Oh, woe is me!  My beloved brother Aurelius has been poisoned!  If only I could find that treacherous traitor by whose hand he has passed away.  The cruelest of punishments would not be harsh enough to pay vengeance for this act.  I can at least rest assured that I helped fulfill my brother's wish of bringing Stonehenge from Ireland to Amresbury.  Such an honorable site is now not only a dedication to those slain by the Saxons, but will now also be the burial site of Aurelius.  I must remember not to keep my spirits in sadness - it is not what my brother would have wanted.  Besides, it is difficult to be consumed by sorrow after learning from the great Merlin a newfound prophecy.  The Comet that had shocked and brought to awe the people of this land was no ordinary star.  It was a crystal ball into which Merlin saw that I would be the next king.  He implored me to carry on.  I must fight my enemy, he said, and I will emerge victorious as the king of Britain.  It is a bittersweet prediction, that can not be denied.  As strongly as I desire to sit upon the throne, I will miss dearly the presence of Aurelius.  His voice will never echo throughout this castle again.  Nevertheless, I will proudly wear the crown of Britain upon my head.  After I finish writing this, I will command my men to rest, and tomorrow morning we will attack our enemies with the valor and courage of not only myself, but of Aurelius as well.


09/18/2013 7:33pm

I (Lanval) have often times daydreamed on the origins of the heavens, an all told unknowing to my brethren of the Roundtable. They of course seem busier than I most of the time, and I wonder was in the stars for them, to extract their distiction from the leadership of Arthur. Or rather, as I've been made aware from the ransoms of our King Arthur's parentage; moreover,with the frankness and respect of his innate rights. At Guinevere's party this afternoon, I suspect we'll see, if true chivalry wins out. It will be a boon of other chance to parade; my generous giving's in the hands of the other attending knights. You know the binder test on nobleness is distant from the Knights party faces, but our King Arthur takes the reigns in that wagon. I often sympathize with my own generous reciepts, and reflect to my past comfort and that of my glorious king.

Sir Robin
09/19/2013 5:22pm

Uther, my lord, does thou really think that it is best to keep fighting? Although I do not doubt Merlin's wisdom and prophecies, perhaps it would be best to not listen to him this time. Engaging in battle will cause nothing but turmoil and lead more casualties. I myself will participate in no such fight. Not because I am a coward; I am the brave Sir Robin! But rather because causing more deaths would be senseless. I do hope thou heeds my warning and takes my advice. I am full of sorrow over your brothers death, it is a terrible loss that will be hard to overcome. Whoever committed such a terrible Crime must be brought to justice, but perhaps there is another solution besides war. A more peaceful and safer alternative.
Sir Robin

Isolde (Thomas of Britian's Tristan)
09/20/2013 8:07am

Sir Uther,
To whom had poisoned your brother? I myself find great shock and sorrows to the hearin of this news. I stand by thou to support and fight for what these monsters have done. Thou must take down the person who has done such a hateful of a crime. I stand by your side and will fight the end. Sir Uther, my sorrows and condolences go out to you sir, to be heard and soon new king of Britain

Queen Guinivere
09/20/2013 8:38am

What trageties these are that came before my time! Yet I cannot look on the past with too much grief for they have led us to such prosperous times under my husband, and your son, King Arthur. Do not grieve Uther! The future is bright, though you walk through dark times. I too have my share of sadness and heartache, but we must perform our duty and trust that it is for the best.
- Guinivere

09/20/2013 1:37pm

Though I was not there to help you my great uncle. I promise that your son Arthur will be we protected. Those who committed the treachery of poisoning Aurelius will meet vengeances. As a knight of the round table I will continue the fight for our family if anything is to happen to you. I to will fight with valor and courage.

Hank Morgan (Sir Boss)
09/20/2013 2:25pm

Well, good sir Uther, I may be from 1300 years in the future, but even I know that the wizard Merlin is a fraud! I would be careful trusting him. He tried to burn me at the stake, and for no good reason at all! Gee, I really am sorry to hear about your brother. He sounds like an interesting guy. Merlin, though — even if you want to be king, pal, I wouldn't trust him farther than I could throw him. (And I'm not a very strong gent, so throwing him probably wouldn't work out so well for either person). Well, as you said, you're off to attack your enemies in the morning. Do you need any swords sharpened? How about knives? Come on by my blacksmith's shop and we'll work out an arrangement. No? Well, in that case, the best of luck to you all, and as they "sayeth" here, "charge!"

09/20/2013 2:27pm

What a queer thing, to be transported to my father's mind on the eve of battle, just as I am to engage the Saxons on the morrow. Both my father and I face invaders who mean to take the kingdom, though while he desires vengeance for my lost uncle, I yearn only to defend my people. It is said that Merlin foretold of three kings (though no man alive is said to have heard it from him in truth), that these kings shall conquer the usurper Vortigern, his heirs (a task my kingly father fulfilled with the killing of Paschent in the battle that succeeded this his writing), and finally destroy all kinsmen of Vortigern, These writings tell of a Comet, which Merlin interpreted to prophesy my birth, and that of my sister. Perhaps the killing of Paschent, and my sister's birth in concert with my own mean that Merlin is a true prophet. For the sake of my kingdom and my people, hope fills my heart that this be true, for if so, I may be the king to vanquish the treacherous brothers and sisters of Vortigern. My father succeeded in vengeance against the Irish and Paschent for the evil deed that took the noble Aurelius Ambrosius that day in battle; now I hope that I too shall fulfill Meerlin's prophecy and free my people from the scourge of the Saxons.

Suite Du Merlin
09/20/2013 3:54pm

Uther! It is a terrible thing to have lost one of your own. This saddens me so. But, sorrow will come and go. It is with great desire that God keep you living and breathing. Your blood still flows in your veins, and your heart pumps as mightily as a hammer onto iron. The sweat from your brow shall fall forth down onto your neck and strengthen every aspect of your warrior mentality. You shall fight and rise, and fight and rise; with each conquest higher and higher, until your own day of death comes. Your son shall bear the crown you have left him, and he too, will be a great conqueror and man of God.

Oh how my belly flutters with such delicious thoughts. You, the true king, will bring about peace to many and all who are godly men. I have foreseen such things, because I am the wise and powerful Merlin; Master of the air, sea, and sand. Discoverer of the dragons under pools of black water. The creator of magic things, and the seer into the dark and light of man. A womans's heart could not burn as strong as the magic I have performed to prophesize these great events.
Go Uther! And Defend your brothers' honor!

09/23/2013 4:29pm

Uther, you are the true king in my heart even though we will lose one of you own. Don't feel depress, nobody escapes from death, you need to carry out what started and go fight your enemy. You will be the leader of Britain. You will win the engagement of tomorrow and become the king of Britain. The sign of dragon refers that you are brave, smart, integrity and lucky. God will bless you forever.


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