I know that I am doing a dishonesty toward the King, and future husband of I. Though how would you feel towards a man you barely knew and seemingly a courtship based on common neutrality between our countries and not one of love? Though I know the sinfulness of my love for Tristan but how can one not bear such a connection that seems almost otherworldly. 

I do not wish to speak ill will about the King but I know that in my hearts of hearts that we are not meant to be. We may be betrothed but that does not mean you have my heart. I do not blame thee for being suspicious but to have someone to come and spy for you, now do you not think that is a bit weak in your character? Even for you my dear King. Serves you right that you found nothing in my words, for I do speak the truth. 

For I wish my love for Tristan could been one not of secrecy and sin, if only people could accept it, how I love with the utmost devotion in my heart. That one would know by just looking that these two individuals were meant to be in together, no questions nor judgements. For if anything were to happen to my beloved I do not know if I could bare the burden of my soul not feeling whole. Regardless of such potion the feelings of love for Tristan are not fleeting and know that I cannot ignore such amorous feelings even though I am married to the King. Yes a potion brought our love to face but that does not constitute the lasting feelings that I have for my dear Tristan.  

I can feel the imminent love from each gesture or glance, I know his intentions are true and for that I bare not only my body but my heart. Not only do you make feel more loved than the fairest maiden in the court, but you make me realize that love is not to be looked at in vain but by the amount of genuine devotion, that if I were to ever leave my earthly body or your's, it would not feel right to live on for the sake of the emptiness that would consume my body. You are my love and for that I will always carry you with me eternally. 



10/18/2013 6:43am

Isolde, Mark has not earned your love. He first erred when he sent his nephew to find him a bride rather than going himself. A man, no less a king, should seek and claim his own wife. However, in his stead he sent Tristan, his valiant and distinguished nephew. It is no mystery that you, Isolde, are fond of this slayer of giants and dragons. And this potion further made your lack of love impossible, as it was already improbable for a bold knight and a beautiful lady to not be impressed by each other. Your promise to a man who you did not know is much more fragile than your feelings for Tristan. Indeed, this Mark who hides in trees and confers with cowards, dwarfs and lepers is a weak and deceitful man, unfitting of your love. Further, he is unfit to be called King.


10/18/2013 6:58am


Mark is not worthy for your love. He decides to listen to his bloody barons over you. He was willing to burn you and Tristan. To me tis is clear that you love Tristan more than mark.

10/18/2013 4:31pm

Dear Isolde,
Your love for Tristran is one that you should not regret, nor feel guilt about. You are not entirely responsible for its occurance, and Tristran reciprocates your love with equivalent affection. King Mark does not allow you the freedom of a young woman, and he does not express to you love or affection as a husband should. You have had the most sincere of intentions in all of your actions; and you only want what is best for you and Tristran. It is not a wonder that the majority of the kingdom is supportive of your love, because they too can see that it is true.

Sir Kay
12/16/2013 7:42pm

Isolde, Isolde. When will you along with all women stop these lies. You think your love for Tristan is honorable just because your trial was overcome only due to lies? What honor is in your words of fabrication? It may be true the Mark is not a great King for he is nothing compared to our beloved Arthur, but he is still king none the less. You have sworn your words and body and soul to him in marriage. How dare you go against your words and yet still call yourself honorable? And is your love so true when it came from a potion you have drunk together? Can you really justify this love you call true Isolde? You are just but from the same cloth as the false maidens around you.

12/17/2013 10:27pm

Isolde, you speak of doing a dishonesty towards a king and you lament of how you wish that you and Tristan could love freely. I feel as though that I must say that you do not deserve the love and affection of either the king or Tristan! The king has loved you and offered you many chances to stop with the affair but yet you still insist on your trysts. Blame it on the potion? You cannot because its effects wore off long ago. You are also not worthy of the undying love and devotion from Tristan. He sees you in the best light and speaks of you tenderly. His words are heavy with love for you. Yet you do not award him with even sweet words when you are alone. To call him friend when he’s so madly in love with you is mind boggling. Do you really love Tristan or do you enjoy the risk of being caught?


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