I the Great Sir Robin of the Roundtable am here in order to explain why such events developed in the way that they did !! No one is as brave as I. Sir Robin is the greatest, the bravest. The Three headed Knight was a simple checkpoint in my quest. I was traveling North. As my Minstrel Sang I am not afraid, to be beaten to a pulp, not at all afraid to be killed in any way!! You see I am a brave man, and everyone knows that brave men are of little words!! I was ready for battle but the Three Headed Knight would only continue to talk and I did not have much time for chit chat in my quest! I would never Run from anyone !! I promise my quest must have continued and I never " Ran Away Away. " Once they knew I was from the Round Table they were extremely scared and used the bickering as an excuse in order to stall me. Just last week I cut the heads off a 4 Headed Knight because he called me a COWARD. Now why would I run away from a Three Headed Knight. I will back down from now man, No Knight compares to my bravery, as I assure you I am as brave as they come it is but a misunderstanding what had happened with this three headed knight. I have not lost a match, and I never will. Not even Arthur is as brave as I!! For Lancelot's bravery is no where near that of my own. Even the bravest have shown a coward act once in their life, as Lancelot got on the Cart, and shammed himself for the love of Guinevire, ended his bravery on the spot. Ah one more request upon my dear reader, see I strongly presume that Lancelot, and Arthur shall be offended by what I have written here, but i assure you it is but the truth, and my only request is that they do not see these allegations, uh because if you value their lives it is better they do not know. Please make sure they do not see this. Signing off this the Bravest of the Brave OH GREAT SI

12/15/2013 11:48am

Sir Robin,
The coward in you shined when you approached the three headed knight. You showed dishonor by running away from them and you show dishonor by denying the truth. A good knight must always tell the truth, even if it gets them into trouble. You are not telling the truth by saying that you were not a coward, because you were indeed the one running away from the three headed knight. Also, you were the one who was shamed enough to have an accident in your own pants, something a real, honorable knight would not do. Although I am not a knight who is honored very much anymore, I can tell you for sure, that you are not an honorable knight. Honorable knights do not run away when they become scared, they fight through. Something that you, Sir Robin, did not accomplish.

12/16/2013 11:58am

You must heed your pace, Sir Robin. There are some knights wandering among us that do not treat themselves to one moment of cowardice. That one moment - or in your case, many - may cost these noble men their lives. Even more frighteningly, they may cost the lives of those more innocent than they. Gorlois, the man who held my heart before the Pendragon that I allow to my affections begrudingly so, did not have an instant of cowardice in all his days. Had his life not been cut so short, I would have still stood beside him as the wife of a man whose nobility and bravery does not take breaks. Even in his death you, Sir Robin, could learn a thing or two from him.

- Ygrene

12/18/2013 12:42am

Do not shame yourself further good Sir Robin. Indeed, not all knights are perfect. I know that Lancelot and even I myself am subject to moments of cowardice and fear. We are human after all. But for all the fear that we knights might endure, we are still knights and men granted honor through the likes of the king himself. Conduct yourself, man, for you are a knight in the king's court. As such you should need no excuse for any amount of cowardice. Do not lie and shift blame. Face them as any honorable knight would and take responsibility for any consequences you have wrought upon yourself. I pray that you find it in yourself to cease with these petty excuses.

King Arthur
12/18/2013 5:37am

“It is the exuberant youth within you that shines so brightly, Sir Robin but ultimately, such a shine will stricken your soul. No knight has come close to aptness for such a goal is nothing more than an abstracted reverie, slumbering into a dreamy silence. All my men show ambition. All my men show courage. None hold restrained fury and jealousy. Their ire are shown heavily upon the battle field. Truth. Honor. Justice. Courage. These are the guidelines of God handed to us, Sir Robin or have you lost your ways? Do you wish to be King? Do you wish to usurp the throne from my hands? If you want to dance with the dragon, young Robin than surely, in the blaze of war, we shall meet. Like all who have seen before, they will see the coward which sleeps within your soul. Never speak of my Round Table to praise your good name within incoherent impressions. Do not bring a scorn so defiant that our own names can never be reclaimed. Forever weep in the shadowy vistas of Avalon with your own jaded ideas and quivering lips. The table shall deteriorate you.

12/18/2013 6:40am

Oh the nerve Sir Robin! You were chosen by the king because the others did not understand the importance of the holy grail. But you are a coward, well were. You know nothing of a perfect warrior it insulted to have mention your name on the round table. Your a sad pity fool your in denial. HA! You make me laugh thats how sad you are. There is no reason you would run away from a battle you being in your position fighting along side King Arthur should have give you the well power to fight for the quest of the holy grail and Breton. Ha Sir Robin what a fool!

12/18/2013 7:33am

Sir Robin,
I am regretful in inform \ing you that, in fact, you were being cowardly in your fleeing from the three headed knight. It is the truth. However, do not allow your fleeing from the knight taint your honor. It is clear that as a Knight of the Table Round, you are very valuable to this kingdom. To befall yourself for the sake of pride would be a foolish and reckless decision. Sure, your brutish friends may tease you, but I assure you Sir Robin, you are meant to serve Arthur with all of your chivalry, not die at the hands of a wretch like that.


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