I arrived at the court of King Arthur to beg for assistance in freeing my
mistress, I expected our kind and valiant King to help myself and my mistress,
and rescue her and the other princesses from those dreadful brothers; he gave
the responsibility to a new man at court, despite some resistance from his
knights. The man did not seem eager, but he obeyed his king. He is a very
peculiar man; how he squirms in his armor! As though he has never worn a set

While on our quest many strange things happened: he was not one for conversation, but
begged my help when his armor became too hot for him. He asked me to pour water
down his armor, which I did, but then was unable to help him back on his horse.
I could see the wheels in his mind turning, cursing the armor. The night was
long, but in the morning we happened upon some peasants, and if you can believe
it, he asked for some of their food!!! A man on a quest, asking lowly peasants
for assistance! I was aghast, and refused to join in their meal. 

However, the most baffling moment of our quest came for me soon before we reached my
mistress. While we trekked along, I began to realize that the way he spoke was
like nothing I have ever heard before! The man used the phrase, “Where do they
hang out?” I was very confused. What does this mean? Is this a common phrase in
the foreign land from which he must be from? While I am grateful for the
assistance on the quest to save my mistress and the princesses, I feel that I am
very confused after the trip with this brave stranger.


12/05/2013 7:33am

Do not let your pride get in way of your success. Refusing to eat with peasants will not earn you any more respect and will only leave you with an empty stomach. In regards to the strange man in which you encountered, I do not have the slightest idea on the phrase or from which it came. But it is always in good faith to help a stranger in a foreign land.

12/05/2013 6:33pm

Dear Alisande, do not question the acts of our great King Arthur, for I am sure that whatever he decides is for good reason and we as loyal people should not doubt his reasoning. As for the strange man you speak of, I have seen him! And what a strange man indeed. His alien clothes and unusual words are certainly confusing. It is as if he has been dropped here from another time! Be careful with this strange man dear friend, he surely is quite a remarkable yet interesting character.

12/05/2013 11:20pm

My lady,

What a strange creature you describe. If he is indeed a man, there is much deception about him. How would Arthur keep company with such a creature? You describe none I know who would be welcome in the King's court and given the honor of accepting your quest. What man could be hesitant to come to the aid of not one, but a number of princesses? It is unfitting of a man of the court to know not how to mount his horse or wear his armor, and I am sorry that he made you distraught by breakfasting with commonfolk. No knight would do anything to make his lady aghast. It is clear this one is not to be trusted, and he is not one of us.

12/06/2013 4:50am

By the looks of things he is very strange man indeed. Though I do find it quite odd how our Great King fore go this quest to this new man in court. He must possess some truthworthiness if Arthur entrusted him to rescue your mistress and other princesses. I still would be wary though my dear, for a knight that cannot handle himself in his own armor does not seem much of a knight to me. Though he must mean well since he did help you rescue your mistress and the princesses, but he is definitely a man to keep an eye on.

12/06/2013 8:02am

I must admit, this new man that came in to our court is intimidated by me. He seeks to win our king over me. How dare he question my authority. Unfortunately, he's here to stay and I must embrace that. He's trying to modify our kingdom. He calls himself a "magician" but I do not see him casting any enchantments. Perhaps he is a fraud! I am determined to keep an eye on him

12/06/2013 8:29am

Dear lady Alidande,
I believe you to be full of yourself in some ways. How date you decline food with the peasants? I must ask you not to look down your nose at anyone my dear. Secondly, try to look at things through this strange man's lenses. He is of a different class and does not speak the way you do. He is of the company of our beloved king so please, show respect and not blatant disgust or confusion toward his speech. The way he speaks is still to be looked at as royal and we must understand and admire him the best we can.

Sir Bedivere
12/13/2013 8:07am


I am sure that my dear King Arthur had many reasons as to why he bestowed the journey onto another knight. He has many duties that he must attend to in the kingdom. As one of his knights and one of his loyalest I am inclined to side with the King on his decision of staying back and not rescuing your mistress. Please sir do not hold this against my valiant king!

Sir Bedivere

12/17/2013 10:55pm

Alisande, not every great knight enjoys everything that’s comes with being a knight. Also, not every is the same. Perhaps this knight was “ahead of his times” when it comes to his speech as well as many other things. You must also remember that the day was quite hot on which you traveled. Can you imagine being covered head to toe in iron while BAKING in the sun. Of course, any human being would be quite uncomfortable. He is a great humble knight for agreeing to help you and the free peasants he met along the way. In the end, the strange knight did help you to free the princesses from their prison. Though I found it quite peculiar that they did not change back to their human forms after they were freed.


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