This quest was like no other that I have ever taken. It was not a simple duel or a devastating battle but a play of deceit and mere sin over all. I was tricked by a women like most other Knights. My story didn't end in death as many do instead I must bear the quilt and sin of a man tricked by a women. This is not something easy to talk about for a Knight but how am I supposed to be an honorable Knight if I don't show honor in my death? 

    I know that my fellow Knights are trying to make me feel better about it by wearing the green it only reminds me of the cowardice way that I acted. The sympathy they are giving seems to make things worst. I should not be getting sympathy while so many fall to sin and never get up. Wha

10/31/2013 9:59pm

Dearest Gawain,

As a valiant knight who carries the blood of my family name, you have no reason to be ashamed of yourself. You were the only knight courageous enough to play the Green Knight's deceitful game when Arthur was chosen as his victim. You survived the mental anguish of awaiting your death. You also showed an impressive amount of chivalry when rejecting Lady Bertilak's advances. You are one of the round tables most valued knights, so do not be ashamed when they wear green. It is only meant to honor you.

- Uther

11/01/2013 1:36am

Once again My heart reaches out to Gawain, if you ladies and knights remember he was the only knight to help me through my pre-trial confinement, for proffering an attitude at Arthur's own Queennie ("G") uinevere. Gawain's present adventure seems to be an intelligent call to an age old ideal, that a person above all should remain conscious of his or her own mortality and weakness. Rather than gamble on unfurnished code; such as, that one the Green Knight follows and attends to appease in his present beheading affair.

Suite Du Merlin
11/01/2013 6:01am

To forever plunder into self doubt will give rise to a budding hatred. Your hatred, sir Gawain, seems to take an angle at women. How shameful that you would not appreciate the life you have been spared. How fortunate for you. Here I am, in a tomb, with nothing to do except twiddle my thumbs. You, on the other hand, have life, and movement.

This anger should pass, but if it doesn't, Gawain, be warned. To tread down the path of hatred will lead you nowhere but down vicious circles.

11/01/2013 6:03am

Sir Gawain, How can you torment yourself so? You who are worthy above all knights for praise, save maybe Lancelot, can hardly be expected to be perfect for what is man if not imperfect? And sir, your sin was so slight as to cause me to wonder if it can really be called a sin. Most men would have quickly succumbed to the temptation of such a woman as you met and you thought nothing of it! Who could fault you for trying to save your own life? You have learned a lesson about yourself and been humbled a bit, but that is all. To moan as you are is a waste of a great knight! Now pick yourself and strive to be better. That is all anyone in this mortal state can ever do.

11/01/2013 6:55am

Sir Gawain, honor and truth are very important traits, even more so for a knight! You have embodied many of the characteristics that I prayed my own son who hold high. I have always despised sorcery and tricks but in this case you were proven true. I do laugh, for I believed only men could be so cruel, but your honor has been preserved and now all wear the green sash in remembrance of you. Chivalry is not dead, many men would have been seduced and succumbed to rigorous testing you were subject to. I admire and admonish your ability to go above and beyond the call of duty and stand strong for your King and fellow knights of the round table. Stay Strong, Be Well and Remain Wonderful.

Sir Beidvedere
11/01/2013 8:26am

Sir Gawain,

This is an impossible task to ask of someone, even those who call themselves a knight. I would caution you to calculate your next move carefully, and if it were me...i would strike down this green knight. I like my head,though i am a proud knight reputation is only a name to me. You must figure out a way to keep your head, even if it means losing your reputation. Only a fool would go through with this, chop off this losers head a second time if you have to. Come meet me afterwards well go to the pub and pillage some villages too.

Hank Morgan (Sir Boss)
11/01/2013 8:43am

Well there, Sir Gawain-

This green knight is clever, and his trickery certainly rivals mine, but I am sure you were brave and valiant in all your endeavors. I've heard nothing but praise for you since arriving here in King Arthur's Court - clearly you did nothing wrong. It is Bertilak and his lady who tricked you and attempting to make you a dishonest and dishonorable knight. They have not succeeded. Look to your fellow knights - instead of treating you with scorn, they instead now wear a green sash. This is not to remind them of your cowardice, but merely to recall your tale. Perhaps they will instead take it upon themselves to use your sash as a reminder that even the most valiant can be tricked.


Sir Boss

King Arthur
11/01/2013 8:44am

Gawain my brave knight, your shame in this deceitful matter is entirely unwarranted. You have proved yourself worthy in every aspect and as my memories tell me you were the only man of my court with bravery sufficient to challenge the Green Knight. If shame should belong to any, it be him and those deceitful, jealous conspirators Bernilak and Morgan. Would I have my knights all fall to such trickery for honor's sake? Neigh, your cunning in this matter is as great as your skill at arms, as befits as a great a knight as you. When these others had conspired to strike fear into the heart of my dear Guinevere and trick my knights to their won doom, they have only brought shame upon themselves, while your actions proved your skill at arms and intelligence and honor instead.


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