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Oh what a wicked web we weave when we practice in deceit. I still look back in awe on the crafty black magic of Merlin, and sit in shame, how he manipulated me to his own selfish ends. My love was reserved for one man, the Duke, and now I am sealed to the day I die to Uther, a Queen in a game of shadows bound by plots of wicked men. Uther’s lust and unquenchable desire to have me led the death of my one true love and the birth of my child, Arthur. My thoughts race when I think of who has been entrusted to rear this boy, what hand do I have in shaping him?

The plot of Merlin and Uther to deceive me speaks volumes to their character.  The thirst for power, obtaining it by any means necessary, is truly disgusting. These men are not honorable and deserve judgment.  I only hope that the child I birthed will not seek vengeance on the men that separated us. What power do I have in this court? My own fury will be my death, my only choice is to remain silent and honor the King, pretending that I am loyal and hold no ill will to my husband.

There are so many regrets that I have for my life and the life of the duke, I wish I never met Uther. I wish he never laid on eyes on me and I remained in Tintagel.  Although, my fate is sealed I do believe that I will have my revenge in one way or another.



10/24/2013 9:20pm

Good evening.
I am opposite too, and ashamed of myself for not having guessed that it was Merlin who was working the impossible for Uther; before, and as well, after he became King. By way of all, and of my standards, if I may by chance incorporate the whole of the Knights, both then and now, he’s been a creative King. Our knightly bond from the past, good or bad we owe to the light and manner we been enchanted to uphold. A lastly thought to trickery, and its accompaniments, and how they often seem to educate the wealth of sorcery to an impossibility, and by never having known any I guessed it to be the might of all that’s good of Arthur’s court; moreover and as strong as any breastplate. Myself I’m just, enjoying an abiding my time with my fairy love, it astonished me to think that it was Merlin working behind scenes to unite Uther and Ygerne in marriage.

Sir Bedivere
10/25/2013 8:34am

It saddens me to hear of your struggle in life. I should probbaly stay out of this one though, as using black magic is one of my favorite ways to deciet people. There are honerable ways to win someone, i stood by Cullwch when he won Olwens hand through battle and medial tasks. I feel for you Ygrene, that Merlin is never to be trusted. Although, if black magic was used to deciet you, perhaps we could use it to get you out of this?

Hank Morgan (Sir Boss)
10/25/2013 8:39am


I must say, Merlin has indeed played an awful trick on you! This is the worst betrayal imaginable, and to think, it was all to shame you once you had a child. I've some experience with Merlin myself, he is indeed a crafty fellow, and deserves punishment indeed!

You may have been bested this one time by Merlin and Uther, but you are a woman of some power and resourceful. Perhaps you can use your resources to prevent this from happening again.

Also, I do know much about the future - you should know that your son, regardless of his less-than-honorable conception, turns out to be a legend, whose name will last long beyond his years. Let that be of some solace to you.


Sir Boss

Sir Gawain
10/25/2013 6:47pm


I know that this may seem awful right now but the birth of this child will change history. Great things will be made of the awful things that have happened to you. The power that Merlin has is not always invested in the best. He does wrong then he takes leave to the next places. Though things may be hard now just wait for what your child becomes. Your revenge will be sweet.


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