My heart is no longer tender in the eyes of King Arthur; it is as cold as any stone for he has betrayed my trust and loyalty. It is my beloved Lancelot who destroyed his image as an honorable knight by climbing into the shameful cart but it was he who redeemed his honor by coming to my gallant rescue when Arthur let me slip between his fingers. By enduring the treacherous path to free me from Melegaunt's imprisonment he not only pursued glory but he made his sincere devotion to my safety evident. Liberating me from Melegaunt's threshold was by no means an effortless journey; the lengths he traveled to seize me revealed the pain and suffering he braved to declare his unrelenting love.

            Alas! He had crossed the Sword Bridge and defended me from my captor despite the lingering threat of death.  But it was his hesitation upon mounting the cart that stirred displeasure within me; a sense of gratitude was intangible when he appeared in front of me following his great feat. I could not bring my eyes to meet his gaze nor find the words to speak. I remained unengaged. No sooner had I repudiated his presence did he leave Gorre to seek Gawain.            

            The realization that I had turned my back on the knight that had come to my rescue came as a paralyzing blow.  Word had traveled through the grapevine; my dear Lancelot had been captured and killed. How could I have been so cruel? I immersed myself in misery and guilt, deprived my lips of food and drink; for I deserved no such indulgence after such coarse behavior towards my knight. My thoughts were clouded by my own demise. I made it certain that I should mourn my lover's loss as opposed to face my own death and so conveniently put these feelings to rest. This remorse was mine to bear. 

            The grief in my sinking heart had been lifted- news that Lancelot's death had been a mere fabrication of the land had been brought to my attention. No sooner had I received the message that he was alive and well had he appeared right in my very presence. I felt no containment as we locked eyes and I allowed the overpowering sensation of love to sweep over my entire body. After such an arduous journey, I owed it to my knight in the first place to divulge such intense feelings and not try to subdue them.

                                                                                                                                                              - Guinevere


09/26/2013 12:01pm

It seems to me fair lady that you are are unsure where your loyalities lie. Arthur is your husband after all and as it clearly seems your devotion is to Lancelot. I dare ask though your reasoning for your this tryst that you have entered with Lancelot, is it one of true love or mere lust? It has been apparent that Arthur and you have been distant lately but do you not think that some communication would be best. I would like to think that someone of your stature would be less adulterous in your choices, but I do not know what happens behind closed doors. All in all my good lady I trust that you know what are you getting yourself into because you never know what repercussions may lie ahead of you. Lancelot is clearly a man that knows what he knows, which is quite apparent that you are the object of his affection. Is he the same to you as well my lady, maybe I would feel a little less uneasy if I knew you reciprocated the same intentions. I have always know love to be a funny thing so I would hope it is in the stars that you find your happiness with the choices you made.

09/26/2013 7:14pm

Queen Guinevere, it seems as though you are conflicted with your feelings. I must say I am quite disappointed in your disloyalty and unfaithfulness to King Arthur. For how much he has given you; a great king I affirm! Although King Arthur had to give you away to Kay, that should not relinquish your obligation as his wife and queen. For Lancelot has rescued you from the harrowing Meleagant, but 'tis not his duty as a knight? Surely King Arthur had to fulfill his responsibilities as king back at his court! As a loyal knight to the king, I, Lanval, must respectfully advise you to salvage Lancelot's feelings of countless love. For it is not fair to King Arthur nor the people to have such childish and lustful feelings.

The Giant of st. Michael's Mount
09/27/2013 4:54am

As I returned from shopping the villiage, in which I had so much a bountifull take of two steers and a child for dessert. Through the screams I overheard that the queen has feelings for another. It would seem this is a very odd situation indeed. The king has given away such a beauty, if he cannot fufil the duties of his husbanhood, it is within her right to seek another mate; A mate of hounour and deserving of a queen, surely not a knight that has been in the cart! This must be a mistake. Love is a wild thing, but the mind of a queen must know better than that? I hear this "brave" cart knight is dead anyhow, so she must seek another. May you're search be quick and your mate have enough honour for the two of you.

Sir Kay
09/27/2013 7:27am

My queen, do not make me laugh. Tis true that it was I who asked to take you away from King Arthur but do not forget that it was for the sake of getting his people back. Are you saying you wish for a king that cared not for his people? For you to say that he had betrayed your trust and loyalty, do not be foolish. My king allowed me to take you away but he trusted that you were still his queen. Is it not you who betrayed his trust and loyalty? Such affairs between you and Lancelot, I cannot understand. Where was the reason that you once showed? It must be a good thing that my journey ended quickly for I do not think I could bear to live upon seeing such results at the end. Maybe I would have even laughed to my death. The disgraces that you may face in the future will fit you for you tried to put your fault in the King who you no longer love. There are never any excuses for affairs my lady.


09/27/2013 8:24am

Dear Guinevere, how grateful I am to find that you have come to your senses during this time of great conflict. I am a man who knows much about divided love. Your passions for Lancelot ring true and sincere, but you share this same love with Arthur. I must ask of you not to look past the sincerity and heat in the eyes Lancelot lays only upon you. Yous say he now comes first in your heart, but please do mean it. Truly believe in these words, for Arthur will never display genuine passion and care of this sort. Where Arthur lacks faithfulness, Lancelot does not. The last thing may a man so deeply in love have to witness is sharing feelings with another. Lancelot is clearly overpowered by his feelings for thee. I ask you to push your reason aside. Think not of the hesitation in his step upon entering the cart, but of the his feat over the dragon. Your claim of true love is deeply inspirational and praised. After all, your heart belongs with one man, and may he be the one who has also fully given his.



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