I, Uther Pendragon, brother to Aurelius Ambrosius the good king of the Britons had been witness to a heavenly sign in the night sky recently in Winchester. At the sight of the star's rays shining over the Irish sea, I was so overcame with awe at the very splendor of the thing that I could not discern it's true meaning. In truth, all I could think of was the beautiful Igerna, wife of Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall. I sought out Geoffrey of Monmouth, who had been there at Winchester to witness the spectacle in the night sky. He had record of the event taking place in his book, The History of the Kings of Britain. In his reading of events, the star in the night sky reached not only far over the Irish sea but extended in the opposite direction into the reaches beyond Gaul territory. Geoffery also explained that the light in the sky infact was a sign indicating the death of my brother, King Aurelius Ambrosius. And indeed, it were true. Aurelius, the greatest king of the Britons has passed leaving none other than me to inherit the crown. Still I cannot understand the meaning of the star, does it signal the death of Britain's greatest king? Perhaps it means to imply the rise an even greater ruler in myself? Surely I will make a great king, and a great king should not be denied his truest passion? Perhaps the star in the sky with it's great ray was meant to show my true love for Igerna,  or even a sign for Gorlois to move on already! In the coming weeks we shall know for certain, for now all I can think of is how to get Igerna to love me.


09/19/2013 5:03pm

You do both myself and my husband, your loyal Duke with your lust, King Uther. Golrois has served you well. Without his help you would not have defeated the Saxons Octa and Ossa. To betray him by attempting to take his wife is dishonorable and counter to the teachings of Our Lord. Moreover, I am a good Christian woman, and no matter how far you press your campaign to win me, I will not betray my husband, nor besmirch my good name by breaking the vows I took when he wed me.

Put your thoughts to the ruling of your realm, for which I am sure you will make a worthy king. Forget your pursuit of a married woman.

09/19/2013 8:41pm

Good king, I shall kneel to you and praise you for your son, who I shall tell you now I will serve with undoubted loyalty. The stars point to destiny, and it is a destiny that will be told for many years to come, not to be forgotten. A legend, even. That is what your son will be, and I pride myself in my closeness with such a man and tale.

As for your sense of loyalty, I must rise question to it. To cheat another man of his woman, king or not, you are disrupting that vow. To take something that is not yours... your son would not be pleased. Your son shall be known for his overwhelming generosity. I pray you will take pride in for lack of your own.


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