“A King may have all the most luxuriant richness of the world, which draws the magnetic fascination of all his people but he is nothing without his men. His diction may be beyond magniloquent and a hundred men may stand behind his side but there will only be a few that he can ever trust by his stride. My gallant brother Kay… the mountain shadows that mingle with life, which lay like pools above the earth is the spear thrust strength of your prowess. The night may yawn with fouled winds but your phantom countenance ensures the safety of my knights. Gawain the strong. No axiom can be fluent in of your vigorous prominences that grazes through souls as suave as blades. Sir Lancelot, the knight who all evil are grim of, shuddering in mere fascination, you lay a hint of death in the ice breath of the gale. Virulent in skirmish, you stride beside me from the rescue of my wife when great pang gripped her heart from these castles. Your great soul can never be smitten nor scourged. And all my other men within the round table from Bedivere who held my shield the knight we fought that disgusting beast above the crags! And all men who serve my table, REMEMBER YOUR LEGACY! A King is nothing without his men as his men is nothing without their king! Legends will speak of our triumphs! They will speak of how my thrust smite the foul ghoul who ate the christened children and my queen’s cousin! They will speak of Kay’s death as nothing more than honorable beyond words”
 Arthur’s lips slowly started to spill the blood of the heaven’s holding his exposed wound.
“None will  forget the Roundtable. Our stories will be told. The search of the Holy Grail, The Green Knight, my dear nephew had once fought,  Percival's redemption, Tristian's and Isolde's love and even with your treachery Mordred, you can never kill an ideal. You can never kill a legend. Bastard son of my witty sister! This field may be stained of my blood but stories of my greatness will continue to spread along the shores. Gawain’s fall will be remembered more than your pitiful victory. Lancelot’s skirmish with Lucius shall also be reminisced. My fringe with duke Lovarraine, my siege at Metz shall also be remembered…but not this sin Modred! These final words I rebuke upon you in the name of God! I shall forever rest in the fourteen realms of Heaven while you dwell in the lakes of fire! My Kingdom will fall right here for now but Breton will rise again and conquer! I shall be the perpetual in Avalon as the blood of Hector bless these grounds while you remain temporal… They will only remember you...” whispered Arthur, drawing his final breath; as my sin…my men's soul will stand beside me in the grandest Heavens. They are always by my side.."


11/14/2013 9:24pm


You have stated some true and wise words. For it is true, a king is nothing without his men. I learned that the hard way, for I had betrayed my king and dishonored him and his Queen. No king can survive without the trust and help he has from his men. Loyalty is key, and honor is key. Both are necessary to have a good relationship with a king. But don’t forget King Arthur, the king helps the men become who they are. A good king helps shape a good knight, one who is honorable and loyal to his king and to his people. You were a great king, King Arthur. You were loyal and honorable, and most of all, fair. You honored your knights in the way they should be honored. You have fairly controlled your kingdom, and you die a great king. Your honorable acts shall never be forgotten, for everyone shall remember your legacy as well. All hail king Arthur.


11/15/2013 6:55am

While bodies may die, how they fall apart and dwindle and become one with the earth as our Lord decides to remove a soul from these mortal lands, names do not. Stories do not. The legend of a name cursed out in battle or the fallen words of a reputable warrior will wander these lands forever, passed down. As these good names are passed down, my forgotten son, they change. They reflect those who are still one with this world. Arthur, you are only as noble and as worthy of the heroic title as the mouths of people that speak highly of you. Not all these mouths relish in the taste of your name. There will be those on opposing forces, the mothers and children to those men you have destroyed, that relate your face to evil and darkness. Do not live solely to others, but do good unto the men that have shed their blood for you. I know my words may mean little to you, as you have lived all your days without a single glance my way, but that is out of our control. I just remind you as the victim of an honorable home, the silent accessory to an "honorable" husband, that you must continue treating those that pose to die for you with utmost respect. While I do not fear in your final moments you will concern yourself with what the world thinks of you, I hope that those who spite you and laugh at your grave will not hurt your pride. The Lord, after all, is the only force that deserves love and praise from everyone. While you have maimed for the good of your people, there are those you have still maimed. Disregard the deaths you have provoked for the deaths you have avoided. Most importantly, continue to take pride in yourself. You have come very far.

