With that last yell, my voice has cracked. No longer can I speak, and even if I did speak, there would be only two corpses to speak with. Two corpses that laugh in my face. They taunt me, mock me, make a fool out of me. Nothing grows in this tomb except for my own anger. Not for her, though. I find anger in my own lack of wisdom. How was I unable to see this trickery? Of course, I would not have. I should have seen the error of my ways. Should have known that I was far too old a man to be chasing after a young beauty like Viviane. She went along with my passions, though, because she was young and did not know what else to do. She could have said, "No! Merlin. No more! I will not have you at me like a sword impaled to a knights shield!"

I no longer think about the hours that pass in a day. If you would have me claw at the lid that covers me, you're in no such luck. I will no pound, nor will I try to kick. If anyone hears me, it will only be myself. For, there is no one who could lift this boulder off of me if they wanted to. Only she can do it. Viviane is the only one. And, I still believe that she will return to me, once she is wiser and older.
But no. I cannot believe that.
I've been in here so long that even my own tricks will not work against me. Thoughts leave the mind and bounce off of the walls, only to strike me where I lie.

The two lovers have spoken to me since. I've heard their whispers. I sometimes feel their cold breathe against my neck. If I open my eyes into the darkness, I see the whites of their eyes like four tiny crystal balls. Only the whites. There is no color or hue left in the dead. They stare back at me as blank as a parchment without ink. God has not placed His good will unto me. Satan must be laughing in hell. But, I cannot know. One of the two lovers has grabbed me since, forgetting that I was there. They were not so happy to find that someone was intruding on their love. Now they bite at my fingertips every chance they get.
"Stop! Stop!" I try to speak, but no words come out.
 It is as if my mind is locked within itself. I've forgotten colors and memories, never mind cast a spell. I've forgotten my King, and his court. All that remains is the face of my love. Vivi. She still holds a place near to me. I can still hear her voice and smell the lake on her clothes. Ah, what a beautiful lake we had together. Such a magnificent sight. That place was an oasis. I can never forget it. And all over again, these images of Vivianne come back. And all over again I am tormented.

There's not much more of me left. All words have been lost. There is no reason to anything anymore. Just Vivianne. Just her.


Sir Robin
10/24/2013 8:43pm

Oh Merlin...

I am deeply saddened to hear of your demise. You were such a strong and wise man, how awful it is that you must suffer in such a way! To be trapped in a tomb for eternity with nothing to think of but your love is a fate I surely could not bear. I am hopeful that Viviane will come to her sense and free you from this everlasting prison. A man who lusts for a beautiful woman surely does not deserve such a cruel fate.
I admire the fact that you are angry at yourself for lack of wisdom and not at Viviane. Usually a common man would be the complete opposite. Rather than blaming themselves, they would most definitely cast the blame upon the betrayer. And yet, your love for this woman surpasses the hate you should feel towards her. You are truly a remarkable man you deserves her love back, rather than this punishment.
Perhaps you were indeed a full for lusting after such a young woman, but as you said the mere order from her lips and you would have stopped. But rather she led you along as a puppet, just to cut your strings. But alas, you still find immense love towards her in your heart and I truly admire you for that. To be able to stay so strong inside the tomb and remain same is something I could never do, I admire your courage and determination greatly.
On Merlin, I do hope everything works out in the end. I will pray that your dear Viviane will one day come to you and free you from your imprisonment. But only time will tell.

Good luck,
Sir Robin

10/24/2013 10:18pm

Ladies and gentlemen of the Court,

Say it was Merlin that got tricked, and in the wealth of that occasion, Arthur fully regained himself; furthermore, to battle for what, and who is right. When the Lady of the Lake had come to his rescue, her presence restored in him his ranking; likewise, to #1, and to supreme King. In proportion to Merlin’s grief Arthur’s magical powers were unleashed on his foe; and from Vivian’s visit he replenished his power. All was copasetic in the kingdom, except for that (my) delinquent thought that Merlin had set–up his own death. The sorcery involved could have been perplexing to an ordinary plebe, but to a knight and his fairy guide; nothing could seem outside of that truth. I have taken the liberty of those errant thoughts to a pinnacle of contemplation, and feel faint in thinking either way about the suite du Merlin.

10/24/2013 10:20pm


It saddens me deeply to see such a dear friend in such a wretched state. Every time you leave my kingdom, a part of me worries it is the last time I will have laid my eyes upon. It tears me apart inside to know that my fear has come true. Merlin, you were a noble, honorable man, without whom I would not be where I am today. I would not have a crown upon my head, I would not rule upon these lands, and I would not even have my family Ygerne. You proved your integrity by fighting the daemon inside you and following path of the Lord, our Savior. Your name will forever be remembered. Rest in peace.

- Uther

King Arthur
10/25/2013 7:37am

It saddens me to have read this final account of my dear friend and trusted adviser Merlin. After all you have given to my family and my kingdom in generations past, it does not seem right that you should suffer such an end. Indeed it is even a punishment mercifully accompanied by an end, for you shall be entombed there for all eternity. This is not what such a faithful servant has reaped Merlin, and I can only hope that God, who gave you the power to see things yet to come and freedom to choose your path will look down on you now in your own personal Hell, and see fit to send His son to redeem you and grant you passage into Heaven if you will not be permitted to return to my court. It is with a heavy heart then that I wish you good luck and farewell, my dear friend.

Hank Morgan (Sir Boss)
10/25/2013 8:26am

Well, Merlin - you've never been particularly nice to me, so I can't say that I'm very upset to see that you are in a tough spot. You did try to have me burned at the stake. Now that's not very nice, is it?

Although, despite all you've done to me, I must say, this is an exceptionally sad story. I cannot imagine how I would react if my love, Sandy, tried to trap me for all eternity... Perhaps Viviane will be able to find it in her heart to be with you - I think I would be ok with that, so long as you stayed far away from me!

Well, there's not much more I can do here - but best of luck to you, mate!

Sir Gawain
10/25/2013 6:24pm


I am truly sorry about the way you have ended up. Love is a strange feeling. It has clouded your mind just like it has many normal men. Even a mind as powerful as yours was foggy in the sight of Viviane. She tricked you and sent you to your own mental grave. To be honest my friend this is your fault. She new what your plan was and you were so consumed by your own desires you could not escape. She took you for all you had and left you to think about it for the rest of your life. Sorry old friend.


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