Lords and Ladies of the Court,

I see that my love of Lancelot has been made known and ye seek to judge me. Ye say "Guinevere, she hath loved too much, and her marriage vows are naught!" or "Guinevere, she hath loved too little and gives Lancelot less than he deserves!" Give ye no thought as to what is in my heart and mind? Nay, I am only a woman. And yet, I am Arthur's Queen and if ever there was a woman to hear, it is I! So hear me now. For those who say I am a vow-breaker, what claim has Arthur on me? King Arthur, who would sacrifice his own wife to keep Sir Kay in his court! Noble King Arthur, who could not be bothered to rescue his queen when she is taken! I ask ye, Lords and Ladies, what is there in such a man to love, and does he truly deserve to lay claim upon me?
And to those who say that I love Lancelot too little: Ye say that he hath ridden in a cart for me and endured all manner of shame and hardship that we might be united, yet I have sacrificed nothing and let reason rule me. Oh ye fools! Can ye not see that, were I to show Lancelot the full measure of love I feel for him publicly, our love would be short-lived and end in tragedy? Lancelot can do whatever he likes, say it is for love of the Queen, and none would suspect that it is out of love for Guinevere;  would my husband honestly believe that my attentions are for 'love of the Knight?' No, all would be for Lancelot and all would immediately perceive it. Lancelot and I would find ourselves in mortal peril for my husband is, even with all his shortcomings, a great warrior and a man of greater power. And so I let Reason rule my public actions, that Love might continue to rule my private meetings. Can it truly be called an act of Reason? Nay, my heart tells me that it is an act of Love.

My heart is laid bare for all to see, though it belongs only to Lancelot. Judge me as you will. 

- Queen Guinevere

09/26/2013 7:27pm

While discerning his absence, and after the successful return/rescue of Guinevere, my respect for Lancelot has been refreshed, and mine eye detects a bargain. I believe the bargain of stuff better kept secret, and nothing to become overly enlivened around. Meanwhile, knowing the duties of knighthood beside more distant obligations as a father to his son; Lancelot’s onuses to (pure knight) Galahad, we onlookers anticipate a time to remember. Soon enough there will be gaiety and partying. Also, from one knight to another, enough gallantry can devastate those fatigued and least ready; especially, those caught unaware in poised celebration, where love and generosity overflow. The rigidities of countless battles has made Lancelot the very classic of King Arthur, and his model of chivalry, and beside my own less voluminous battle record; except maybe the psychological theatre of it, has steered me to unfriendly airstreams that forecast trouble. I’ve often had these queer feelings of intuition; I have also kept them secret because I have never been schooled about the skills of knowing the future. This reminds me of my secret pact, between a lovely lady and me, that must not be detected or disclosed or its mine stem (neck).

09/27/2013 3:19am

You do love him to little Guinevere for he would love you in spite of you being married to the most powerful King Arthur. I went on this quest for the Queen because of my duty to the King. While Lancelot went on the this quest for the love of a women. He was tested in many ways before he reached you. He was more loyal to you than Arthur has been. Your heart can not only belong to Lancelot as long as your sleeping next to the King.

09/27/2013 6:53am

To be a woman in the royal court is a daunting task, naturally we are lead by desires of our heart, but like you Guinevere I have learned much wisdom and reason is required in all matters. Your duties and image as Queen must be tended to and guarded at all cost, I have no doubt of your loyalty to the King. Although, your heart is for Lancelot. I know how tricky men can be, so it is your best interest to play the game, and play it to win. The heart is deceitful, but guard it all cost for it is a wellspring of life.

09/27/2013 7:29am

As your rightful husband I find much conflict within myself. Sir Kay is a valiant knight and a defender of the realm, would it not have been selfish of me to do nothing to keep him in my court? Does he not protect the people I am sworn to defend? And yet I fear you are right dear Guinevere, for a ruler must set an example for his subjects and a good king and husband has duties to his wife as well as his people. If the realm were to follow my lead in this matter, all would be chaos.
And yet, even as I released you from your marital bonds and therefore you cannot be held accountable for this tryst with my knight Lancelot, I find pain in my heart at this revelation. Perhaps neither you nor Lancelot can be blamed, for Love ruled in you both, though Reason restrained you, Guinevere. As much this anger and pain torments me, I cannot help but I feel I am perhaps disgraced more so than you and Lancelot, for my ill-advised actions, which did not serve you as they should, have in part caused this turn of events.

Hank Morgan (Sir Boss)
09/27/2013 7:43am

Well, Guinevere, I must say, you're in quite a pickle! What's a pickle? Well, it's when you take a cucum- you know what? Never mind. It just means you are in a difficult situation. But you know that already.
May I suggest making a decision about whether you are staying with Arthur or Lancelot? You are after all, ruled by reason. Lancelot appears to not know any better these days - he is entirely driven by his feelings for you. While I admire your self-restraint when it comes to seeing Lancelot in public, I again suggest that you find out a way to make this work. . .

09/27/2013 7:47am

Guinevere, the situation that the conflict of Love and Reason has left you in is not one to be taken lightly. It is not easy being a lady enamored in our time. But then again, when is it ever easy being a lady in love? You must fight the attempts that Love will take to usurp reason in your mind's throne. It is a challenge for most women not to be led completely by Love. You are not most women, however! You are the blessed of wife of our beloved King Arthur - you are a queen, yourself. Your actions are magnified tenfold, and what you do is of utmost significance. Do you want the ladies of the land to see the queen committing acts of adultery? Do you want the ladies of the land to leave their husbands, causing havoc and despair? No matter how difficult it may be, you must let Reason guide your decisions for both the good of your marriage and the good of the kingdom.

09/27/2013 8:04am

As a lady myself Guinevere, I see your struggles through this time. I have not see ye give thou Lancelot less love then he deserves. Ye hath loved him with everything you have and no need to show no more. Thou I treat Tristan with what you have shown me. Much courage and respect. Lancelot has much courage as all even the great King Arthur

Sir Bedivere
09/27/2013 8:36am

My dear Guinevere,
I do believe this is a conundrum you have found yourself to be in. Although I see the quandry with letting the world know how you feel about one Lancelot, the heart wants what the heart wants. I have no qualms with Lancelot breaking down the door and slaying Arhtur for your heart, as i have done so myself before. I do believe Arthur will defend his reputation against Lancelot, a fool, but that should not seperate your decision towards this unfortunate problem. Go forth, and speak your heart towards Lancelot
-Sir Bedivere (as written by Mallory)

Suite Du Merlin
09/27/2013 1:00pm

Oh, sweet Guinevere, your admittance to love is both endearing and enchanting, yet you have been blind to understand what sort of repercussions this confession will take on both you and the realm.

Arthur is my King, and I am his advisor. Will the worlds greatest magician turn a blind eye to the fact that this betrayal might effect the realm? If what you say is the truth, then our finest knight might be doomed to imprisonment or even death. Despite Lancelots' bravery, he will be taken accountable for his actions. All that he has done was meant to be for the sake of Arthur and the realm, and yet what you profess makes things much more mystified. Oh, just the thought makes me feel intoxicated.
You must confess that you were blinded with love. Love is your only ally in this. If you confess reason, then you may be held accountable and bring Lancelot more pain than he deserves. Give Lancelot your heart if you would, but make sure that you profess to the King that it was you who blinded Lancelot, and not the other way around.


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