I awoke, in my bed, in what I thought of as the time in which I was originally from. Well, I thought to myself, that was a strange dream… or was it a dream? Here I am, back in the time of my birth, having experienced something too vivid and…. too real to be a hallucination. Amazing. I appear to have just travelled through time and space, only to, upon my death in that “time,” have been transported back to my “present.” 

Can this be real? How can I even know? Perhaps this is just a dream. But no - I remember something that seemed like a grave wound and death coming upon me… and then just falling asleep, only to awaken back here, in what appears to be my bedroom in Connecticut.

As soon as I gathered my thoughts, I rushed to my bookshelf to see if there was any mention of the events that I had supposedly witnessed in my history books. Only a few brief mentions of me - but it appears that maybe my journey was no imaginative trip, but was actually “real.” How could this be? I must do some research now and determine the truth of this. Was all the progress I made real? Did that all happen? Was I really "Sir Boss" in the Arthurian court? If all else fails, I must travel to England and find out. Perhaps somewhere, in some castle or in some library, there are records or messages left to me. 


12/06/2013 4:03am

Lanval; Whow!
Can you believe it Ladies and Knights?
The appealing stature of Camelot and our Kingdom has been mine eye; what is more, has never been as alive, as today. Whilst I heard of “The Boss” and his corrective inventions, he had already maximized in a few shows of force his power. The blotting out of the sun, the fixing of the well, and the destruction of Merlin’s Fortress, are his deeds all too well (overly) ended, to think of him other than “the” spiritual son of the Roundtable, would be a closet eye to blasphemy in our convention of virtue. Pal ladies restated, to perceive the intuitive sagacity of his mission; a forewarning of leaner times, would be the shrewder summation of his quest to understand, and ours to adjust too. May his wealth of invention be ours as assets, and as knights and ladies to later reflect upon; moreover, as of forthcoming from thyne regaled eye.

Sir Robin
12/06/2013 4:12am

Sir Boss,

Surely the ordeal you've been through must have been real! Vivid memories such as that could not have been merely made up. The mention of your name in history should prove to you that you indeed were the great Sir Boss.
Good sir, what an adventure you have been through though. To travel so far back in time, just to be cast back into a civilization that you have become a stranger too? It is quite a cruel fate. Perhaps some spell was cast upon you that caused you to face such an unfair ordeal.
But you should be assured that all that happened was real. I vaguely remember hearing of you, the man who turned the sky dark! Yes yes I clearly recall this. Perhaps it was another Sir Boss, but I believe it must have been you since you can recall some memories.
Going back to England May be a good idea to help you understand whether or not all of this truly happened. Please let me know if I was mentioned anywhere throughout history. They didn't refer to me as a coward, did they...?

-Sir Robin

12/06/2013 7:37am

Ah Sir Boss what a magical journey here and back. Your belief that you were here seems accurate magic does exist and not all concepts are revealed to us immediately. You just be open the idea of this experience for I know it changed your outlook on life. You are responsible for you future but you must reconcile your past. Be well and stay true.

King Arthur
12/06/2013 8:20am

My dear friend Sir Boss, it saddens me lose your presence in my court. While your many queer ideas were most oft mere fancy, some such gave rise to change in the kingdom, most notably with regards to my bicycled knights. That your histories make no mention of you and your contributions is an injustice, and moreover it seeds a worry in my heart for if such outlandish ideas have not marked history, I fear that some unspeakable event will occur between my my time and yours, and that this tragedy, whatever form it should take, shall wipe out all knowledge and memory of your great feats and the strange inventions that have been such a boon to us. I fear that not only shall I be deprived henceforth of your company, but that knights shall not have the expedient travel of bicycles again until many centuries have passed. With all those words committed, I must lastly express my confusion in your final acts. Sir Boss, you bestowed onto me the knowledge of the commoners, of their struggles and triumphs, and urged be to act in accordance with their well being and treat them as equals, and yet some few months had passed before you were wiping out every man within range. What is the meaning of this violence? Had you another thought about my disposition to men? Shall I not see them as equal but as chattel, there to serve my whims? Your words were foreign to my custom and yet they seemed good, but your own deeds betray your inner thoughts. In my time a man's thoughts must match his deeds or he is corrupted by that evil trickster Satan. In light of all this I do not know what to make of your words - though they sound true and seed good things, they came from a man whose person is in question. I shall pray for your well being and redemption in your own time, for you were a true friend and a true man once, Sir Boss. -Arthur

12/06/2013 9:49am

Sir Boss,

You have done what men have dreamed of ever since the dawn of time. You should look back on your achievements with pride! Time travel was always the stuff of fiction, but you have been lucky enough to witness it for yourself. Your experiences in the court of King Arthur must have been more fantastical than any journey taken by any man before - besides who else can say they have travelled in time? Know that you have left your mark on history and will be forever remembered.


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