My lord--what a day to both rejoice and be sorrowful. Even if we were not brothers by blood, you are still my brother by soul. When you pulled the sword from the stone, I knew you would do great things. I would serve you to my death. To die in your name... I can think of nothing more honorable.

Mordred is dead. You have saved your people, and I have not died in vain. My spirit is in Heaven now, and soon you will join me and your other fine knights. Gawain waits for you with open arms. We will all feast together, and rest well knowing such wicked has been smitten from this earth.

It is over. You are free to rest your soul, and no regrets should be held within you when you depart from this world. It is such a high honor for me to have ever been able to call you by brother.


Sir Galahad
11/24/2013 9:18am

It really is a shame how power has affected Arthur's rather clean and powerful image. It has been a while since i saw Arthur behave as Arthur, but to be as ruthless as he was in the Alliterative Morte Arthure was very eye opening. It seems as if the once Noble do right King that accepted me into the Round Table is tainted. He was just so human. He was even described a Tyrant. This is not the way i want Arthur remembered. I do not want people to remember him as a heartless ruler who ordered children killed. History must be rewritten, and only winners write history. With that said, Sir Thomas Mallory, no one had written the story quiet as well as you. For you see, the world does not need a tyrant, but rather a model to see how we should truly live. A king that will show us how its like to have morals, and fight for something that we believe in. A colleague of mine said "You can die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." In Le Morte Darthur, we got just that. The hero and King that Britain needs. Long live the King!


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