Curse your, Sir Mordred, for you have stricken my heart with grief. My dear King Arthur is now dead due to your evil cowardice. I will be eternally loyal to my King. Reminiscing on the horrific event is hard for me. My brother Lucan and I were commanded to make a treaty with Mordred for my dear Arthur. They were to meet in a field and discuss matters, but everything went awry. A battle broke out, my brother and I were both wounded horribly... The kind hearted King could not stand to look at out all the men that because of the evil Mordred, the greedy traitor. I despise him.

Arthur, bravely and full of revenge, decided to attack Mordred for himself, disregarding the dream that he had that showed him dying. My brother and I lay there helplessly. King Arthur stabbed Mordred with his sword. I felt a great sense of triumph, until I saw King Arthur with a slice on his head. Lucan and I, both extremely wounded, wanted to help the King. It was too much for my brother... For he died... His guts spilling out... I can't think about it... My brother... now lay dead because of this evil Mordred...

It was just me and my King, I needed to help him.. All I could do was throw Excalibur into the ocean... I couldn't do it. The sword was too noble... But my King commanded me... I could not be a traitor to him.  I watched as these women took away my King and I went to live with a hermit in a chapel to pray for my King. Hoping that one day he may come back...

The grief I feel for my king is too much... If that traitor Mordred was not already dead I would have killed him myself...

Sir. Bedivere

11/21/2013 1:46pm

I sympathize with you my dear Bedivere for the anger that you harbor towards Mordred is justly true. He was clearly bloodthirsty and to come and do such an irrevocable act as to wound and potentially kill our dear king, I can see why if that malicious Mordred did not die that you would of done the killing yourself. For I know how hard it must of been to see that sword go into the water like some skipping stone, but you know that true honor to your King was more important. You sir are commendable in your loyalty and true devotion to Arthur and he must be quite grateful for that, and the grief must not be easy but I send my well wishes, for you are not alone, we all are saddened by such a grave loss to our kingdom. Only in united hope that maybe one day Arthur will rise again.

11/21/2013 6:05pm

It saddens me that it has come to this end--the death of our beloved King Arthur! I understand your anger Sir Bedivere towards that treacherous Mordred, for I hold such anger as well; such betrayal! How brave it was of Arthur to sacrifice his own life to end Mordred's, but there is so much sorrow that has come too. I cannot even begin to fathom the position you are in--to see the death of our King and his command to get rid of Excalibur. You truly are a strong knight. Do not fret about your indecision when Arthur first asked you to destroy the sword, for I am sure that it was not an easy thing to do. What is most important is that you did not go against Arthur and taken the sword for yourself, for that would have been such a dishonor. Nevertheless, you held such loyalty, and I am sure that Arthur could have not asked for another knight to be there with him during his final moments. I wish you well Sir Bedivere, for we are all saddened by the death of such a great King. Do not forget that you are not alone and that we can only wish that one day, a new King will arise with as much greatness and potency as our King Arthur.

11/21/2013 6:10pm

Lads, it' saddens me that our beloved King Arthur is dead. It was though a prophecy that had to be fulfilled. My gift showed me that Arthur was going to be betrayed and his betrayal would cause his death. I wish I could've prevented from happening but it was destiny. Sir Bedivere you remained loyal to our king. I am glad you honored his wish and threw the sword into the water. With the sword being in possession of the Lady of the lake our mighty King Arthur will rise one day.

11/21/2013 7:22pm

Bedivere, while I commend you for being the lone survivor of that terrible battle, I find great fault in your treatment of our King in his final moments. Not once, but twice, you denied the final wish of King Arthur. You have shunned the great honor of putting our King's dying mind to ease and disgraced your own name. To deceive a dying man, let alone the greatest King who ever shall live, is indeed a shameful act. While you plotted to claim Excalibur for yourself, your King bled out alone on the battlefield. Had you hastened to fulfill his wishes, perhaps Arthur would have met a kinder fate. I hope you redeem yourself in your fasting and piety as a monk.

Sir Kay
11/22/2013 7:59am

Let you anger and worries begone! There is no doubt that our King will arise again! The man chosen by god himself! It is all treacherous Mordred's fault for fighting dirty. His cheats and tricks has caused our King to fall. If he had fought fair! Oh, if he ha caught fair! There would be no way that God would have let King Arthur to fall at the hands of treason if it were a truest fair battle.

I must say however, I share the same regrets with you. The regret that we had to let our beloved King avenge us in battle. I have wronged you my King! For I have let myself die in battle and later you to be killed be that treasonous Mordred. I should have killed him with my own sword, ripped apart his armor, and pulled out his guys to present to you. Arthur I fear that I have wronged your faith in me! Sir Kay at the very end did not live up to the name of Sir Kay for I have let your hands become drenched with filthy blood. Sir Kay has done you wrong and deserves nothing but the death that has fallen upon him. I am sorry my King, for I have let you fall before you can rise again. You should have lived forever!

11/22/2013 8:40am

I must say you are a noble man and brave for lasting in the battle. You did hesitate to obey our kings wish before he met his fate. I know you secretly wished to have Excalibur for yourself and for this reason you did not act quick to his wish. But, you did eventually act on it and threw the sword. I do question your loyalty in some ways because of the hesitation. Loyalty is a big deal to me. All I could have wanted was for out beloved king to die in peace, and while throwing the sword must have been difficult, I can imagine, there still should have been no plotting to have the sword for yourself.

12/02/2013 6:48am

I am very sorry for the loss of your brother, Sir Bedivere. Sadly I feel as though your loss is God's acknowledgement of your sin: desiring Excalibur for yourself. In this way you betrayed our King, while also denying his final wishes. Like all others, except our noble king, you have your faults. However, you fought bravely in battle, and for that we can be grateful.

12/05/2013 7:37am

Though I cannot begin to fathom your grief at the loss of the King, I too am deeply saddened by his death, but you cannot let his name die with him. Carry on the faith and true nobleness of King Arthur as if he still were, and he will never truly depart from this earth. Your anger towards Mordred cannot guide your actions, for anger is a manipulative emotion, and will only lead to more grief and destruction if you act on it for revenge. Although I do wish you had been more faithful to the King in his dying hour, for the task he laid upon you was not a difficult one, and was an ultimate test of your loyalty. At least in the end, you succeeded in granting his last wish.

The Giant of Saint Michael's Mount
12/09/2013 11:42am

The death of the king is a shock indeed. I idi not see this coming, I do not agree with the king, yet I could never imagine his downfall to take place in my lifetime. To be done in by his own blood! Is it not bad enough his wife was stripped from his side, now all of his friends too. And how you throw the sword in the lake, I understand human ytemptaion, but do you think you could wield it? Just do as your king pleases... I can only imagine the pain you must feel is great, sir knight. I wish not to trouble you much more. I will let you mourn in peace.
-The Giant of Saint Michael's Mount

12/17/2013 10:41pm

Sir Bedivere, as many may know I was not able to be on the battlegrounds with King Arthur on this fateful day. I can only hope that he has truly forgiven from the bottom of his heart for our situation regarding the queen. Sir Bedivere, I also commend you for acting so bravely and have the kings best interest at heart. Though just like me perhaps you hestitated a bit. You were told to cast Excalibur away into lake but you hesitated and did not do as your were told but something inside told you not to. Finally, you did do as Kind commanded you and what you saw was amazing wasn’t it. The Lady of Lake will keep exacalibur safe until the next great King arises.


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