Dear Knights,

I wish to address to you the events of yesterday.  If you are unfamiliar, a stranger came into our mist. He was, in all honest,
very handsome and quiet the adventurer. He came with a gift and a request for our dear king Arthur who would not begin eating without “interest news or a quest”. He asked that the king give a mantle of magnificent beauty and design.
He asked that our women be tested on the faithfulness of their virtue to their husbands. This type of behavior can not keep carrying on. I like the fact that our king so we can expose the unfaithfulness of our women. I would like to know, as a chivalrous knight, to know how the maiden I am courting is true in her word as her actions. Many knights often question the decisions our Arthur but I would like to use this as an example for those who feel that Arthur is just a child. The quests that we embark on might dangerous but it is for the good of the kingdom and its citizens. Had this handsome stranger not come with the mantle and Arthur whose curiosity is like a child, not met, you might court a woman who has lied and will not make the best wife. For if she lies about that, it opens up the question of what else has she been lying about. When even our queen wore
the mantle it shrunk and I would like to think that Arthur had a long talk with her last night. Before we had tried to protect our kingdom from those on the outside but now, we should exam those already within the kingdom. Not just our women, but men. Those knights who had pretend to be chivalrous. I will embark on a quest for a mantle for such a thing.

Sir Kay


10/10/2013 5:16pm

Sir Kay may seem to have my son's best interest in mind and for this, I truly bless his heart. Even so, I find the test in which I have read troublesome, and Guinevere's reaction to Sir Lanval a true astonishment. With a ruler in the command of such people, gripping such strength deep in his loins as one man, my Arthur is deserving of such a love whom remains confident in a man such as he. With such a shining man in possession of her very heart and his heart with her, should the words of one man, a stranger nonetheless, grant her such soreness? From what I understand, Lanval meant no harm in confessing how his eyes shine for his true love rather than fair Guinevere. It is the way my son's queen has reacted with rage, utter misery that she does not have the affections of all that see her, when Arthur's affections alone should surely be enough. The mantle would fit me proper and true, I confess, although this is not a test I would willfully choose to take.

- Ygrene

10/11/2013 7:32am

Oh how it excites me so when something alien enters the court and turns it on it's head. Not even Arthur was spared shame. This test was more than one of sexual purity. It goes to show how similar the appetites of man and woman are. Look around you are standing amongst your equals. Besides the one, and she may take solace in her attainment of this hollow title of most pure, for I fear there will come a time, either out of human nature or the pain of being alone in a court of sinners, when she will do something that will cause thhe mantle to no longer fit. Do not stress upon the faithfulness of your women good sirs, just be thankful a coat of armor capable of revealing your true chivalric nature didnt arrive.

11/22/2013 11:35am

Sir Kay,
Although this sorcerous mantle has proved its lengthy curse, I hate it! I curse that mantle for the magical powers it contains! May no woman have to ever endure such ridicule and shame! Allow her dishonesty and shame be punished in privacy and may her lord be the only one to acknowledge her mistakes. It was by magic that the women of the court were ridiculed, and by magic that I was cursed to fall in love with my sweet Isolde, and in the end lose her! All i want is my love to return to me but when she became free of the curse from the love potion we drank, her wish was to leave my side. There will be consequences with magic. If you go out on a quest to find a mantle to test the chivalry of a knight, I will make a quest to destroy it.


12/16/2013 12:01pm

The use of the mantle allows the dishonorable faults of people's actions to be concealed. This young stranger sheds light on deceit within our kingdom walls.Disloyalty has no place in the round table.This test will prove an interesting feat for the dishonorable.

Sir Robin
12/18/2013 10:19am

Sir Kay, I am unpleased to inform you that your anger comes withing your own beloved's unfaithfulness. You seem to be angered at the King when he is not at fault for your own problems, and your beloved having an affair. I am afraid that the King has problems of his own with Queen Guinivere, and I must say that you are being insensitive to the King, by attempting to call him a child when he clearly was attempting to find out what exactly is going in our Kingdom. I do on the other hand agree with you, and having to question our own Knights for not being chivalrous, and I do say that they are nothing but cowards for doing this to our fellow friends, of the Round Table. I am going to use my brave ways to destroy anyone who comes to light that has betrayed the Round Table, but the women are at fault too OFF WITH THEIR HEADS !!


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