I pray that the account in Wace's Roman de Brut does not reflect the truth of my own circumstances. Lord, let King Uther, who so generously took me as his wife for the sake of my beloved husband, killed fighting his army, not have deceived me so. Wace does not recount it, but I resisted King Uther's advances. I loved the duke, and was loyal to him. I begged him to take me from King Uther's court, which he did. For that slight against the King, he paid with his life, the very night I lay with a man who had his appearance. It is my eternal shame that I slept with a man not my husband, disguised though he was. To learn that the disguised man was King Uther, the same man that I then married, to whom I even now owe my loyalty as a wife...I could not bear it.  I do hope that my son, whom I was ordered to give up the night of his birth, is like the Arthur of Wace's work, a  "worthy knight," and "good and strong" king. It pained me greatly to read of Arthur's betrayal by his treacherous wife and nephew, even more to think of my own son, my Arthur, coming to such grief. 

 I suppose, when the time comes to read The Prose Merlin, that work which chronicles the version of the story which I have lived, I will find out how much the truth resembles Wace's account.

- Ygerne

Sir Galahad
10/31/2013 7:21pm

By George, you were deceived and taken advantage of and conceived. Uther and his band should be ashamed of themselves. Especially the all powerful wizard they call Merlin. All this to get in bed with a married woman, of all the women in the land that could be had. Honestly i never saw what everyone's infatuation with intercourse is. Ygerne I know you are the victim, but the way i heard the story, you weren't really denying him. In all fairness you never accepted either, and when it got too far you did the right thing. Worry not about Arthur, for I know him personally; turns out he is a great leader and a ruler, no finer. His court is amazing, and don't get me started on the Round Table. I even heard one time he killed 950 men. He is doing fine


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