Oh woe is me! For such a treacherous and unjust fate to befall one such as myself is simply too much to bear. To be betrayed by my one true love in this world seems a fate fit for the worst of sinners and heretics and traitors, not for a man as good as myself.
    Was I not a good and godly man? I whom dutifully tended to Arthur from the day of his birth to make him the most kind and virtuous king ever to be known to the world! I do not deny that I wished to be loved by the beautiful Viviane but is that truly a just cause for my cruel murder? Were it my will it was certainly within my power to take my pleasure of the maiden's flesh but instead I endeavored to win her heart as she had won mine. For her I left my good king's side, for her I taught all of my craft, for her I built a home to be envied by even the old emperors of Rome or even the king of Babylon, and for her I took an oath whereupon I swore to never vex the young thing! An oath not even taken by husbands on their wedding nights for as you all must know husbands often do vex their wives. And somehow to that oath I did adhere faithfully and for it she told me she loved me! Alas! Is to be enamored by maidenhood so wrong? It is a fine a virtuous trait that any man should be proud should his wife be in possession of.
     And yet I was hated for it and for my birth. God saw fit to pardon me for my father's birth as did Uther and Arthur and all of whom I had known so why then did the object of my love have to be the one creature in all of creation who could not see fit to see my goodness rather than my taint? My actions have proven time and time and time again that I am no agent of the devil but always and forever a humble disciple of god! I wonder then, why has god denied me the one pleasure in this life which I sought? Ah, tis' not my place to question the great Lord's will but still as I lay here in this tomb occupied by two lovers whom I so envy for the love they shared I cannot help but lament at the fate which has been forced upon me. Perhaps in heaven the Lord will see fit to show my the pleasures so cruelly denied me for my entire life.
    Ah but what sacrilege I speak! No I have always and shall evermore be a servant of God, if this be his will for me then I  must humbly accept my fate. Better to lose my flesh than my soul I suppose. I lay here glad to know she was able to save Aurthur from his sister's treachery. Maybe this fate is my punishment for ever leaving Aurthur's side. I know he will live a great many more years and shall be the greatest king of history and this knowledge gives me contentment.
    If nothing else let my woeful tale be a cautionary tale to good, faithful, and loving men of the world. Let them know of the wickedness and cunning of women which is so powerful it could best even me, The great and all knowing Merlin! Though they may say they love you faithfully and smile in your presence these words may be poison upon which you gleefully drink. Until your fate is sealed as is mine and there is naught to do but wait alone to die. In many ways this is my own fault but I have but one life to give and now I must commend my soul to God. Farewell friends.


Melissa Hodgdon
10/25/2013 4:13am

Ah poor Merlin. You were beaten at your own game. You spent so much time and effort teaching Viviane your magic in hopes that it would lead to a reward of the flesh, when all she wanted was your secrets so she could use them against you. And can she be blamed? A young woman, alas still a girl, having to endure your lechery. She was cunning and patient enough to wait for the opportunity to finally be rid of you once and for all. She did know more than any girl with her abilities would have done. And you have no one to blame but yourself. You were blinded by your lust and freely gave her the tools she would need to enchant you right into your own tomb.


10/25/2013 6:36am

Now you, too, know the bitterness of betrayal. You have been deceived as you helped to deceive me. Be thankful, Merlin. You, at least, have not been shamed. You may be dying, but your honor remains intact and unstained. And do not act as though you have never sinned - you, who used black magic to change your shape more than once, you, who used it to aid Uther in his sinful desire for me, you, a demon's son. I do not condone what Viviane has done to you, for surely this, too, is black magic, forbidden by Our Lord and the Church. But if women are unfaithful, it is only because men like you force us to be so.

10/25/2013 8:13am

Merlin my most trusted advisor if not for your aid with my father to consummate with my mother I would not be here today. I thank you for giving me life and if anything you were indirectly my father, my guardian. However these actions you've taken were not the most righteous they were almost out of mischief. My mother was shamed and my father indulged. If anything it felt as if it was for mere sport that you decided to partake in such a matter. Alas this matter bore me and I am torn between my gratitude and humility. You were my most trusted advisor it saddens me to see you go but I cannot help but feel that things have come full circle to you for you to meet your end like this. Fare well old friend may God have mercy.

10/25/2013 12:17pm

Are you so certain of your noble and virtuous intent, old man? Perhaps the demon blood made flesh by a human woman through deceit and trickery still flows through through your veins afterall. I will gladly answer your rhetorical questioning here on earth, and if not myself than God will answer your claims to a good and godly life- assuming St. Peter even allows the spawn of hell near heaven's holy gates.
Resisting the want to seize a maiden's honor for yourself, knowing full well and thinking a great deal of your ability to do so with ease entitles you to no such love requited from a maiden fair and beautiful but instead entitled you to sin & damnation! There is no reward given to those who would not force their way onto young and courtly maidens, nor are there medals to decorate those who would speak of little else than a desire to take another's flesh for themselves. That is not the way to courtly love or christian marriage, only deceit and sin. If anyone should be able to attest to this truth, it should be I, Uther Pendragon who has known the wicked nature of your sorcerer's ways and wants quite well in my time. For without your influence and ability, I may have been spared the greatest sin which marks of my life. Without your magic my desire for Ygerna would have surely come to pass but your willingness to use your magics to change my shape had been too great a temptation to resist and I plummeted into a sinful passion for one night which would ruin my standing with the sole object of my affection forever. You could well have objected or withheld your consul but instead you may as well have suggested the sinful act. It is also because of you that my brother is dead, having known full well what waited for him at the battle which repelled the Saxons from our lands. You saw well ahead of time what the quarreling dragons beneath the Castle meant for my brother and I, but you made us pledge to do as you would advise. Instead you swore to bring my brother, then the king's rule to great prosperity if we followed your advice without question, when you knew him to be not long for this world if he did as you asked. You would expect a life spent manipulating the rule of kings and twisting the course of history at the cost of good human souls to be rewarded with happiness and love in their old age? It is not so. It is befitting that Vivianne would take your power from you so forcefully, just as you would have taken her virginity had you your way. Perhaps she will have the moral fiber to use her power to really help people and serve the common good, instead of using your gifts to gain the company of kings and deliver them unto sinful passions.

10/25/2013 12:22pm

Ah! The good Merlin is dead--what a fate! In your last moments I must express my gratitude to you, for you have raised a man finer than any man that has been upon this earth. The man that I serve and devote myself to entirely.

But, alas! It seems even you cannot escape destruction, which is disguised by a woman. It surprises me that your all knowing power could not let you know that women are never to be trusted--they will always be unfaithful! She claimed she loved you, but it was not so.

At least the good of this is my wife will continue to be less lonely as the women joining her grows.

Sir Galahad
10/30/2013 3:23am

Oh Merlin. I have heard so much about you from everyone at the Round Table. It is a shame that you had to end this way, i would have like to meet you. Me being Christ-like, and you being the anti-Christ, i am sure we could have had some interesting conversations. Someone as wise as yourself letting your guard down for a woman. You weren't beaten by her, you beat yourself. You let your lust control you and get the best of you, Merlin. If you were around for the Mantle, I am sure you would have learned that a woman's sexuality is the fall of every great warrior. I dont mean to be harsh, but you need to hear the truth. She absolutely saw your weakness and played into it. Its like using your opponent body weight against them in a sword fight. They put too much weight on one foot to lean in for the strike. That's what, my friend, is you did, and she just simply moved out the way. Its ironic though, how in one tale you betrayed a woman, and now you are being betrayed. That must be a God awful feeling. Viviane was a magic digger, Merlin, even a blind man could have seen she was only after your magic.


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