Woe is me fair knights of the round table, a great challenge has befallen me.  In his time of passing, the great and noble King Arthur, slain by Mordrid, bestow unto me the task, or i should say Curse of disposing of his mighty sword, Excalibur. He cried out to me, "I order you to throw my sword into the water and then come back and tell me what you saw there."  I am on my way right now to this body of water nearby the battlefield, i wonder out loud to myself....what a waste this would be.  Here in my possession is the mightiest of all swords, it could be used for such power, wielded by the best knights in the world, and i am supposed to just cast it out into the lake and never see it again?  What kind of a man would waste such a gift from the heavens?  A fool, thats who.  But alas, it is Arthurs command to do this task, and his words carry such power.  I ask you, friends of mine, knights of the round tables and wise folk, what would you have me do with such a power, this sword that shines so bright in the night.  Cast it into the waters, never to be seen again?  Or keep it by my side, and find a rightful owner, whether that be me, or another knight worthy of Excalibur. 

11/21/2013 6:01pm

To the Knights and Ladies;

It has been a distinguishingly powerful reign, and Arthur has been my mentor since the day he yanked (Excaliber) the sword from the stone. I don't know who will be able to fill his kingly vacancy; moreover, so much of mine own knightly conduct and courtly love has been connected with his leadership. King Arthur had given me less than some of the other knights throughout his reign; especially, materially an in that sense an intrinsic strength and knowledge developed to keep the faith. Later, an in the world of spirits we will hopefully meet to make what went wrong right, and forever.

11/21/2013 10:33pm

Dear Knight,

Your reluctance to follow your King's command shows a lack of faith, don't you think? I call you Knight with reservation, since your loyalty may lie in deviant places. One must not keep their mind closed to seemingly strange actions such as this, since one never knows when magic could arise in this world as ours. I learned that lesson when I saw the great red and black dragons buried deep underground spring to life in an explosion of flames. Once a man sees that, he can believe anything! Respect your dying king's wishes and throw the sword in the lake as you have been told. It is time for it to switch hands and claim a new owner.

-- Uther

Sir Robin
11/22/2013 4:10am


How could you even consider going against King Arthur's command?! It is his dying wish, and yet you consider defying him. Shame on you. You must cast it into the waters so you do not face any repercussions. Arthur would not have ordered you to thrown it in the water if nothing were to come of it. He must have some plan and you cannot doubt him. Put your greed aside and do as your told my good sir. Do you really want your last interaction with our dear King to be going against him? I strongly doubt that a knight such as you would be deserving of Excalibur given your current troubles. Do as your told and throw Excalibur into the water and watch what happens. I guarantee Arthur has a plan. If you do not listen to him you will surely face some sort of punishment. So I beg of thee, follow Arthur's command.
Make sure to tell us which path you chose, but for your sake I pray you chose wisely.

-Sir Robin

Suite Du Merlin
11/22/2013 7:43am

Is this Bedivere I hear speaking? If this is, then woe to you O foolish knight. You would keep Arthurs' sword for what? Pride? Glory?
Do not speak such foolishness again. Listen to your King, because while he still breathes, he is still "your" King. To not do his bidding is a mark of herecy. You would follow in the footsteps of Modred, the foe who has slain your brothers, and put you knights through this trouble of war and violence in the realm.
Be a simple knight and do as Arthur commands. Whatever the fate of Excalibur shoukd be will be decided not by you, but by God himself.

11/22/2013 7:44am


Have you no faith in your good king, my husband? Of all commands, should not his deathbed command be carried out? And do you not think that perhaps he knows more of his own sword than you? Sir knight, I am sure you have the best motives but a mere man cannot have the judgment required to find the next owner. Follow your King's command and trust to his wisdom even to the end.

11/22/2013 7:45am

Young Knight obedience is better than sacrifice and you must respect the wishes of your King. The idea of Destiny is a hard pill to swallow but fate comes for us all. I mourn the loss of my son, estranged from me,
I knew he would achieve greatness. Humble yourself Knight and honor the King, respect his wishes and continue his tradition of selfless bravery.

King Arthur
11/22/2013 8:19am

The only curse of the mission I entrusted to you, dear Bedivere, is the sword which I asked you to dispose. Excalibur is indeed a thing of great power, but I have realized that no man in the sight of God should wield it, for we are fallible mortals and so susceptible to the corruption of our souls offered us by this instrument. DO not give into to the sword's call Bedivere, it will lead you to ruin. Whats more, should Excalibur fall into less upright hands, the damage may be wrought through its' blade shall be devastating. For all the grace on God's green Earth, be faithful in your conduct and cast the sword away!

11/22/2013 8:30am

Dear Bedivere,

Although the sword might be so mighty that only one person can withstand, and to see it go must be a tragedy, but listen to your king. He had taken the sword from the stone and has given it the light everyone has awaited to see. Since the King is no longer with us, dispose of the sword in which he asked. If choosen not to cast away the sword, it might bring bad luck. King Arthur is a powerful man as we know and we must not betray him. Do the rightful thing and throw the sword as asked!

Hank Morgan (Sir Boss)
11/22/2013 8:42am

Good sir knight,

While I know you mean the best for Arthur's legacy and his sword Excalibur, you must realize that everything you do will be remembered long after your death and the end of this kingdom? Recall, I come from a different place, and where we come from, those who disobey their kings are frowned upon. I suggest you obey your king - and then tell me where you threw it, just in case we need to find it again someday.


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