To my fellow members of the court: 

My beloved Tristan is no longer with us.  Tristan has died before me, and I can not hold myself together.  Tristan died for our precious love that we forever have held onto, and will continue to be together in the end.  I'd like to address the roundtable that my grief is to strong to withstand.  Tristan could not bare without the love of us together that he found another Ysolt.  But only it was the Ysolt of White Hands.  They did not share the love we had, the beauty   If i could only have been the one who had shared our love together.  As the queen, what shall I do?  How should I bear to live life without the knight I am supposed to be with?

I had left him alone all too long for which case I was not able to save him.  It's all my fault!  I could have been the one to save him and we could have lived a happy life together.  I must lay down with my beloved Tristan for good.  I can not leave him alone any longer.  It is all I know what to do now.


10/17/2013 9:08pm

It is a great tragedy that Tristan has passed. He was a brave and respectable knight, and the fellow knights of his court shall miss him dearly. You must remember, however, that life goes on. As a woman of royal blood, it is your duty to watch over the people of your kingdom. They depend on you and you must serve them through both good times and bad. Do not blame yourself for Tristan's passing. You will find greater things in the future, as a ruler of our great land.

Sir Gawain
10/18/2013 1:14am


It was not your fault that Tristan has fallen. He died as any knight should and that is in battle. You should not bare the thought of what could have been but how the present will be better. Tristan would have wanted you to be happy and live a full life as the queen. King Mark will never understand the love you had but you can always have it in your heart and mind. Be strong my lady.

10/18/2013 2:19am

To the Ladies and the Roundtable knights:
The news of Tristan’s death sourly grieved me, and my fairy love felt the same pain too. Also, I hope his children find a life, one that treats them good because love comes once, and I’m greatly satisfied that my fairy love had found and rescued me. Until the next, Feast of Whitsun may you knights and ladies stay in good health, and good fortune.

Sir Robin
10/18/2013 4:56am

My dear Isolde,

I offer you my sincerest condolences. The loss of Tristran is a tragedy and I can only imagine how you are feeling. Losing ones loved one takes a toll of both heart and soul and it is clear that you are overwhelmed with grief over your beloved. By dying for love your dear Tristran surely showed how much he loved you. His final moments should serve as a reminder to you as how devoted and love stricken he was.
But you must go own my dear! Do not let his death lead to your own. Surely Tristran would not want to die as well. Live on in his memory and keep his spirit alive. Although one can never truly recover from the passing of a loved one, you should at least attempt it. Tristran and your companions know how much you admired him and your death will serve no purpose. Please reconsider your decision, it would be a tragedy to see a lovely woman like yourself die in such a Tetris way.

Sincerely yours,
Sir Robin

Suite du Merlin
10/18/2013 7:02am

I see a great darkness in the shape of a lady. That darkness moves closer and closer to you. There it is! I high black sail on the noon of the day. White light and gusts of wind move through the streets of the kingdom. A smell of charred wood and oiled arms. A carpenter clips on his floor and cracks his head. A lady drops a bushel of apples and grapes. The contents spill out across the street like the marbles that children play with. Testing fate with chance.

These visions I have seen, and my power is stronger than it has ever been. That is all I have to say.


Sir Bedivere
10/18/2013 8:10am

The heart wants what the heart wants. If it is in your belief that you cannot go on with life anymore, than why bother? It is obvious to us that Tristan was your soul-mate and companion in life. I am so sorry he has been taken from you. Although i would recommend knocking down a few doors myself and taking another husband forcefully...well thats what i would do. But youre a much more noble person than i, i fear for your happiness. Do what you believe will make you happy Isolde.

Hank Morgan (Sir Boss)
10/18/2013 8:30am


I was quite saddened to hear of Tristan's passing. A brave knight, for sure, and one who would risk anything for the lady he loved. But he's gone now, and you may want to die to be near him, but that will happen sooner or later (most likely sooner, based on what I learned in school about life expectancy during this time period) - and so may I make a suggestion? Do not spend the remainder of your days despairing, but instead focus on helping to prevent this same situation from happening to others. I know how upset I would be if I would lose my love, Sandy. Perhaps you, as a lady of power and means, could save others!

My condolences for your loss, Isolde.

King Arthur
10/18/2013 8:59am

Hearing this tale of you and your lover Tristan, I am reminded of a similar tryst between my knight Lancelot and Queen Guinevere. It would that in both cases the King had acted dishonorably towards his wife, perhaps driving her to this act. For my part, I do not believe I acted so harshly and out of proportion as did King Mark. In any case, I must comment that I do not understand the continuing love between you and Tristan after the potion released its hold on you. Sir Lancelot went through grave trial and tribulation to prove himself to my Queen and preserve her as well, while Tristan never proved himself as such. Alas, love is such a cruel pestilence at times, for it gives its victims over to madness and steals all notion of honor from them. I do not understand you actions, but even so I can understand the feelings you have for Tristan, as they so mirror mine own for the Lady Guinevere. In light of this, I must express my sincerest condolences for your loss of Tristan your love.


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