Dearest friends and uncouth fiends alike,

I write to you from the Gorge of Peril as I lay siege to the perilous terrain here. My good comrade Sir Robin is of no use down here as he has degenerated into a babbling fool. During the day he cowers in his tent while the harpies make their rounds, shrieking and squawking like banshees. By nightfall, the jabberwocky's bright star-like eyes torment him so much he can't seem to sleep a wink. I don't quite understand his pathetic cowering. If only he took a moment to converse with our gorge-mates he would realize that the harpies are only patrolling for forest fires and the jabberwocky is merely the game warden here, making sure we aren't hunting any of the rare nocturnal Assyrian swallows which populate the gorge.

If any of you would be so kind as to contact the fair maids of Castle Anthrax for me that'd be simply fantastic. Please write them and forward their response to me, I'm curious how they've been fairing after the unlawful lighting of their grail-signal. They must be worried sick about me, as I left them in quite a predicament. Please let them know that my quest for the Grail has come to an end I will return swiftly to them to complete the task they'd bestowed upon me. I cannot allow disorder and lawlessness to continue in such a fair fortress, especially amongst such fair subjects! I surely must've stumbled in the bridgekeepers interrogation because of my ungodly retreat from such injustice and I must return to them posthaste, to ensure that the law of the land and our Lord is upheld! This failure in the quest for the grail is a sure sign of my fault in their service, and I must make good on my word to them to maintain my good name and title!

This message should reach all of you in short time, provided the swallows I've sent are good on their word. They tell me it should only take them a few days at most to reach all of you at about 24 miles to the hour!

        Your friend,
            Sir Galahad the Pure

12/12/2013 9:40pm

Sir Galahad,

I am sorry to hear your search for the grail has so far been in vain. If there is a knight among us who is pure enough to receive the grail, it would be you. You seem to be having many curious adventures. I long to know more about the strange places and creatures you have seen. Castle Anthrax? Are there only maids living there, by themselves? I shall go seek it out to lend them my services. Fear not for their well-being, friend! And tell Robin to stop cowering, or I'll see that he is no longer welcome at court unless a Knight will take him on as a squire.

Sir Bedivere
12/13/2013 8:04am

Sir Galahad,
Had I been your companion I would have been very loyal to you in your search for the Holy Grail. Unlike Sir Brave Robin who hid inside of his tent and fled when he was going to be killed.

I will deliver the message to the fair maidens in the Castle Anthrax. It is a perilous feat, but for you my dear sir knight I will be sure to tend to them. I'm sure they are very terrified and lonely and as a knight of the round table and King Arthur's loyal baron I will be able to protect them.

Sir Bedivere

12/13/2013 12:03pm

Good Lord Sir Galahad! How uncouth a request, asking us noble servants of our King to send word to the Castle Anthrax! Those harlots should not be bothered with. Why, I thought you were supposed to a pure knight, chaste and holy. I am disappointed in you! Sending your fellow knights to do your naughty bidding does not bode well for the Roundtable, in the opinion of this mistress.

12/14/2013 1:15pm

Sir Galahad,

Tis is unfortunate that your quest for the holy grail is ending. Sir Robin was not worthy of seeking the grail. For I foreshadowed who was willing to find the grail and who was not. Only a chaste and holy knight is worthy of finding the allusive grail. Unfortunately i can't see whom. But I must assure you that your services are appreciated from the round table.

12/17/2013 8:42pm

To think Sir Galahad the Pure is not as pure as we might of thought. For I think it is quite odd that a man who is known as the chaste is trying to get in contact with the Castle Antrhax. Who I have heard from some formidable sources are not the holiest of women. Other than canoodling with such your mission seems to be quite lack luster my friend. So well wishses and hopes to your finding this quite allusive grail you seem to long for, for I hope your journey brings it to light.

12/17/2013 11:00pm

Galahad the Pure, you were given such a title for a reason. I unlike myself, you had nothing but pure knightly thoughts. You lived to serve the king and all fair maidens. However, in the castle of anthrax were about to be serviced in ways that weren’t so pure. Lucky for you, you were saved in the nick of time by the nicer twin sister. Had it not been for her you would no longer be Galahad the Pure. But no matter now, please hurry on with your quest for the real grail. It seems that even temptation can get the best of you so lets not chance it once again. You are our only hope for the round table in achieving the grail. Goodluck Galahad.

12/20/2013 10:18am

Sir Galahad the Pure, I am very sorry to hear that your quest for the Holy Grail was not as successful as you had hoped. It is poor that Sir Robin had to be the knight to accompany you, for I feel that with any other knight you may have been fortunate in your quest. But do not lose faith dear friend, for there still may be hope for you! I am sure that something good will come out of this adventure of yours. I will honor your request to contact the fair maids of Castle Anthrax; as you said I am sure they are quite worried about you. Do not fret Sir Galahad the Pure, for I am sure that God will bless you and you will be successful one day.


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