You have slain my father and may have even believed that you were victorious over the sons of Constantine but I have proved you wrong Vortigern. I have within me the fight and passion of the majestic dragon of which you, yourself, awoke in an attempt to protect yourself from the father of your very own wife. As ashes, you lay within the tomb you've constructed yourself. My brother, Aurelius, assumed his rightful crown but alas! your wicked son Paschent poisoned him, sentencing him to his death. I mourned my brother but remembered my duties. I placed the crown on my head and with my armour, became known is King Uther Pendragon. Upon returning to London, a festival was held, and there during that festival, I lay my eyes upon the beautigul Igerna, wife of Gorlois, Lord of Cornwall. The urge and passion within me was strong. I would not go on if she were not mine. So I was determined to make her my own. She would eventually become my wife. Through Merlins potions and spells, we infiltrated Gorlois' castle and made Igerna my wife that very night. Igerna conceived a son for me and later a daughter named Anna. As of now, the kingdom is quiet but for how long I do not know. There is still Ossa and Octa in prison but whatever will happen to me, I know that Arthur will rule. He will be as great of a King as I or perhaps even more loved. 

-Uther Pendragon

Our Dear Uther,

            I was bestowed with Arthur's acquaintance at the court of Duke Cador, my blessed cousin, in Cornwall. It was following ye mournful death that he had been bequeathed the king of Briton. At thee sheer age of fifteen he stood valiantly and bore thy helmet. Thine legacy lives on- his armor, embellished with ruby, emerald and sapphire, suits him well. Armed with Caliburn, thee noble sword that had been gifted to him from Avalon, he thrives to conquer. Arthur drove his myriad to Bath during a time of peril to vanquish the Saxon siege and liberate its people. Much to the aid of Cador of Cornwall, Arthur triumphed. Thereupon, he sought my hand in marriage and we prospered in peace for quite some time. He is admirable for his unselfish ways and arduous benevolence. Henceforth, Arthur desires to sustain peace among the land, giving way to thee cultivation of thee Round Table. Great eminence gathers here to bask in the ambience of equality, a newfound glory among Briton. People assemble from all around to speak thy tales and voice thy troubles. I cannot help but marvel at his gain to fame. Just as you had foreboded, he is as great as thee heir.
                                                                                               - Guinevere





Do you not think that Igerna should have say in reciprocating your love? Thou may love her with true intentions though your actions seemed not justified. She is a woman of value and not of just mere conquest. Thankfully your son has not been affected by your lustful actions with his mother. It must of been predestined that Arthur would become the ruler that he is regardless of his unholy conception. Then to think that you killed a man in vain because you were blinded by your lust for Igerna. I do see your motives as one of truth to your hearts calling yet never forget of way you got her, and try to stray away from your son Arthur of the same fate. 


09/20/2013 1:37am


While your love for the beautiful Igerna is strong and true, your courtship of her is unfitting for a man of your stature. Your armies had her besieged in a tower by the sea, no doubt frightened for her own life and the life of her husband. What chivalry is this? Had you only approached her more delicately, you would not have forced poor Gorlois, who helped you capture your enemies Octa and Ossa, to openly defy you. Indeed, to destroy a woman's husband and force her into hiding is not very compassionate to her sensitivities. However, I applaud your bravery in infiltrating her fortress and risking your health to go to her in this time of loneliness and fear. The comfort and companionship you gave to her in this dangerous time of her life, albeit under false pretenses, was the foundation for your strong, loving marriage. The conception of Arthur is proof of your valiance and Igerna's love and admiration for you.


Giant of St. Michael's Mount
09/20/2013 5:35am


Many graces to you on your crown. As I hear you are the new king. You see, it gets quite cold lately and I look forward to your beard as the newest addition to my cloak. As goes or your newly acquired queen, there is nothing wrong with a man taking what he only deserves. Yet heed my warning king, If so much as a pass is made in my direction, I shall strike with a fury so vicious, From the white walls of my fortress I will bring upon you the fury of my slain ancestors. Not you, your generals, your army, or even your infant son, who shall bear the crown in years to come, could stop me. So tread lightly while you can, my king.

-Giant of Saint Michael's Mount

Sir Bedivere
09/20/2013 7:54am


My good sir, Uther, I commend your bravery for seeking your true love, Igerna. I am astounded to hear of the birth of your two offspring, the girl you call Anna and the boy Arthur. He shall be a great and noble king, as you are. Many will follow him and protect him, as I shall follow him and be a loyal knight to him when he is of age. Nothing shall stand in my way to protect thy infant child, not even Giant of Saint Michael's Mount.

-Sir Bedivere

09/20/2013 8:41am

Yes, the kingdom was indeed upset by the fact that your father was slain by Vortigen. For countless nights I also mourned this loss of Aurelius and I could feel the evil intended of the coward Parchment. I remember a time nearly 1,000 men fell to the feet of Aurelius and everyone cheered. He was an outstanding warrior and every hall was filled with cheer this night.
Isolde has spoken of Igerna's remarkable beauty and I do agree, lovely woman. That festival at which you first laid eyes on her was also a sight. I did not at first trust Mage Merlin but once you called for him, he did come and give you the potions necessary to take Igerna for yourself. This is when I put trust in you.

09/20/2013 10:27am

I for one think that what you did was justified! If you loved Ignera why not have her? At least you had Merlin to make you look like her lover Gorlois. I had to seduce my mistress and not even get to reveal the existence of our love together! Although, not having King Arthur around sure would have saved me some accusations. But enough about that. Igerna was beautiful and the perfect wife for you! My king, your determination to fight for her love is truly worthy.

Sir Galahad the Pure of the Round Table
09/25/2013 9:11am

Venerable Uther,

I cannot abide by your behavior in this matter. As Arthur, your son, is a dear comrade of mine I cannot bear to recount the dishonorable circumstances of his birth and conception. That such a powerful and honorable man would have his legacy tarnished by such an unbecoming scoundrel of a father is simply deplorable! A knight should represent the best symbol of conduct for a man and you allowed your lust to guide your judgement, like a delinquent rake.

Absolutely disgusted,
Sir Galahad the Pure of the Round Table


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