- Ygrene

11/16/2013 12:56pm

King Arthur,
Although I did not have the fortune of serving on your court, I have heard the tales of you and your men. I did not fight the perilous battles by your side, but your conquest has been magnificent. The battles paid in the blood of your men and your enemies will not be in vain. For it is true when you say that your kingdom will forever be written in the stones. It will forever be part of the legends we shall pass forward to our predecessors. The tales told here are superior to all other myths spoken by the people. For as much as I have loved Isolde, you will be forever the greatest King Breton has ever seen, and will sure resurrect to bring grace and power to the Kingdom.
God save the King!

11/29/2013 6:18am

My dear son, you have honored your calling from God. You have fulfilled your destiny in being the greatest ruler that England has seen, and I have fulfilled my duty as your father. I have shaped you as a knight and you have been able to follow in my footsteps as a great and popular leader. You have met your death all too early, as I had. The grief that our minions are experiencing is far too great to measure. Our blood line is pure and one to be envied. Arthur, you have led as a great and honorable example for knights far and wide. No man, woman, or child shall ever forget the name Arthur. My great son, I will see you soon.


Sir Robin
12/13/2013 8:47am

Oh Arthur. A man like you i can see and sense your braveness. The character that i am, im such a brave man and deaths even outrage me. But through your long journey, your many stories, and your royal hinus, I assure you that we are all griefing with you. A man like myself, tears fight to come out from my eyes, because my bravery does not allow them. My personel will have a song ready for you, a song that glorifies your greatness, your bravery, and allows the listener to understand that you and I are the bravest. We are the last ones standing because we cannot die, and we are not afraid too, I assure you Arthur, that things will get better, of men of brave hearts can recover fast. Death is afraid of us Arthur, My KING I admire you. Let's continue to be the bravest, let's continue making legacy in the roundtable.

12/13/2013 10:16am

The last words of a noble man. King I hear your words honoring the knights of our illustrious round-table, we will carry your name.The fiend Mordred was still no match for you, even with all his treachery your noble actions proved to be too much.The men that have been lost may be tragic, but they will live on in our spirits for their noble sacrifice. Although my time has come, I will carry the term knight into the afterlife.
Long Live King Arthur!!!

Sir Bedivere

12/18/2013 1:10am

Alas, my king, as great as you are, you have been subjected to such tragedy. Your kingdom was a wondrous dream that was shattered by treachery. Such as it is, I cannot forgive myself for being so weak as to fall in battle against the dishonorable knaves. If only I were stronger, perhaps things might have changed. But I thank you for your words, my king. It relieves my worries of my failure to uphold your honor and your kingdom. But you are right. We knights who followed you have done enough to ensure the legacy of the kingdom of Arthur will live on throughout the ages. Praise be to God and the king! I shall stand by Arthur's side even in the afterlife!

12/18/2013 2:52am

Even you last words shows how selfless you are. How your kingdom and your battles might more too you than your Queen. Loyalty is very important, I stand by you, which is something you should remember. I might have had my moments but I came back to your side! For you to just disregard those very hard decisions I had to make the kingdom stand is disrespect to me. Never the less, you are the greatest King these people will have ever seen, people will remember your legacy and your battles and how humble you are. Hail my King Arthur...

12/18/2013 7:40am

Thanks for the shootout bro….. Jesus H. Christ what am I? Chopped liver? Dude, I practically groomed you to be king. And what about the guidance over the years? Nada? Just saying. It was honorable of you to pay tribute to your knights. They were good men who served well. This loss on the battlefield will go down in infamy. It will forever be known as the Fall of Arthur, never remembered as the Rise of Mordred. Remember that. This will always be your kingdom. And despite the snub, you're still my friend.


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