Ah, what a truly marvelous day has been held today! Surely, it is a time for all men to be able to rejoice! Our ladies whom we all love with the entire passion of our hearts, have assured us such love is not misplaced. Earlier, a kind and generous man rode to our court, offering a mantle of great worth and beauty. A mantle any man would want to see their lady wear, I’m sure. And indeed, as fate would have it, every lady present today had to do just so! No man would have wanted it to be any differently.

The Queen was the first to have the honor of wearing such a mantle. But alas! It was not to be—what great joy that brought the King, you can imagine. Of course I, possessing a lady of high beauty and faithfulness, suspected it was only fit for her to be able to own something so rich.

The strangest thing began to happen, though—she began to tremble. I hadn’t had the faintest idea as to why, for it would be impossible for my lady to bring me nothing but honor. For some reason or another, however, the mantle did not shape her body well at all. What surprise that brought me! That I, a great knight, should be shamed in front of my fellow men as well as the King himself; that that shame came from my own lady love! She was certainly the loveliest of ladies now in my eyes, more so than she had been before this.

The ladies of the court joined her one by one. Oh, rejoice my lady! You now don’t have to suffer loneliness no longer. Look at all the lovely company you have. This court truly had the most beautiful women in the whole world, I discovered.

All women are this beautiful, I think. How lovely it is to break an oath; to be unfaithful. It must be men who are not beautiful. Why else would our ladies be unsatisfied? It is obviously natural for ladies to move on to a more handsome, newer man. It is a norm for women to be this way, and finding one that is truly chaste is a rare sight to behold. If our ladies are this way by nature, what can we men do? This will only cause us dishonor. It was only thanks to that mantle this fact could be known, and our honor lost. Ah, yes, today indeed was a day for all men to rejoice.

- Kay
I for one, will not rejoice this day.  The trickery of the mantle has caused much shame and embarrassment to the ladies of the court.  We have been publicly humiliated.  You men sit by and whine of your precious honor, while we have been lowered to the most base level.  This does not befit the dignity of a Queen.  The ladies of my court are good noble women and mockery has been made at there expense.  What lesson is to be taught by this trick?  What happiness and goodness has been brought to our kingdom by this mantle? None.  It would appear that we women must endure such reproach while the men of the court get off with little more than bruised egos.  Why is it that we women endure this humiliation?  How is it that this shamefulness was brought upon us?  We did not consent to try the mantle with the full knowledge of its magic and we did not lie down alone.


10/11/2013 5:22am

This mantle is to be cursed, not praised. What is unknown cannot stain the honor, and honor is, as you know, of utmost importance. I shudder to think of my son being shamed so before his own court, whose respect he so deserves and so needs.

Sir Kay, do not mock so. It is a terrible thing to betray one's lord. I know; I was tricked into doing so myself by a stranger who wore my husband's face. As Guinevere says, what sins your lady and others have committed were not committed alone. Nor should you suppose that all ladies are so fickle, for you know not the truth of what each has done nor with whom. No one save our Lord is without sin, so do not expect such perfection of earthly ladies.

-- Igerne

10/11/2013 7:28am

Should I be surprised? Have I not gone through the motions from a fortnight ago? The purpose of this mantle does nothing for me from what I learned that fortnight. Must I act bewildered? Must I care any longer for such knowledge that I've already had? I pray for their souls for Lancelot and for Guinevere. The Mantle does not lie yet they do since they feel such need to hide this from me. God have mercy on their souls for committing sin for breaking the sacred bond. However this past fortnight I have lost all interest to address such jest. Do what you will make stage what you wish but I will have none of it. Indulge in who is more or less faithful. Let the mantle fall on the shoulders of a child boy or girl maybe then we will have an end to this mockery played by jesters. I will take my leave do not ask for my presence I will no longer present it to you if this is what you want of me. Kay you have my pity for your ignorance for it served for you as bliss rather than harm. Although your actions and words seem strange at this time given the norm. Yet you continue to insult me with pretty words adorned toward the women for their unfaithfulness. I've tolerated your rebellious attitude enough.

10/11/2013 8:16am

And some wonder why I never married. Yes being learned in all manners of magics I have long known the truth behind the supposed virtues of women. But Gwynevere, never forget that it was you and you alone who submitted to the advances of Lancelot. Perhaps through the workings of the mantle you will all learn to live up to your claims of devotion rather than just in word and not action. Of course I already know what will become of this but that is not for me to tell.

Sir Bors
10/11/2013 8:17am

It was to my true disgust and dismay to witness the women of our very court reveal their true honor, or lack their of. Are we to call them ladies still at this time ? Why I think not! I cannot deny for Guinevere, my queen, to be sacred, for it is my duty to honor, protect, and standby by her. However, when it comes to the welfare of they King, it is Arthur who has my underlying loyalty. To hear of my king's wife's infidelity brings me great angst, and has meddled with my with my depiction of the females in this court. No man should be taken for a fool, like Guinevere has taken Arthur. How dare she claim to be wory of her throne when she cannot respect its title? Women, regardless of their beauty and alleged virginity, are not to be as pure as we men are led to believe. Deception is a crime, and this mantle has brought shame to both our parties. The introduction of the cloak is beyond me, but I am relieved to have confirmation of a fact I've known since the start

Sir Bors

Sir Galahad
10/18/2013 8:43am

This is not a good day in King Arthur’s Court. All his women, to include his very own queen have been exposed to reveal the truth about their character. Even you Guinevere, who i held to a high standard were not safe. I have now clearly see why so few us fit for the Quest of the Holy Grail. The women seem to not have standards for themselves, and have dishonored their husbands. They have shamed their families. Most of all they have shamed themselves. I guess what i have heard about maidens is true. We never talk about it, but on this day in the Court that Arthur rules, there was no avoiding it. I have been told my entire life to find a maiden, get married, and start a family. In my youth that was drilled into me. What am I to do now? I cannot believe the most virtuous of the women were exposed by the mantle. There is nothing Holy about the court now. Many years from now, they will tell stories about King Arthur and how great he was. Now they will also tell stories of how me was made a cuckold by his very queen. Your Legend is blemished great King. If i am to marry, i cannot do it in your court. At least not without the Mantle. Women of the court must repent and flagellate themselves until they are made holy. I will be eating mutton in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus is leading us in Grace. I will ask that He have mercy on the kingdom.

10/22/2013 5:50pm

What a day of tribulations in the court of the good King Arthur! This ensorceled mantle is like few others ever seen by Christian eyes. Kay seems to believe he does the court a great service by demonstrating the abilities on the ladies of the court before the King, he must be too naive to understand that there are always certain things better left unseen and truths better left untold when in the service of a King. The fool even suggests that the Queen don the mantle to prove her purity to the court, what folly! She is the Queen and most beautiful of all, what honorable knight in service of the King could resist her advances if her fancy turned to him? Fewer still knights in the service of a King would dare to deny their Queen, for if they were to decline her advance then it would imply that her beauty is not unparalleled or that her fairness is not a sight to behold and cause offense to their King. Kay is a fool to consider the mantle a blessing worthy of rejoice, he ought to know as well as I that had the enchanted garment been cut with enough cloth to fit the shape of a man, he would fail the mantle's pious test as surely as the Queen did.


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