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I looked on as she took a step towards the mantle. Her body shaken and her posture trying not to fold in fear. What does the lady of Sir Kay have to be scared of? Of all these so called maidens here, she should be standing tall. She should not be scared of anything. This little test of the mantel should mean nothing. It will be she who will be its owner. But alas I saw it. The mantle becoming shorter upon her wear.

She took a glance at me. The horror in her eyes were clear. Is this really the maiden of Sir Kay? It seems in truth she is not a maiden at all. Her body began to shake as my eyes continued to stare. Oh how I wish my stare drove a hole right through her. Treacherous, disgusting, unfaithful! How dare a woman like that be called a maiden?

Fear not my lady, for I will not allow only Sir Kay to be dishonored. Let us watch as the rest of these maidens reveal just as much filth as you do! Oh the entertainment it would bring to us all! Sit and watch them carefully my lady. Watch as these honorable knights begin to boil red as they watch their fair MAIDENS wear the mantle of shame.

Do not feel ridiculous as this mantle's adventures of jest continues my lady. And as this mantle mocks all of us, I will mock these knights just as much. As this mantle laughs at us, I will laugh at all these other maidens. Because Sir Kay will not be the only one to be laughed at. I will smirk upon these fools until they feel even more shame than I do.

Wait, what is this? A true maiden had been found?

I looked at this newly found maiden. Her blushing face, the way she glowed so humbly. Then I looked towards her knight. It is as if he wears his honor above his head!

As quickly as the true maiden had put the mantle on, just as quickly my jest seems to end. How is it that I, Sir Kay, have come to the day where my honor would mean nothing. My love, I do not think my love for you is as strong anymore for my honor is no longer that strong. Our love was only as true as the maiden you claimed to be. Maybe I, Sir Kay, do not even have a need for you any longer.  For Sir Kay does not need such a faithless matron by his side. Only Sir Kay is good enough for himself.



Sir Galahad the Pure of the Round Table
10/10/2013 5:05pm

Rejoice, dear friend, for you may have found in this tragedy a glimmer of divine inspiration. Our Lord sent the mantle-bearing youth as a wise lesson in mortal sin and the never ending quest of every Christian to achieve some semblance of purity. While Karadin's beloved may have passed the test, this surely wasn't meant to single you or anyone else out for shaming. We have seen the dangers and inherent sin of love laid out before us at the court. It would be wise to remember that women simply cannot be trusted and abstaining from their love and company can only lead to happiness, purity, and closer intimacy with our Lord's works.

10/10/2013 6:09pm

Dear friend,

The tragedy the mantle brought upon you. Tis indeed the mantle brought us a wise lesson. Purity is a gift that we all Christians need in. Though do not be discourage friend, tis now the mantle has demonstrated that women indeed cannot be trusted.

10/10/2013 7:56pm

Good Seneschal,

You misplace your anger in your beloved, and you damage the court of Arthur when you let this mockery of our women continue! Arthur was deceived by this foreign youth. This man claimed, quite falsely, that what he asked of Arthur would bring no shame to his kingdom or damage our power in battle, while in fact his request and his demonic elf mantle have weakened all the knights whose ladyloves have donned it. You should not have demanded all other maidens to be shamed, but shown Arthur how, in fact, he was lied to and how the foreigner asked for his boon under false pretense. For does a knight not grow in strength when he loves? We are willing to die and perform great quests and acts of valiance in battle for our beautiful ladies and for the fairness of maidens everywhere. To rob us of a reason to fight, a reason to be great of bravery and honor, is indeed to weaken our kingdom, just as this strange youth had given us his word not to do.

Sir Gawain

Giant of Saint Michael's Mount
10/11/2013 4:34am

HAHAHAHAHAHA! This news of a mystical mantle pleases me so. Touring the country side, bringing the honour of good men to their knees. Good to you all that the truth is being revealed. While you stay loyal to your king, who doth your maidens keep their loyalty with... not you! HAHA! Your maidens are unfaithful and your honour comprimised, least ye be called knights at all? And that king. he be no more than a peasent in fancy robes. I thank god himself for that my wife be in a better world than one with an all knowing garment. I fear for all men of the country and I will be watching and laughing the whole way through.

- Giant of Saint Michael's Mount

10/11/2013 7:11am

Sir Kay,
My sincerest condolences to the knights of your court, as the mantle has brought great shame and dishonor among your maidens and their beloveds. King Arthur was surely tricked in the granting of the boon from this "most beautiful maiden" from which the young man was sent. Do not let the actions and mistakes of your beloved affect the manner in which yourself is viewed. For you had no control over her actions of infidelity, and you are not to blame for the dishonor that has befallen you. Look amongst the remaining knights in your court, have they not also been dishonored by their beloveds? Do not take fault in this, dear Kay. Because you are still the noble and valiant knight you always were.

Dana Warner
10/11/2013 11:51am

Utter mockery has been casted throughout the land. As the Queen, I cannot fathom why such shame and dishonor has been brought upon me. Of course it was not just I who was exposed in such a way; it was every lady in the land being shamed for her misdeeds. It was the cloak that tested our courtly behavior; sure enough I was not the only woman who has been unfaithful and I can rest easy knowing that I am not individually guilty of adultery. Why is it that the mantle was brought to the court to only chastise the maidens? Are all of the knights as “noble” as they are made out to be? I do not appreciate being made a fool of. Surely their infidelity should be exposed as well.


12/17/2013 10:34pm

Ah yes, the mantle. It was meant to show how fair maidens of the land were dishonorable to their knights and husband. But was a maiden? And what would make her dishonorable? I believe a maiden to be a gentle virgin, never having been with a man or even entertained that thought. Then why did my beloved queen have to take on the horrid mantle? If a maiden is a virgin, my queen should be exempt from having to embarrass herself in front of the court. If a maiden meant any women, why would it have been dishonorable for her to have been with her husband. If the mantle truly showed her dishonor, would it have not been a more dramatic change in the case of the queen? Fret not Sir Kay, that mantle is complete rubbish. It was only meant for completely chaste virginal maidens.


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