful than the Queen, but was I lying? Of course not! I speak the truth. But may God strike my soul for I have gone against my maiden’s wishes—in pure anger I have told her that I do love someone when it was my duty to not reveal anything.

Standing in silence and being accused of my disparity to the queen and for treason, I am bequeathed to accept my fate. Woe is me—what am I to do? I wish nothing more than to speak the truth of everything my maiden has done for me, for the love she has blessed me with; however, I do not wish to disparage the king as well. And suddenly, there she was—my love, my savior, my fairy queen! She has spoken the truth of our love to the king and his court! My lady has gone against her oath of me losing her forever and rescued me instead. I am overfilled with joy! I must respect my lady and let our love remain as clandestine and leave you with this milady’s and milords…We shall reside in Avalon to a beautiful isle and let our love live on. And that is all that I need to tell. 



10/10/2013 6:02pm

I do see where you are coming from my dear Lanval, though a bit bold may I add. I do favor the rationale of your purpose to your beloved but to do in such a way that even makes the King and his Lady take notice, then maybe you should reconsider. With such romantic of a notion that your love would risk so much so that you wouldn't have to suffer. Now that my dear boy is pure devotion, something that not many people have the capacity to ever commit or take presidence. It would seem her other worldleness warrants such behavior, a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and would sacrifice herself for love. Though I still feel it a bit foolish that you should of known better to not openly defy your King by insulting his Queen. She is thy lady too, how would you feel if your loyal man decided she was not the most beautiful Queen ever, you would feel a bit hurt no? Just try to keep in perspective dear boy because do you want to be the one riding off into the sunset, or would that be your lady? The choice is yours.

Sir Bedivere
10/10/2013 7:41pm

My Dear Lanval,

Your loyalty to the king pleases me. As one of his knights, I am deeply devoted to our King Arthur. You put yourself in great peril when you insulted our fair queen. Although you may be in love with another woman of greater beauty, there is so no such beauty as great as our queens. You insult our King when you insult our Queen. And for that, my dear Lanval, you are guilty of. May you be punished for your lack of love to the queen, but may you be rewarded for staying faithful to our King.

Sir Bedivere

10/11/2013 8:19am

Dear Lanval,
I must say I am torn here. I have no greater respect than that for the man who is faithful and loyal to the king, But, to the same token, a man who insults the Queen is also a man who insults the king. Aside from our dear queen's accusations of what pleasures you enjoy, as a mater of fact, disregard them completely, as we can assume she was quite angry, ans justify her behavior with this reasoning. Even if, in fact she was trying was trying to defame you, she is still Queen. By saying you are loved by a woman of greater beauty assumes there exists such a woman, which we all know is false. You need to prove yourself loyal to the king in every way imaginable. This includes regarding our queen as the most beautiful woman there is, for when you speak badly of her, it reflects on the king.

Sir Kay
12/16/2013 7:20pm

My fellow Lanval, I praise you for your bravery! For you have the bravery enough to turn down our secretly retched Queen. Though 'tis true that you have insulted our King Arthur indirectly, however! I see you have done nothing wrong. Your love for your beautiful stays true and she as true to you. What need is there for you to fall under the clutches of our Queen. I wish King Arthur could just see how treacherous she really is. I praise you once more for not falling into her traps as Lancelot have mistakenly done. By my words Lanval, you have nothing to feel sorry for. Our Queen is only that by name. She does not carry herself as one. For her to have vengefully questioned your manhood and humiliated you, what grace is that for a Queen. Fear not Lanval. I will stand for you if needed. No one will doubt the words of Sir Kay.

12/17/2013 11:09pm

Lanval, you are not only a great knight but a great man to stand up for yourself and the love that you have for “your” queen. While yes, it was wrong of you to deny the queen, I’m sure that the King would have had no issues with you NOT sleeping with his queen. The queen should not have implied that you were not interested in women either. You are an extremely loyal and faithful knight. Your loyalty not only lies with the king but with your heart as well. Sure, your queen has told you not to mention her or the love that you both share but you spoke of it so proudly that Im sure all will be forgiven. That incident only makes the queen look bad because now the kingdom knows that there is a queen more fairer than her that she was rejected by a knight in the Kings court. You win Lanval.


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