These writings sadden me. "Stories" they call them. Or called them rather, now that I am returned they call them "histories" instead. I've had but a moment's rest... and yet they - these tiny "Britons" - tell me that millenia have passed. What's more, they tell me I am to save them.... They certainly look fragile enough - the tallest of them stands as my equal only when I am sitting - yet who am I to save them?
   The blade that ended me may well have been my own and not Mordred's. When I began my reign, I was a worthy servant to my people. I thought only of protecting the weak and defending the helpless. How did it come to this? The nervousness I felt at my responsibilities faded over the years, replaced hubris and blood lust. From the slight paid me by Rome, I crafted the idea of conquering it, all in service of my glory while my people suffered without the service I was obligated to provide. Thoughts of my people turned to thoughts of myself, and the thrill of battle and of taking a man's life - asserting ultimate power over my foes - drowned the humbler bearings and noble intentions that I had previously held. 
   Alas, these ponderings will not serve. As a king I failed, and I was justly punished for it. Now I must be a savior, and I fear my faults taking hold of me once more yet I must succeed! Perhaps God himself sent me here to redeem my people as well as myself. Yes. I can do this, these Britons are in dire need, and yet how to help? I shall have to think more on this matter later, my bite-sized companions wish to teach me more of their language. 
                                    -Arthur, king no more

Sir Robin
11/14/2013 5:27pm

Poor King Arthur,

Thou will always be a king to me. No wrong that you commit will ever make you any less of a king to me. You have done so much for your country and you must never forget that. You are the heroic King Arthur for heavens sake! A man who will surely still be talked about in as far of the future as the twenty first century, I can assure you that. You indeed protecting the weak and defended the helpless all that you could. I am quite sorry as well that it has come to this. To see you have such a blood lust and fight in such a gruesome battle was quite terrible, but it does not change who you are in my eyes. Nor does it make you any less of the King that we love and admire. Power does indeed change a person and lead us to do things that we regret. I am sorry that you became so consumed by power that your people suffered. It must have hurt you gravely to watch those you love meet such a fate due to you.But again, and overwhelming desire for power can truly consume a person and blind them and I believe that has happened to you.
Oh my dear King Arthur, I am so sorry to hear of your demise. But you must go out knowing that you are still a King in my eyes and your kingdom will always love and admire you. Your name and stories will surely remain throughout history.
Rest in peace my dear friend.

Sincerely Yours,
Sir Robin

11/14/2013 8:07pm

Knights and Ladies,

I'd like to take this moment to reflect on our empty throne, and the deserving knights of its illustrious fame; furthermore, who are, I'm sure in that same contemplation. Why!!! I scream has so much jealous hatred been bred within our ranks and file. Is it because of our open an honorable past, or rather our gallant heritage; moreover, that has usurped from within the soul and backbone of our leadership. Again Why!!! I scream, has our own knightly instincts been a power from behind, moreover, that sadly directs to an undeserved retribution.

It is too late to dwell on the effects of war, a leader must be chosen and it is sad that neither Kay nor Gawain will be of service in that next election. Also, the queen will have to be looked after, and condolences should be delivered in a generous way. It baffles me to take charge. Also, I'm so sorry it has been my mind to reflect on Arthur's Roundtable, I know amongst the other's a spirit of Arthur resides with honor to keep our faith.

Suite Du Merlin
11/15/2013 5:36am

There is a pain in my chest that has become so fierce. I do not know what to think of it. Perhaps the time has finally come for death, but here I lie, still breathing.

My mind is working in odd ways. The minds' behavior is erratic. There are costumed warriors, and a dragon, and a great wave of flames that surge over the hills and break down the homes of kinsmen.
Begone! Terrible voices! Arthur has been slain!
Woe to all of us.
And yet there is a prophecy of Arthurs return. Yet, we still wait. And shall continue to wait. Waiting, and waiting.
The stinging has subsided.
Oh, for Arthurs' sake! Will somebody open this forsaken tomb!

11/15/2013 6:46am

Wise King, self pity is no trait of such glorious and faithful King. I have much respect for your rule and I sure that your subjects and peers do as well. Many people have come before you and many will after you. Your example will be unmatched. While are you are known for your restraint and level head, your show of bravery and strength was just another side of you necessary of a King. You have not failed! Reflect on your reign and you will see your glory intact.

11/15/2013 6:52am


It pains me to see one of my own kinfolk in such low spirits. Although the throne itself is empty, you are still the king to me and all of the other people of your kingdom. Our loyalty to you, our brave and heroic king, is unwavering. However, I do have some advice for you, king to king. Power is the number one cause of both pride and downfall. Look at me - once I came to power I was poisoned by an underhanded doctor. You must be wary of those around you. Since you are a man of my bloodline, I know you have the strength and valor to return to your former glory. I wish you the best of luck.


Sir Biedvedere
11/15/2013 7:55am


What we do in life echoes in eternity. I do not fear death, nor do i fear what may become of my name in the afterlife. I do believe while i served on this earth i served a great and noble cause. What people think of me after i am nothing but dust does not concern me, but what i do to help the living does. Your people need you now more than ever, the britons are failing. Rise up from the ashes and seize control of this once great land so that we may form a new court. Stop at no costs to gain your honor and life back.

Hank Morgan (Sir Boss)
11/15/2013 8:41am

Good King Arthur,
It somewhat saddens me to learn of your passing - you were truly one of the only people here who treated me with respect.
Please, take a lesson from me, as I have been betrayed and people who I trusted have turned against me - be cautious of trusting others, in your court and your kinfolk. You are a king, and kings are never truly free of the threat of harm.
It am curious as to the manner by which you are able to communicate from beyond the grave. If you are able to send along instructions to add to my knowledge, please be gracious enough to do so!
-Sir Boss


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