Hark! I hear of the great King Arthur's campaign to battle Lucius. He has traveled such a great distance to do so, sacrificing so much, he should not meddle in other affairs. Seven winters I have now sustained myself of the bounty of the land. Now the king has come to slay me, why? I have done nothing wrong. I have taken a wife, same as he and his nobles. Do I not deserve the same happiness? They see wrong with my diet of the christened children, yet when calfs are slain, no one screams for murder! Now this "noble" king, who has refused to pay his binding tribute and disrespects the all of  the roman empire, has taken the warlords path to Lucius, conquering everything in his way. This tyrant has been the responsibility of countless deaths of the most virtuous knights, all merely defending their rightful court. How can the king claim he is better than I! Pit his sins against mine and his soul will surely be damned. You leave your kingdom and your queen in the hands of a under qualified scoundrel! You take leave and start a multitude of wars, endangering everyone for what purpose? Pride? You should not bear the crown with such recklessness for all of these these trespasses will haunt the remainder of his days. I hear over yonder a rustle, be it King Arthur? Time will tell, but be it I die here tonight, It shall be in great vein for it is merely one sinner taking yet another life of the innocent.
-Giant of Saint Michael's Mount

11/14/2013 4:32pm

Giant, you would do well not to insult our King. How can you so disrespect a man chosen by God to rule us all? Yes even the Giants! And to call yourself innocent!! Are you not a rapist? Did you not attack an innocent (though you use that word so loosely I dare not say it myself) young girl?! The King is only seeking to avenge, as is his right. As a woman I find the violence that you mean seek out to be despicable, and I am sorry if you feel that you are not deserving of your punishments. However, I support my King no matter what his quests bring, though hopefully he will not ruin us all.

11/14/2013 4:46pm

Giant, how dare you insult our king. You have committed unforgiveable acts.Tis indeed you are not innocent what's so ever. You attacked an innocent child. You stole her innocence. Our king is seeking justice and I will help him. I can see a battle coming in the future and you will go down. The king will rise but treatchery will happen to him as well. This battle will be a bittersweet moment but it will happen.

11/14/2013 5:37pm

Although I am a man of love, I am yet conflicted due to my loyalty to King Arthur. I can say that I sympathize why you would hold such anger towards King Arthur, especially if he is seizing your happiness. But, I do understand my duty as a member of Arthur's court to be trustworthy and faithful. However, dear Giant of Saint Michael's Mount, I must concur that you have committed a terrible crime, and I cannot take your side! How dare you set forth such pain to an innocent lady! At first I was conflicted, but now I am fully aware at the wretched evil you have done, and I will not stand to see you go free! Even though I know what it takes to be a man in love, I must commit dutifully to King Arthur and hope that one day he avenges the Duchess of Brittany! Be warned, but you will be faced with justice from the consequences of your action!

SIr Bedivere
11/14/2013 8:32pm

Oh, foolish giant. Know you not any better to speak ill words of such a great and powerful King? I am one of his most loyal men and I will not stand for your vile words to be spoken of him. You are an evil monster who will be corrected. Our mighty King Arthur will avenge your villainous crime and you will be punished! No young girl should be taken advantage in such a way. Now be gone you fool, and be careful of what you do.

11/15/2013 12:25am

King Arthur is the ruler and defender of Britain. As Lucius threatened his domain, Arthur led us to Rome to demonstrate what happens to those who seek to destroy Britain. And as the ruler and defender of all good people, the King had no choice but to slay a beast such as yourself. You assured your destruction with your villainous acts, for any good knight would gladly give his own life to end yours. Because of my good King's deeds, you will harm no more women or children. None shall threaten our kingdom without suffering the wrath of the King, and no giant shall carry away any women or children without reproach when a true knight is near.

11/15/2013 12:45am

Such brash words towards our beloved King Arthur, don't you think Giant? Do you not think that the actions that you have taken are not wrong and that you should pay for the unfathomable sins you have committed. Not only did you gain a wife by means of deflowering the poor innocence of a girl but to outwardly express such disdainful words towards our King, it only serves you right to get what you most rightfully deserve in the end my dear Giant. For I am put my faith in my King now and hope good intentions prevail.

11/15/2013 6:51am

I do not know how you lay down you head at night, without worry that the King and his men would not soon come to behead you for these terrible accusations and insults. I am not sorry to defend my lord the King Arthur, because he is noble and worthy indeed. While in the matter of life and death, I can feel slight compassion for you and comprehend your action of lying to save your soul, but I cannot empathize with your hatred for the King.


Sir Kay
11/15/2013 7:15am

You filthy giant, how dare you speak of our King's name? How dare you accuse him of all these things? How dare you call him a sinner? You must know that King Arthur is a man of God. He will always have God's blessing upon him where ever he goes. So the sins that you so disgustingly accuse him of is nothing but slander. With God at his back King Arthur does nothing but honorable deeds. Not the sins you wrongfully call them. Do not compare yourself to such an amazing man. He is a man that I serve. Sir Kay does not serve anyone that is less of honorable. Do not plead innocence like you deserve it, you who raped a maiden! Before God has to lay his holy hands upon you, King Arthur will take it upon him to punish you. Even in your death filthy Giant, known your place. Make it known that no one is of equal to King Arthur, not even I Sir Kay.

11/15/2013 7:53am

I must stop you in your tracks you down right disgusting, heinous giant! How dare you speak such words of the king we all wish to be like someday? How dare you ask what wrong you have done? Shame! You have taken advantage of an innocent girl, is that not wrong doing? You deserve and will suffer consequences! Be wise with your words and actions for you know not what our beloved king be capable of. I bare no respect for you and what you stand for, so may you fall!

11/15/2013 8:23am

You filthy fiend! Devouring numerous innocent lives from within your crag, you deserve to meet your doom! Feeding on human flesh is such a brutal affair, don't you see? The Devil shall take your soul for you have deprived christened children from their lives ahead. Your fate shall fall in the hands of our good King Arthur. An evil tyrant such as yourself deserves nothing but a place in Hell for oppressing our people and depriving them of children. Our brave King Arthur shall avenge the loss of these innocent lives, with God on his side. A sinner like you belongs in the dirt. By Christ's might, Evil shall not prevail.

Sir Galahad of the Round Table
11/15/2013 6:21pm

Uncouth fiend! You know nothing of justice, and even less of honor! An ignoble soul such as yours deserves no mercy, and it is that principle on which our liege began his journey. I will speak to you no longer, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

12/17/2013 10:48pm

The words you speak are truly disgusting. To imply that our King is as lowly and savage as you is great insult. Your crimes against the people of this land are so heinous that not even death will be a cruel enough punishment for you. No, you must be torn limb by limb and totured just as you tortured our people. But our King is not as savage as you. You will get the punishment you rightly deserve at the hands of our king and his noble court.


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