Oh, woe is me!  My beloved brother Aurelius has been poisoned!  If only I could find that treacherous traitor by whose hand he has passed away.  The cruelest of punishments would not be harsh enough to pay vengeance for this act.  I can at least rest assured that I helped fulfill my brother's wish of bringing Stonehenge from Ireland to Amresbury.  Such an honorable site is now not only a dedication to those slain by the Saxons, but will now also be the burial site of Aurelius.  I must remember not to keep my spirits in sadness - it is not what my brother would have wanted.  Besides, it is difficult to be consumed by sorrow after learning from the great Merlin a newfound prophecy.  The Comet that had shocked and brought to awe the people of this land was no ordinary star.  It was a crystal ball into which Merlin saw that I would be the next king.  He implored me to carry on.  I must fight my enemy, he said, and I will emerge victorious as the king of Britain.  It is a bittersweet prediction, that can not be denied.  As strongly as I desire to sit upon the throne, I will miss dearly the presence of Aurelius.  His voice will never echo throughout this castle again.  Nevertheless, I will proudly wear the crown of Britain upon my head.  After I finish writing this, I will command my men to rest, and tomorrow morning we will attack our enemies with the valor and courage of not only myself, but of Aurelius as well.