How could it be that there was a manner of magic so concealed from myself?!? The magic of science?! Who has ever heard such a thing! Ah to have been made a fool of time and time again and for but the one area in which my expertise was lacking. Is it my fault that his magic of science is the countersign to the great spirit who's name I dare not speak who dried the well? I think not!

     Had he but told me the nature of his magics we could have worked together as brothers in the robe for the good of all of Camelot but no. No, he desireth to make a mockery of I, the great and powerful Merlin by putting me in charge of the weather... How could I possibly fill this station when it is so vastly below my abilities? Tis, only natural that I should be bored with such an endeavor and as my mind wanders I make mistakes.

    Let me tell you of the time Aurthur and I rode together to retrieve for him the great sword Excalibur! Then you shall know of my greatness! ... What? You're all bored with that tale? Fie in you then.


12/05/2013 10:28pm

It seems fitting that someone so great as The Boss should be found by none other than myself. Do you know what troubles I went through to get such a fine man? Why, I smote many; and it was not for nothing! It seems fitting such a grand man was introduced to this country by such a grand knight, yes?

If you have not yet heard my story of his capture, fear not. I would not have any problem in telling it again and again. What a great story indeed. To any other man, such a peculiar looking fellow would be seen as nothing but a lowly fool. But to I? I knew of his power. It is why I fought so hard to bring him to the King!

What, you think I lie? Have no doubts! Perhaps the real hero is myself for bringing such a man to our people. Yes, that must be it.

12/06/2013 6:57am

What a strange tale, and by a strange teller. He is a harsh critic for a man who is clearly afflicted with some madness. So much of his speech seems mere nonsense to me, so many of his words like the meaningless babble of children. And his ideas are so outlandish, so bizarre, they hardly bear thinking about. But what distresses me most, I think, is his villainous hatred of our Church. He claims to be a Christian, but all Christians follow the Church, and from what I could understand of his odd language, he does not. Indeed, he speaks of other Churches, as if our Church were not the only one. That is only one the delusions which seem to plague him, the poor, troubled man. I do not believe a word of his tale, of course, - one cannot believe the words of one so mad as this man clearly is - but I sorrow for his madness. -- Igenre

12/06/2013 7:14am

Praise God for bestowing me with two powerful magicians to protect my kingdom. Though with my own strength I've fought giants and tyrants alike. It does me good to have the mystic arts to rely on to keep my kingdom safe. Now if only these two would get along would we most prosper from this alliance. The Boss seems to have some strange ideas dressing me in "dirt" as he would call it and parading through these slums and wanting me a king to act like "dirt". A peculiar one he is and Merlin seems to oppose his arts although his creations have a great appeal. For instance this "biseekal" that he has my knights riding, I'm sure horses fair much faster than such things. I feel I should at least amuse him for I do fear his magicks. Look what he did to the tower and the sun. Well I'll go along with it, it does grant me something different for my days.

Sir Bors
12/06/2013 8:49am

Thou Shalt Never Fear the Unknown

It is I, Sir Bors, a man with great desire for thy words to be heard as often as I am seen. Perhaps you remember me from the momentous quest of the Holy Grail. Before the journey I took pride in the doubt and disbelief of anything I hadn't witnessed to be true, since my faith is solely invested in the heart of our lord. It wasn't Sir Morgan came into our kingdom that my state of mind began to change. How could a regular fellow like myself or my cousin possess such knowledge and power without a magical undertone? I wondered to myself at first if he had been the devil himself existing in the flesh amongst our lands. For before he introduced this knowledge to us all we had known were the virtues of our fellow anti Christ Merlin. Yes, there is fantasy in this world that is firm, but even the fact took many years to accept as true. God made man with human abilities, so for this to be disproven is nearly a sin. However, through the majestic events we've witnessed up until this time I admit to letting down my holy guard. What exists here is made by God, making Sir Morgan just as great of a blessing as us all. Until he came into our light we were in the darkness of what we as humans were even capable of. The fact that we couldn't conjure an answer to everyday questions based on fact is weary way to live. We chose to answer questions through intuition, whereas Morgan showed us a different way to think. The knowledge he possessed of this world gave us hope that we could accomplish more we had thus far. For this technology he spoke of was not derived from evil, but for the better good of humanity. And with this knowledge the man was able to save our very king on numerous occasions. He could love,create, conjure, and fight like any one of us, so for I to initially place judgment upon him was but a sin of my own. For if we fear what we do not know of we can never accept what we do. Although the time came where Morgan had to leave our circle, he left an everlasting impact on the century in which we ruled.



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