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For your blog this week, you will comment on this post as your character about Gawain's speech on page 472. I will provide the quote and you will provide the comments

"And give my goodbye to your gentle, gracious lady
and that other one, her most honored confidante,
For they cunningly waylaid this warrior with their wiles.
But it's no great wonder whenever a woman outwits
A man and leads him away to mourning or to madness,
For Adam himself was led astray by a woman,
And Solomon by several, and so too was Samson
(Who was doomed by Delilah), not to mention David,
Who was blinded by Bathsheba and suffered a bitter fate.
These were all laid low by women's lies. What great luck
If a lord could simply love them and not believe them!"

10/31/2013 2:53pm

My Dear Gawain, try not to think so harshly about all women. There are some that connive and deceive, it is true. But there are just as many with true and noble hearts. It is just the same with men, it is not fair to lump them all together and judge them so harshly. Are there not just as many scoundrels as there are courteous and honest men? In fact do we not value the courteous even more in the light of so much trickery and deception? Your feelings are hurt and rightfully so. You are embarrassed by your failure to the see the trap that was set for you by Morgan le Fay and the wife of that Green Giant, and my heart goes out to you for this. I know I am in some way responsible, for it was I that that treacherous bunch was trying to punish. My sincerest of apologies go to you, the most courteous knight of my husbands court. I am sorry that it was you that had to suffer for me. Your nobility and notoriety will live on through out this land. You are the example that all others that come after will measure themselves against. I hope this message can help to quell your discontent.


Sir Galahad
10/31/2013 6:59pm

Gawain, you have realized the fall of man. I feel that you were being a little nice about it, but you are correct sir. History has proved that women will destroy all great mean warriors, and even wizards. Just ask Merlin. During the Quest for the grail, my friend and I were faced with women that could have deterred the entire quest. The key is to pray for righteousness. Not to dishonor the queen, and although she makes a good point, did she not humiliate our good Arthur in his own court along with several other women? Gawain the good, i do applaud you for your restraint throughout the entire episode to not know the warmth of his lady. Had I been a lesser man, i would have had her sent on me still. To love and not trust in the same as lust. The moral, never trust a firm backside and a smile, Gawain

10/31/2013 8:45pm

Ah, my fellow knight, your feelings reach me truly. Women are a naturally horrible creature--to men they will never be able to grant true honor. As innocent as they may seem, it is their tempt; a man falls victim to this tempt, believing his lady to be pure. Behind this, however, is a reality: that your lady is not pure. Women by nature are unfaithful beings, and a man should never put their trust in them, for it will only lead to their downfall.

I know this because I, too, have had this ruin come to me. My lady, who I thought was the most faithful of all, was proved to be anything but. Such shame was brought to me that I could not help but laugh joyously as the other ladies of the court joined her in her loneliness. You and I both know the truth now. With this, we will prevail in the future. I am glad to have you back within the court and at our Table.

11/01/2013 5:31am

Gawain, you should not lay your own mistakes at the feet of my daughter Morgan or your host's lady. Your choices were your own. You accepted the girdle not because you were ensnared by the lady's wiles, driven by lust, but because you wanted to live, which is no fault of hers. The trick that was played on you was most unsporting, but your downfall was not, in the end, due to a woman, but due to your own desire to live.

Sir Bors
11/01/2013 8:20am

The reason your nominated yourself for this game to begin with seems more clear to me now. Just because you are nephew to the king does not necessarily mean you could ever amount to his knightly abilities, or even to others amongst the table. You allowed yourself to be made a fool of simply because you we're acting foolish. For a winter, summer, and winter once more you faced the reality of what could potentially be your own death, yet you treated the matter with such ignorance. This goes to show you may just be the weakest night after all, Gawain. There is much more in this world more gratifying than the comfort of a woman, and warm place to ly thy head.


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